WFMW: Tips for an Organized New Year

[Have you run out of tips to share? January’s suggested theme: share an organization tip, old or new]

I don’t know about you, but I’m on a bit of a cleaning spree. There’s just something about taking down all the Christmas decor that gets me in the mood to purge. I’m out of control. I walk in a room to hang something up and end up reorganizing an entire closet and stumble out an hour later. It’s both awesome and exhausting.

Here are a few tips to get your new year organized:

  • Make piles to trash, to keep, to give and then actually trash, keep and give the piles
  • Repurpose old furniture for storage solutions (old dresser above without drawers serves as entryway shoe storage and old dining room hutch now stores arts and crafts supplies below).

  • Organize up: use vertical space to store and organize (dining room turned home office)

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  • Focus on one space at a time: it can be overwhelming to tackle the entire house, so do a little at a tim
  • Once you’ve got a room organized, don’t allow anyone in it. Kidding! Be realistic and don’t let it snowball out of control again.

What works for you? 

Doleman Creative {Giveaway} Plus a Freebie!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Megan {{Millions of Miles}}! Comment #12 has randomly been selected as the winner of this giveaway.


I love it when I can use my blog for good.

And not for evil. (you knew I had to add that, right?)
My path crossed with a young family last year. They lead the Orphan Care Network at our church and have become a part of our community. They live counter-cultural lives and are foster parents and to sum it up, they are just awesome people.
And they are stepping out in faith in 2012.
It’s appropriate since that’s our word, too. Randy is taking his years of experience as a graphic and web designer and launching his own business to help support ministries and non profits with design, as well as regular people who are trying to do good in the world.

“My goal is to come alongside my clients and truly understand their needs so that i can provide them with a clean, useful, and personal product.  design is my way of investing into ministry and hopefully making a difference,” -Randy Doleman, DC.

Doleman Creative is well, creative. The graphics and design are cutting edge. You already like his work. Remember, the Mercy House t-shirt contest?
Randy entered anonymously and his shirt was one of the two with the most votes!
Today, Doleman Creative is offering
– 3, one-hour consultation settings in which we will discuss mission, goals, branding, needs, and promotion
– custom website design or redesign of existing website (hosting & domain fees not included in giveaway)-$1000.00 value
Maybe this is your chance to step out on your own faith journey. Enter and you might just have your  chance!
[Doleman Creative also designed this FREE PRINTABLE to inspire you:]

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Download Faith Printable

name: doleman | creative
Please leave a comment on this post if you’d like to be entered in this giveaway!
[Visit Doleman Creative and go be inspired by the free printable. Here’s mine framed on my desk:]

My Word for 2012

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I’m not big on resolutions.

Actually, I stink at them.

I realized this a few years ago when my big resolution was to [air quotes] get into shape. I rushed out and bought one of those exercise bike machines.

For 11.5 months, it held clothes that needed to be hung up. Oh, I had good intentions, you know, until I broke a sweat. Plus, it’s really hard to hold a sweet tea and ride a stationary bike.

I’m a simple girl.

That’s why I’m choosing one word for the New Year. Just one. 

Last year’s was courage. We needed a boatload of it. The year before? Mercy.

Today, I want to challenge you to think about the New Year–not in an overwhelmed OHMYGOODNESS I have so much to do/be, but in a one word way.

I called my hubby and told him I had a word for the New Year. He said, “Let me guess. Because I have one too. I hope they are the same.”

We both said the word at the same time:

2012 will be a year of faith for our little family. I hope I can share more details as they unfold (still waiting on faith-in-action to kick in), but without a doubt, we need a big dose of it.

Five Tips to Help You Decide your One Word for the New Year:

  1. Find a quiet moment and think about the one thing you need/want/desire/dream of is. Is it freedom? Peace. Love. Courage. Grace.
  2. Don’t be negative. It’s easy to focus on what we aren’t or don’t have. Choose a word that inspires you.
  3. Create a list of words that stir you and write why they do so next to them.
  4. Pray. Ask God what He wants your focus to be for 2012.
  5. Share your word. Announce it; ask for prayer and support in achieving it and believing for it.
We stand at the doorway of a New Year, a chance to refocus and refresh our souls.
What’s your word for the year?
My front door: I used scraps of burlap with a cardboard backing hot glued into place. Leftover felt cut into numbers, coupled with after-Christmas snowflake and icicle ornaments give it a fun appeal for the New Year. It’s simply hung with a silver pipe cleaner.  It was easy and inexpensive and it inspires me!