Life [Photo Edition]

1. My neighbor and I hugged a cow the other day and fell in love with Chick Fil A even more. Is that even possible?

2. P.S. Yes, because they are now serving grilled chicken nuggets to our kiddos and there are warm chocolate chip cookies on the menu horizon. My thighs are afraid.

3. The other day, our youngest was giving my hubby some extra hugs and kisses. I pouted and said, “When is it my turn?” She ran over and hugged me. My hubby pouted and begged her to come back.  She put her hands up in the air to stop the back and forth teasing, “Look, guys, I can do a pattern.”

4. While I was putting on makeup the other day, this same child said, “Mom, that’s enough (makeup). You look hot.” And then she added, “You know what that means, right?”

5. Hold me.

6. My son is playing basketball for the first time. We are doing Upwards (LOVE this faith-based sports organization). He’s new to the sport, but catching on fast. My hubby captured this little clip on his phone. Note the crazy mom screaming “YOU HAVE TO DRIBBLE!!” at the boy running down the court with the ball.

7. Okay: the crazy lady is me.

8. My little one got her library card. I just love the big fuss the library volunteer made over it.

9. And then within 24 hours she lost it/found it/lost it again.

10. We found it for the last time because now the library cards lives in Mommy’s purse.

11. I leave you with the pictures I found on my phone yesterday (surprise!):


WFMW: Get {Craftsy}

I love the new site: Craftsy.

Have y’all heard of it?

It’s for knitters, sewers, quilters (people with real skill), but it’s also for people like me who are wicked with a glue gun.

Craftsy is the fastest growing online community for Crafters!

Craftsy users love:
1) Terrific online classes from amazing instructors for beginning, intermediate and advanced quilters, knitters, crocheters, seamstresses, jewelry makers, and other crafters.
2) Fantastic good deals on crafting supplies: organic yarn, lovely fabrics and high quality needles, etc..

It’s free to sign up and be inspired.  (If you sign up for online classes and tutorials, there are class fees). I like hopping on there and looking thru ideas for Mercy House and my daughter who says every other day, “Got any crafts for me to do?”

Take a look and get craftsy!

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I He♥rt You {Giveaway}

UPDATED with WINNERS: Congrats to Carrie (comment 103) & Rosetta (comment 126)

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{Whispering in your ear}  Valentine’s is only 21 days away.

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