I He♥rt You {Giveaway}

UPDATED with WINNERS: Congrats to Carrie (comment 103) & Rosetta (comment 126)

Psst: Hey you, yes, you:

{Whispering in your ear}  Valentine’s is only 21 days away.

How did that happen exactly? Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?

I’m going to make it easy for you:

And I ♥ this brand new design:

See? That wasn’t so hard was it?

The Vintage Pearl is my exclusive silver jewelry recommendation. I love the lady behind the business and I love their stellar works of art.

Today, my favorite jewelry shop is giving away TWO $50 gift certificates!

Please tell me what you’d love to give or receive in the comments as your entry.

This giveaway will close on Thursday.



  1. 2

    Lisa says

    I LOVE Vintage Pearl and there is so much from there I would adore. I hadn’t seen the necklace with the pic before, I’d love one with my son’s pic!

  2. 5


    Hard to decide, I think I would like to receive the Chunky & Layered Ring and would give the Vintage Free Bird Necklace. Sooo many beautiful things – I LOVE my Heart for Africa Necklace!

  3. 6

    Wendi says

    The Vintage Pearl definately has beautiful jewelry and other items. I love the idea of the photo charm necklaces. A longer chain and a charm or two would be such a beautiful addition to an outfit, worn dressed down or dressed up.

  4. 7

    Carol says

    My husband bought me the You Are My Sunshine necklace last year for Mother’s Day and I love it! I would love to have the Circle of Love necklace! Thanks for introducing the website to us!

  5. 9

    Allison says

    I adore The Vintage Pearl! My favorite is the ” I love you to the moon and back” necklace, so sweet to hear my little ones say that to me each day!

  6. 12


    I would LOVE the Chunky Love Necklace. We just had our third child so I would love something with her name on it in addition to my other two children :-) Thank you!

  7. 13

    Kris M says

    Wow, I would love to give or receive anything on their list! But, if asked to choose I’d love to give my husband the wide leather cuff.

  8. 17


    Vintage Pearl has some great stuff! I like all the names on a chain … I’d want something with all my children’s names. Maybe the little squares? Or the layered circle of love. I enjoy looking at all the options. :)

  9. 19


    I love the new design with the owl on it (last pic). I just bought an initial charm for my new baby boy due in Spring…but…you can never have enough Vintage Pearl thingies. Great give away. Thank you!

  10. 22

    Kristen Mildner says

    I love the new design! I would love one that says J +K!! I have loved these designs for a while and I would love to have one to call my own..Many time I have went and searched the website but can never decide on what I want! Kristen

  11. 24

    Tanya Moyer says

    How to choose???? I love the Names on My Heart Necklace or the Dainty Drops Necklace! I would put my husband and 2 daughters names on either one! Love them!!! Great giveaway!

  12. 25

    Anouk S says

    So hard to choose! I would have my mom pick out her favorite for herself and have our daughter’s (her first and only grandchild) on it.

  13. 29

    Amy jo says

    My favorite is the large layers necklace that says “you are worth it all”. That kind of sums up everything for me right now, struggling being a first time parent, being a good wife, and still being a woman of God. I need to remind myself that I am worth it and I want to make sure my 5 month old daughter always knows she is always worth it.
    I’m going to have to point my hubby toward that online shop before every holiday. I’m also going to have to have more kids so I can get a whole bunch of peas in a pod!

  14. 30


    I love the vintage owl and the shutterbug, as well as all the “family” pieces. I have one of their necklaces, and would love to win another. Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. 34

    Kristi W. says

    I got the silver pendant with the pearl in the middle (with the grandchildren’s names) for Christmas and i really want one for myself!!!

  16. 41


    I LOVE their stuff, even though I don’t own any yet. I really like the necklace with the sign language I love you stamped on it with the kids’ names……very cute!

  17. 42


    I love the handstamped necklaces that have names on them and I would like to have one that had all my Angel Babies names on them. The one with the gold on it is my fav I think.

  18. 52

    Jasmine says

    I don’t know if I could choose! I really like the heart for Africa necklaces…..the leather cuff for my husband….or maybe a necklace with my kids names or initials on them…too many amazing choices :-)

  19. 58


    I want the come fly with me necklace, or the heart on my wrist bracelet, or the pearl nest ring, or the chunk spinner ring, or the baby spoons for my niece and nephews. There is a lot of beautiful things to choose from on that site! :)

  20. 59

    Diana says

    Every time you do a Vintage Pearl giveaway, my heart skips a beat.. hoping to win one of these days!! I would love to get a necklace that has my kids’ names on it!

  21. 61

    Yulie Christina says

    I would love love love to receive the Golden Love design necklace for V-day :) My daughter is still too young (3yo) to wear jewelry but, it will definitely goes to her when she is old enough to wear jewelry.

  22. 65

    Kristin @ Blue Skies says

    I love this jewelry! I’m having my 2nd baby in 9 days, so I would get a necklace with both of my girl’s names on it.

  23. 67

    beth says

    I like the leather cuffs. I would probably get one for either myself or my husband. I’m unsure of what I would have put on it.

  24. 68

    Deb says

    Would love the secret love message necklace, but I am sure if I won, it would take me days to decide…………

  25. 71

    Fran says

    Hard to choose – I LOVE their stuff! I gave necklaces to both of my sisters-in-law last year for Christmas and was a little sad I couldn’t get one for myself.

  26. 72

    Amanda says

    I love all of them!!! I don’t know that I could pick just one! I love the dainty names necklace, the golden love necklace, the vintage baby feet w/ names would be perfect for my sis in law who is expected her first baby in June, and the rustic cross necklace. And many more!

    Thanks for introducing me to this site! I’m in love!

  27. 75

    Emily says

    I’m having my second baby girl tomorrow (or today, if she wants!), and would love a necklace for my two little ladies!

  28. 76


    I love the layered disks with the mother of pearl…perfect for a large family like ours : ) My husband is going to Africa in April with 4 other people from our church. We are building a “satellite house”, which is basically an orphanage, in Malawi. I hope to travel there myself in November when the satellite house officially opens!

  29. 79

    April says

    I love the shutterbug necklace. My daughter is 15 and has her own photography business. This would be perfect for her!

  30. 84


    I’d love the dainty eclectic charm necklace. I also like that when we eventually add more members to our family, I can order more charms for it a la carte!

  31. 85

    Audrey says

    I have wanted one of the dainty drops necklaces for a while, but I wouldn’t mind one of the photo charm necklaces too.

  32. 86

    Wendi says

    I’d love to receive the “You are my sunshine” necklace since I sung that song to both of my children from the time they were born. If I won, I’d be more likely to give my husband a Valentine’s gift with the certificate… either the dog tags or the wide leather cuff with our children’s names and birth dates.

  33. 88

    Melissa says

    I would love to give the monogram necklace and I would like to receive the sealed with love necklace. All the stuff at The VIntage Pearl is so cute!

  34. 91

    Erin says

    Oh! I’d SOOOO love to get a ring, like yours, with “hope” on it. It’s my OneWord this year (my first year participating) and super important to me – I’m moving to Uganda in March to bring true hope to kids in children’s prisons. What a reminder it’d be for my heart. But, can’t really fork over the extra to buy it myself.

  35. 92


    I would absolutely have to get the leather cuff for men! After watching Courageous for the second time and first time with my husband, this cuff seems so fitting!! LOVE I T!

  36. 96

    whitney says

    I have been sending my boyfriend ‘hints’ from TVP for months! Christmas last month, my birthday this month and now for V-day. I REALLY want the fortune cookie necklace. my second pick is the coordinates necklace, with the coordinates of our first date. BEST. DATE. EVER.

  37. 97

    kelly says

    i love LOVE the one w/ the gold circle and silver heart! and i LOVE your blog. it is such an encouragement to me, everyday!!

  38. 102


    thank you so much for the giveaway! i love that chunky spinner ring … but man, i could totally go crazy in that shop! love. it. all.

  39. 103


    Oh, man. I was totally drooling over this stuff the other day after you posted about your ring. LOVE their stuff! I really like the necklaces with kids’ names on them – so sweet!

  40. 104

    Janel says

    I’d love the chunky spinner ring, the messy nest necklace, or the cross necklace…really it is all great! Almost too many cool things to choose from!

  41. 106

    Amy says

    I would love the eclectic charms necklace with my girls names and my anniversary date on them. Or the photo charm necklace. Or get hubby the dog tags and a cuff bracelet. And my mom needs a charm necklace with all her grand kids initials on it. Maybe I need more than one gift certificate. Hehe!!!!! How are you supposed to choose?

  42. 107

    Jen L says

    Sealed with love necklace – i’d love to have my kids three names stamped on it. Their jewelry is both simply beautiful and practical – I’m not into bling in any way.

  43. 109

    Leigh says

    I’m always drooling over VP! What I like most is the personalization. Any of the necklaces would be fun to wear and the perfect gift also!

  44. 112

    carrie says

    i would love to be able to give my mom the breast cancer survivor necklace…..and for myself? ♥ i LOVE the love necklace with the raised heart and children’s names. ♥

  45. 113

    Brooksie says

    I’ve been thinking about your “faith” ring ever since you featured it – I’d love to add it to my jewelry box!

  46. 115

    Kaylan says

    I LOVE the vintage pearl!! I would love to give my sister the autistic love necklace. She works with autistic children and has such a heart for them.

  47. 116


    I love the faith ring as well as the sealed with love necklace! I would also like to get a sealed with love necklace for my sister in law. Beautiful items!

  48. 119


    That was a hard choice! I think I’d have to go with Our Family Nest. We’re in the middle of an adoption, and I’d love to put the names of our two home-grown and the names of our two heart-grown kiddos on a necklace to wear to court on adoption day. What a special keepsake to mark one of the most important days in our family’s story!

  49. 122

    Melissa R says

    There are so many wonderful things, but I love the two peas in a pod. Something to keep close to my heart as I wait for my two babies from Colombia.

  50. 123

    Tracy Delgado says

    They have such great designs. I would choose one of the necklaces. I like the picture necklace and the you are my sunshine and …. Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. 126

    Rosetta says

    I love EVERYTHING!! One of each, please??? I have been looking at their beautiful jewelry for a long time. I hope I win!!!

  52. 127

    Jan Dorothy says

    I was just thinking the other day about sending a our little girl in Romania. I think the Dainty bracelet would be a sweet little gift. :)

  53. 129


    LOL! I’m with Brooke! One of everything! :-)

    Actually, I’d like something with my kids’ names on it, I just can’t figure out which one!

  54. 130

    Abby B says

    I love TVP! Our second daughter was born in October, so I’d love a necklace with the names of both my girls. It would be fun to give my mom and mother-in-law initial necklaces for their granddaughters as well.

  55. 134

    Jamie says

    I absolutely adore vintage pearl! I really want the Africa necklace. I have been wanting it for a while! I would love to win!

  56. 136

    Jen says

    I received a gorgeous VP necklace for Christmas. I adore the pearl nest ring, and would love to have it to match my new necklace!

  57. 139

    Melissa S. says

    Hello! I love the necklace that has the children’s names in a semi-circle. I would actually like to give this gift certificate away to a dear friend who just lost a baby as a remembrance necklace along with her other child’s name. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  58. 140

    Miss Mia's Mama says

    I would love to give a stamped keychain to my husband for Valentine’s day. He is not a jewelry kind of guy but I know he would love it.

    As for me? I adore it all but particularly love the “a simple I love you will do” necklace.

    Vintage Pearl is amazing.

  59. 141


    You know, I’m always getting (or wanting) things with my kids’ names on them. If I won this giveaway, I’d get something with my husband’s and my name on it to celebrate our love for each other.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. 142

    Deanna says

    I love all of their stuff! I’d probably pick the owl Who loves you necklace or the ring personalized on the inside!

  61. 147

    Crystal M. says

    I love the Owl one! I would give it to my sister since we have just started getting closer as we get older and I would love to show her how much I value her in my life and we both love owls. :)

  62. 149

    Michelle says

    Just was at their website…love it! I would pick out one of the rings like the layered faith ring. Pick me!

  63. 150


    Oh, one of the rings – any of the rings. I would love to replace my wedding ring (that keeps wearing prongs down and losing stones) with one of her secret message rings! It would be such a perfect valentines gift for myself. :)

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