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    Sylvia says

    Awesome. You may have answered or posted about this before. If so, I apologize for not finding it. Where do the girls and the babies go when they leave Mercy House?

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      It’s a great question, Sylvia. Each girl has her own unique situation, so while we have a plan set in place for our graduates, it will probably look different for each girl. Our program is 2-4 years in most cases, although some of our orphaned girls might stay longer and even be employed by MH. (This something we have in the works right now). Whether or not they have a home to return to, each girl has an account (from the products sold at the Mercy Shop) that will help them continue their education or start their own business. As a part of our graduate program, the girls will receive an “allowance” from their account and continue with post-graduate care. One thing is for sure, these girls are family and we have every intention to help them as long as we can.

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    Emily Johnson says

    I LOVE this! You know that picture you gave me in December of the 5 girls? Well I have it out in the kitchen. Jason just noticed in last weekend after he got home from visiting them. He loved seeing it. Funny how he never noticed it before! He is adores Africa, the Mercy House and all the girls there. He just told me tonight that he is ready to be back and he wants me to go! I am SO glad he was able to visit them while he was there. It was truly life-changing for him. You and your family are helping to do some amazing things.

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