This Is Why I’ll Never Be The Fun Parent

See? I told you. I’m just not a hill-rolling-barely-dodging-dog-poop kind of girl. Ya know?
Who’s the fun parent in your house?


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    We’re BOTH fun parents! But, I’m def more lenient about the small things.
    BTW-hubs, me, and both kids have rolled down a hill like that, but I never did as a child, oh my, you wouldn’t believe how dizzy that will make you! LOL

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    Kaitlin L says

    So cute! My hubby’s just like that. Did you notice that she holds the camera even more still than Daddy does? You may have a budding photographer/videographer on your hands!

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    Renee says

    My husband is definitely the fun parent, but I’m the who’s always there when they need help or take care of them when they are sick. So I think it balances out.

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    Go Daddy Go! What a blessing!

    My husband is definitely the “fun one” between the two of us, I think. But my kids might have different takes on it – overall, we’re both into fun, but usually AFTER the other stuff. Somebody’s got to be the Mama and the Papa…

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    Hello, I just wanted to say THANKS so much for your blog. I have been reading it for a while now and so much appreciate your advice, honesty, humor, humility, and encouragement. And thank you for the way you point to Jesus in the way you write!

  6. 20


    Great video, and everyone’s right – that’s a life memory. Hubby can be fun, but I’m more the Memory-Maker, stopping the car and making everyone put their toes in a waterfall in NH or playing hookey for the day and going somewhere we’d never normally go.

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    Sharyl says

    This totally reminded me of the movie..courageous! He is one dad that is not missing the dance!

    Soo sooo sweet! Great job! My husband is the roll down the hill dad, LOL. Thanks for this smile today.


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