The Letter Box

He gave me a beautiful mahogany box several years ago. It sits on our dresser and contains precious words.

This man I married who isn’t a writer, writing stunning letters to his wife, a writer.

He gave our oldest daughter a box and fills it with letters for her eyes only each year on her birthday and milestones.

Our son received his box next, it holds the treasure of father and son.

A few weeks ago, our youngest opened her coveted box on her birthday.

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He read her first letter to her:

On your 5th birthday I want to give you your first Daddy letter.

Daddy letters are special words that I write every year just for you.  They are words from my heart!

I remember the day you were born.  You were called a “premie” because you didn’t get to stay in mommy’s tummy long enough.

You were so little and you were hooked up to lots of tubes and wires.  I was so scared, because I didn’t know if you would live.

I loved you so much, but I couldn’t help you.  So we prayed to Jesus and he healed you.

You are a special girl and you came along at a very happy time for mommy and daddy.  God gave you to us as a special gift to let us know that he cared about us and loved us!

Today, you are five years old and you are more special to me now than ever before.  I want to tell you a few things that make you special to me.

You are so smart and know all of your ABC’s and numbers.  Soon you will be reading all by yourself.

You have a great imagination!  I love to play house with you and hear all the great stories you make up about your dolls.

Your blond hair is bright and wild, just like you.

I love to snuggle with you.

One of my favorite things to do is to kiss you and make you laugh.

You are a great bike rider!

You can do a lot of things by yourself without any help.

You still like me to carry you to bed at night.

You draw the happiest, most beautiful pictures and you save them for me.

You like to lay down in bed and play “would you rather.”

You are always the first to pray about any needs that we have at dinner time.

You love Jesus.

You help me drive my car into the driveway.

You make me laugh!

You’re a big helper when it comes to helping clean up and do chores.

You love your brother and sister.

You always talk me in to giving piggy back rides.

You are a good swimmer

You like to dress up like the princess that you are.

You know lots of good Bible stories.

I love to take you on date nights.

You always jump in the car with me and go to the store.

I am so thankful that you are my little girl!

If I had to pick from all the girls in the world…I would always pick you! …and Madi…and Mommy…and Sasha…and Shina…

I love you!

Happy Birthday,

Love Daddy

She’s carried that box back down the stairs and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard her say, “Read it again to me, Daddy.”

Everyone needs a letter box.


  1. 6


    This is such a great idea! I have just had a baby and I am definitely going to think about doing something like this for her. We never know what the future holds and this is a lovely way for her to know me and her dad and what her childhood was like. Thank you! If you don’t mind I’d like to mention your blog and this idea on my blog.

  2. 7

    Sara says

    This is such a great idea! I am such a “words person” so there’s no doubt that I love this. I’m going to file this idea away for when our children come along!

  3. 10

    Toni says

    Absolutely precious thoughts and feelings captured on paper that this sweet girl will treasure with her life one day.
    LoVE this idea!

  4. 14

    LauraLee Cooper Moore says

    Even though my grandchildren are 13, 12, 11, & 8 – I’m going to start writing to them on their birthday (or on other special occasions) and keep them for them….this is a wonderful idea.

  5. 15


    As a fatherless daughter I can’t tell you how precious and important this is for your girls! They will measure every man in their lives by the example their father sets. Make those boys work for it, Daddy!

  6. 16

    Joy says

    This made tears come to my eyes. I didn’t have a dad growing up and would so have loved to hear words like that. What a blessing that is to your children and to you! I love the idea…thanks for sharing a special part of your life with us.

  7. 18

    Sharon O says

    This is beautiful, my own ‘daddy’ left when I was four. One day he was there, the next day gone. I didn’t see him for over thirty years. I would have LOVED a box of letters. He is almost 86 and I have told him I forgive him for the years lost.
    Your children are given a most precious gift. I know it nurtures their spirit and soul. A daddies love is precious.

  8. 20


    Wow! How precious. We all need words of affirmation don’t we? Especially a daughter from her Dad. I couldn’t help but think how God wrote us the Bible and it’s his love letter to us and how we should cherish it and pack it and want to hear it again and again. So so sweet. Thanks for sharing with all of us your special moment;0)

  9. 22


    That is such a loving, nice thing for him to do for all of you. I want one! I will be mentioning this to my husband. What an idea it would be if we all wrote each other letters like this every year. Such a good idea!

  10. 24


    This is the sweetest most wonderful thing a parent can do for their children–each other :) Thank you for sharing K. Tell T hi for me! Y’all rock.

  11. 26

    Shala says

    This was so sweet, I wanted to cry. I wish we had done this for our now 18 year old son. But, today is the best day to start. God bless your family.

  12. 27

    eko says

    I am so fond of this idea as the world is not upholding fathers the way it/we should be. I need to implement this — as my dh and I are really (continually) struggling in our relationship with one another — and are kids feel/see this. This is a way to heal some of those wounds == between them and their father — and to know what is really on his heart.Please pray for me/us!

    I love how she is sitting with her daddy — so precious!

    God bless you!!


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