WFMW: Tips for an Organized New Year

[Have you run out of tips to share? January’s suggested theme: share an organization tip, old or new]

I don’t know about you, but I’m on a bit of a cleaning spree. There’s just something about taking down all the Christmas decor that gets me in the mood to purge. I’m out of control. I walk in a room to hang something up and end up reorganizing an entire closet and stumble out an hour later. It’s both awesome and exhausting.

Here are a few tips to get your new year organized:

  • Make piles to trash, to keep, to give and then actually trash, keep and give the piles
  • Repurpose old furniture for storage solutions (old dresser above without drawers serves as entryway shoe storage and old dining room hutch now stores arts and crafts supplies below).

  • Organize up: use vertical space to store and organize (dining room turned home office)

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  • Focus on one space at a time: it can be overwhelming to tackle the entire house, so do a little at a tim
  • Once you’ve got a room organized, don’t allow anyone in it. Kidding! Be realistic and don’t let it snowball out of control again.

What works for you? 


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    We will be re-purposing an old dresser into a bench for our front porch later this year (saw it on Pinterest….you understand). LOL! It’s one of the tasks that I’ll be doing while following Tsh’s e-book, 52 Bites. I WILL eat my elephant this year!

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    Thanks for hosting another party and good morning to you! I linked up my Sweet & Salty Gifts that are very simple and are great for Xmas presents, New Year’s snacks, or basically whenever. I’ve also added the Favorite Posts of 2011 according to my readers. Hope you enjoy!
    Rebekah (

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    I love the first tip on making piles. It made me laugh out loud when I read the second part of the sentence “and then ACTUALLY trash, keep, and give the piles”. So so true!

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    Thanks for hosting!

    I organized the kids’ toys in our basement last week. We were struggling with Legos all over the floor. I bought quite a few storage boxes from Home Depot and had the kids help me work on the toys. Having the right size box makes a big difference.

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