My 10 Favorite Moments From My Week{end}:

1. After nearly 8 years in our house, we have decided to stay here forever. So, we organized our kitchen cabinets and drawers. What can I say, I needed motivation. Look how fancy we are now (disclaimer: these pictures might also prove my inner nerd):

oh, yeah

2. This monkey discovered bars. Dear God, please protect her bones, Amen.

3. Flutist in the house! She performed beautifully at her first District Honor Band Concert. How on earth did I give birth to a musician?

4. This guy scored TEN points in his basketball game. 

5. Watching him get so excited he forgets to dribble is also on my list (sorry, son)

6. My hubby who worked hours and hours (after his day job) to help me get out 536 end-of-the-year statements for Mercy House. Did you know we regularly pray over each name and thank God for those who partner with us to make a maternity home in Kenya a reality? Y’all rock.

7. A whole afternoon at the playground with my favorite people in perfect weather on a perfect Sunday. I think my hubby caught me taking a catnap:(We were invaded by these teen boys doing parkour. Have you heard of this? It’s like extreme playground diving and rolling and it’s terrifying to watch. I guess it’s harmless fun until they um, die.

8. My church community. I cannot express how deeply thankful I am for it.

9. Taking a break from my computer from Friday night until Sunday night.

10. New product from Africa made by our girls. I cry every time I open a suitcase or box. It smells like my second home. 

Got a favorite moment? Do share.


  1. 2


    I had several favorite moments from the weekend. Friday I got to spend the entire day with my hubby, which is an absolute treat. We spent the day with just the two of us and our 4 year old. It was nice having both of us around to dote on him, doing things age appropriate just for him. It doesn’t happen often in a house with 3 kids. Then on Saturday my eldest two played in Upwards basketball. The joy and pride on their faces was priceless.

  2. 3


    My 16 year old son and his friends do parkour. I would be afraid, but I am too much in awe that anything that sprang from my loins has that amount of coordination, strength and agility.

  3. 4


    Oh parkour. Our son was into it when he was in 9th/10th grade. He parkour’ed his way to sprained ankles, swollen knees, and multiple scrapes and bruises. Extreme playground diving is a GREAT description, but his and friends and him would do this EVERYWHERE! Downtown, off of concrete walls, metal statues and all sorts of obnoxious places. I’m glad he finally grew out of it. :)

  4. 6

    Kimberlee says

    Those are great moments. My moment is figuring out if I turned of the radio in the girls room they would sleep past 7am. Something about the morning DJs that came on at 6 am was waking them up. Now we are all felling like a hundred bucks, LOL! ~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

  5. 9

    henita says

    Thank you so much for the “Keep Calm and love mercy” card! It blessed me this weekend! Thanks for all your hard work and not giving up this last year! Keep looking to the Lord as you continue this project, we are so thankful to be a part of it!

  6. 12


    Receiving a $1680.00 check in the mail from a sponsor. She was paying for another year of sponsorship for 4 precious children in the sponsorship program.

  7. 14


    – I love that “Africa” smell. It IS home to me.
    – Your older girl looks like a smaller version of you. :~)
    – Can’t write anymore because my sweet husband is making dinner and Baby’s trying to climb his legs.

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