Life [Photo Edition]

1. My neighbor and I hugged a cow the other day and fell in love with Chick Fil A even more. Is that even possible?

2. P.S. Yes, because they are now serving grilled chicken nuggets to our kiddos and there are warm chocolate chip cookies on the menu horizon. My thighs are afraid.

3. The other day, our youngest was giving my hubby some extra hugs and kisses. I pouted and said, “When is it my turn?” She ran over and hugged me. My hubby pouted and begged her to come back.  She put her hands up in the air to stop the back and forth teasing, “Look, guys, I can do a pattern.”

4. While I was putting on makeup the other day, this same child said, “Mom, that’s enough (makeup). You look hot.” And then she added, “You know what that means, right?”

5. Hold me.

6. My son is playing basketball for the first time. We are doing Upwards (LOVE this faith-based sports organization). He’s new to the sport, but catching on fast. My hubby captured this little clip on his phone. Note the crazy mom screaming “YOU HAVE TO DRIBBLE!!” at the boy running down the court with the ball.

7. Okay: the crazy lady is me.

8. My little one got her library card. I just love the big fuss the library volunteer made over it.

9. And then within 24 hours she lost it/found it/lost it again.

10. We found it for the last time because now the library cards lives in Mommy’s purse.

11. I leave you with the pictures I found on my phone yesterday (surprise!):



  1. 6


    All 3 of my kiddos are involved with Upward. We’re in the middle of our season right now. And I LOVE surprise pictures. I get those from my kids too.

  2. 7


    Fun life going on. I love Upward too. Our kids are not likely to be basketball superstars, at least not at this young age, so the pace and atmosphere of Upward is perfect for us. Also, my 3 kids that play all practice at the same time at the same place. I love that part the most.

  3. 8


    we are an upward family. hubby coaches basketball (5th year) and i coach cheering (3rd year) our children love it. love the mid practice devotions especially this year. i have 14 girls on my cheer squad and only a handful go to church. so glad we are getting the opportunity to witness to them weekly during the season! it’s a huge commitment for our family with preparing for practice and games but well worth the sacrifice!

  4. 10

    Heather says

    OMgoodness this post made me laugh! We are kindred CFA spirits, for sure! I love all things Chick Fil A, although my although on most days, I order Coke Zero instread of sweet tea. I’m excited about the grilled chicken nuggets too…but even more exciting for my kids is the applesauce. We LOVE applesauce in this house, and to hear that it’s going to be on the menu too is exciting! Warm choc chip cookies is going to be bad for me too… Try the spicy chicken WRAP one day (I dip mine in a little ranch)…you won’t be sorry! We had them for my daughter’s birthday party (nuggets for kids, wraps and sandwhiches for adults). They were soooo good!

    And that brings me to my final note – our 5 year olds are only days apart in age – but they often act as if they were separated at birth. And I love my type A, firstborn (she’s a lot like her mom)…but there is something about my completely wacky 5 year old that melts my heart completely.

    Hugs to you!

  5. 11


    Thanks for the chuckles and what fun pics to find on your phone!

    Chick-Fil-A is so great and unfortunately there is not one located in my immediate vicinity. So enjoy for me!

  6. 12


    I love it. We have those moments of loosing/finding things. There is a lot of drama in our house over that. Love the pictures. Kids know more about technology that we do sometimes.


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