I He♥rt You {Giveaway}

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Psst: Hey you, yes, you:

{Whispering in your ear}  Valentine’s is only 21 days away.

How did that happen exactly? Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?

I’m going to make it easy for you:

And I ♥ this brand new design:

See? That wasn’t so hard was it?

The Vintage Pearl is my exclusive silver jewelry recommendation. I love the lady behind the business and I love their stellar works of art.

Today, my favorite jewelry shop is giving away TWO $50 gift certificates!

Please tell me what you’d love to give or receive in the comments as your entry.

This giveaway will close on Thursday.


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We ART that family: Button Mosaic Heart

Over the holidays, we put together about a dozen puzzles. And by we, I mean my husband.

The rest of his helped him. And by help, I mean we searched for the one missing piece.

There’s just something therapeutic about it and it’s a great way to unplug and just be together as a family.

We left out our puzzle card table and decided to create art that was not only therapeutic, but something we could keep forever.

This is not an overnight project. It took us several weeks of working in 20-30 minutes spurts (short attention spans here). But we all pitched in and created something I’ll keep forever!

This is a really easy, affordable project that the whole family (children over 3) up to grandparents can do together.

We opted for a heart…not really to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I just love them. My hubby penciled a heart on a large canvas. I wanted something whimsical (which is another way of saying “this won’t be perfect”).

We wanted to make this easy enough for our preschooler to work on, so we had her color in the hearts. We chose colors that matched the buttons we found on ebay. (Large quantity grab bags are affordable).

Then we started gluing. The basic object is to cover as much of the canvas as you can, so it’s a lot like doing a puzzle. Our buttons were different sizes so we turned and moved until each button found their spot.

And then glued some more buttons.

And more.

And more.

Each of my kids and my hubby and I, worked together and separately. Each of us spending just a few minutes when we could to glue on a few buttons.

And then we were done:

I think you could do just about any shape and it would look amazing.

But this piece has a lot of heart in it.

God’s Rules {Free Printable}

Have you seen the oh-so-popular family rules? We made ours years ago and it hangs for all to read in our house. I love these practical reminders for happy living with the people we love. We made ours with colorful scrapbook paper and glue, but now you can find them in sleek posters all over Pinterest.

I’ve been stuck in Romans for a couple of months, slowly reading and trying to absorb the profound words of Paul. In preparation for the New Year, I’ve parked myself in Romans 12 and have been feasting on the oh-so-practical rules for living.

He gives us simple rules in black and white that sometimes prove to be a profound challenge:

    • Love from center of who you are, don’t fake it
    • Run from evil. Hold onto good
    • Don’t burn out. Keep yourself fueled
    • Be good friends. Love deeply
    • Smile
    • Be alert
    • Don’t quit
    • Pray hard
    • Bless the needy
    • Bless your enemies
    • Laugh with your happy friends, cry with those who are sad
    • Get along with others
    • Don’t be the great somebody
    • Don’t get even
    • Be generous
    • Discover the beauty in everyone


    They are plainly written. And yes, I want them hanging on my wall, but even more, I want them inscribed on my heart. Romans 12: 9-21  [The Message] Really, go read it for yourself and then download this {free 8×10 printable} Romans 12:God’s Rules

What I’m Learning About Faith

I don’t have much of it.

The end.


Oh, you knew I’m way to wordy to stop there.

As a self-professed control freak, I admit that I need more faith. I like to have a plan, goals, a to-do list a mile long.

The start of 2012 hasn’t been what I thought it would be: we’re still trying to figure out how to juggle all that’s on our plate and not much has changed. I’ve had some discouraging days. I’ve questioned God and wondered why me more than once.

In a moment of frustration, I nonchalantly said to a friend who was volunteering for Mercy House, “I don’t know why God chose us. Some days I just don’t know how to do this.”

The next morning, I woke up to this email from my friend:

He chose you because even on hard days he knew you would never give up
He chose you because those precious women and their babies needed parents and role models like the Welch’s
He chose you because He knew that you would be real and that you would show others how much we need Him in the everyday daily things we go through
He chose you because in a world where we don’t see the power of Christ often and the way Jesus moves us you guys live that out…our pastor used to say when was the last time the power of Jesus moved you? I see that in you all the time
He chose you because he knew you would step out in faith. He chose you because even when people question your decisions or why you do what you do…you continue to follow Him and choose His ways
He chose you because He knew you could change the world.
He chose you because He knew that family was special and He believes in you more than you believe in yourself.
He chose you and Terrell because at the end of the day He knew you would realize you could never do this on your own and that you two would rely on Him to make HIs power perfect in our weakness. That He is your completer. and that this is what this life is all about.
He chose you because He knew you would never stop dreaming to do more for His kingdom

It was just what I needed. God is never late. He is working in ways we cannot see. His purpose will be accomplished if we yield to Him.

My hubby and I snuck away for breakfast the other morning. We held hands.

We hold onto Him.

He has chosen us and we need to believe in Him to accomplish what He has begun. 

I still don’t feel any closer to having the answers.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not.

*My beautiful silver faith ring is from The Vintage Pearl. It inspires me throughout the day!

WFMW: Preschool Shoe Tip

My youngest is five. She is strong and independent, when she wants to be.

When she doesn’t want to be, she wants us to do things for her.

It’s just part of having a strong-willed child.

But she’s learning so much and asking questions relentlessly. It’s such a fun age!

She can get dressed by herself, even socks and shoes. But she still struggles with her left and right.

I finally figured out how to help her independently put her shoes on the right feet!

Cut a sticker into two halves and place each half into a shoe: I told her to make a heart with her shoes and when she did she would know which shoes goes on the right foot. It works like a charm! What works for you?

Mercy House {Video} & {Giveaway}

UPDATED with WINNERS: Congratulations to Jenn (comment 51) & Kelley (comment 94)

Some beautiful and hard things are happening at Mercy House.

One of our girls left with her baby. We are bringing in several new pregnant girls. Sadness and joy.

The hard times make the beautiful more beautiful, don’t you think?

My home church is working to partner with a Compassion church in Nairobi, Kenya. My pastor is there this week and visited our girls yesterday. My heart lives in that house!

Our girls are being transformed by Christ and it’s beautiful to watch!

We are so proud of the artisans they are becoming, too and we are thrilled to show you our first video:

The Mercy Shop is restocked with beautiful items. Please consider shopping mercy and give a gift that gives twice!

Stay tuned for details about our {Mercy} Home Party Division that is launching in the next few months!

We are thrilled to bring the party to you. We will have two divisions:

  • Real Life Parties where you play the hostess and receive a Party Box with the above DVD, invitations, brochures and product to share with your guests
  • Virtual Parties for your social media life (blog, Facebook, Twitter)
More details will be coming, but I couldn’t wait to show you our video, tell you our store is restocked and give some stuff away!

Today, we’re are giving away TWO SETS of our brand new barrel necklace with matching bracelet, earrings and handmade zipper pouch (our girls can sew now!) to TWO WINNERS. Some of these items aren’t even available in our store!

Value per set: $40

If you’d like to be entered, please watch our video above and leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

This giveaway ends Thursday.