I Respect Him, He Loves Me {Giveaway}

I  discovered the meaning of troubleshooting the other day.

For hours, I had been knee-deep in printer cords and computer cables, battling a broken modem and a customer service rep, all while trying to print 500 labels with an offline printer.

I was in trouble and I wanted to shoot something.

I’ll be honest: I don’t handle moments like these well. I get frustrated, irritable and whiny.

That’s about the time my  husband walked thru the door. He took one look at the mess (me, not the technology) and went to work.

In less the thirty minutes, he had our Internet back up and everything working perfectly. When he handed me the neat pile of printed labels, I hugged him deeply.

I’m not gonna lie: I was very attracted to him.

He came in from work exhausted from a long day. But he served me because he loves me. It was the single most sexiest moment of the week.

And I simply returned the favor by telling him so. Respecting our hubbies enough to tell them when they bless us is only gonna make him want to love you more.

Today, in honor of Love & Respect, one winner will receive a Union28 Valentine’s package that includes:

  • Women’s “I Respect My Husband” Tee (Fitted or Non-fitted Short Sleeve or Fitted Long Sleeve) pictured above
  • Men’s “I Love My Wife” Tee (V-neck or Crew Neck)
  • 4-pack of “You Rock” Love Notes (blank inside)

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To be entered, tell me how you show your spouse love and/or respect.

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P.S. what’s your favorite shirt??

UPDATED with WINNER – Congratulations to Shaunta (comment 77)


  1. 1


    I respect my husband by getting up at his ungodly hour for work (when I have 3 hours left to sleep) and making his breakfast, packing his lunch, and sending him out the door with a smooch. He knows that, as much as I love sleep (and boy, do I ever!) he is more important to me. He’s also trying to be healthier, so I make sure to take that into consideration. Knowing that I support him in his goals, even when it’s not easy, has been very encouraging to him. At least, I hope it has!

  2. 2


    I show love to my husband by cooking him delicious dinners that he requests. And my favorite shirt is the original “My Husband Rocks” one :-)

  3. 3


    OMG I love this shirt. So cute. Before now, my fave was the chocolate long sleeve I love my husband shirt, but this is ADORABLE. Why have I not seen this before?

    My husband and I have talked so much about marriage lately. It seems like so many people close to us are giving up, and I cannot understand WHY! MARRIAGE is worth FIGHTING FOR. It’s not easy, but it’s not worth giving up!

  4. 4

    Nicole says

    I respect him by…well, it’s not a topic that should be discussed outside of our bedroom! Seriously though, if that doesn’t happen, he doesn’t feel loved. Bottom line.

  5. 6

    Krista says

    These shirts are great! I respect my husband by not complaining about him to others. Venting might seem helpful at the time, but I’ve learned it really paints him in a bad light and doesn’t help boost my image of him.

    • 6.1

      Hope says

      Agreed on both. Shirts are adorable. I make a VERY conscious effort to keep him on cloud 9 with my friends and co-workers. He has so many strengths, how could I not?! :)

  6. 7

    Brenda Torres says

    I respect my husband by NEVER putting him down in front of other people, or talking bad about him to others. Even if I’m frustrated in the moment! I also respect him by telling him exactly what I need. He gets frustrated when I “hint” and I get frustrated that he doesn’t pick up on the hints. So every time I ask, “Honey, would you please . . .”, he actually responds by thanking me for coming right out and asking for what I need. Love him!

  7. 8


    The same as Krista. I used to complain all the time to my friends, but tht oly helped to bolster my negative image of him. I also respect him in how I talk about him to my children.

    My favorite shirt is the “my husband rocks” shirt that I bought 2 or 3 years ago.

  8. 9


    I try and show love and respect for my husband by doing the little things that brighten his day… Packing his lunch, making his favorite goodies, taking care of errands for him. He’s a busy guy and helping out is a way to show my love.

  9. 10

    Wendy Klippenstein says

    One way I show My hubby love is to try to keep his love tank full. He loves good food and when he eats the food I take the time to specially prepare for him, he fills my love tank by gushing about how great it is. A win win situation.

    I love the black fitted T

  10. 11


    I show my husband respect by asking his opinion and then (99% of the time) taking his suggestion on parenting subjects. I am very blessed to have a husband who wants to be an active Dad, and although sometimes our opinions on how to deal with our 4 (soon to be 5) children differ, I do respect his views!

  11. 14


    I respect my husband by telling him how much I appreciate the things he does for me and our family. I try to do things that I know he likes (cooking favorite foods, keeping the living room picked up in case we have company, etc.) I also try to spend time with him by doing the things he loves to do even if they are not my favorite :)

  12. 15

    Wendi says

    What a sweet husband. I show my husband respect by listening to him when he needs to vent about the craziness of work and not say (even though I may want to) “I know what you mean about a crazy day and not making a dent in what needs to be done”. It makes him feel good to vent and not have to have me minimize it. I love the I Respect My Husband shirt.

  13. 16

    Laura Akers says

    I had to ask my husband about this one. I asked him to tell me what I do that makes him feel respected. He said, “You listen to me.” There you go! He gave me a C overall in the respect department, so it looks like I have some work to do!!

  14. 17

    Sandi says

    I need to work on this one! I love my husband, but I know I could be doing more for him. Reading these comments is encouraging. Thank you!

  15. 18


    My man and I read and loved the book ‘love and respect’ by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs – Just little things daily – Thinking of one another and our ‘needs’ over our own. I’m liking the new shirts…but I’m still a My Husband Rocks kind of girl :) Plus Mrs LT and I go Waaaaaaaay Back! Love her. Love that you love her. Thank You Jesus for Love in Your Family!

  16. 19

    Brandi Watson says

    I respect my husband by letting him have the final say on things. It shows him that I trust his leadership and submit to his authority. I also have learned to never talk bad about my husband, not to my mother, my best friend, no one. If we have issues we deal with them at home between the two of us. He can trust that I’m not telling others about his faults.

  17. 20


    I could be doing a lot more to show my Hubby how much I truly do respect him and love him, however now I tell him and I shower him with compliments (he has a hard time accepting them). I never ever talk about him negatively to my friends or family. I always stand up for him and by him. I am so blessed to have him!

  18. 21


    Love those shirts!!

    I show respect to my hubby (one way) by bragging on him! He loves getting notes from me, so I try to do that often – I love writing on the bathroom mirror as a early morning surprise! :)

  19. 22

    Annette says

    I show respect to my husband by listening to him and not trying to “change” his way of doing things. Another big one is not talking negatively about him to others. While we may be frustrated in a moment with our spouse, we patch it up and clear the air. The friends we’ve talked to about our frustration don’t see the resolved end and are left with the image we painted. It’s so easy to form judgements but harder to break them down.
    I love all the shirts and am hoping they’ll make the perfect Valentine’s gift.

  20. 23


    I show love and respect for my hubby by making sure the house is taken care of, especially before he has a day off. I want him to relax and not be distracted by a cluttered home. I also respect his opinion and let him lead our family…I provide my opinion but I really do respect his place as head of our family. Thank you for offering this giveaway :-)

  21. 24

    Elizabeth F. says

    I respect my husband when he is handling our kids. He may not do it my way, but his way is also correct. I keep my mouth shut and let him parent the kids and lead our family. I trust him and his decisions – I know that he only wants the best for all of us.

  22. 25


    I talk to him in a respectful way – ask nicely (instead of comanding him around), say thank you etc. I try to never take him for granted. I take an interest in what he is doing – which over the years has made me a female version of a computer geek since he’s an expert in the field. :-)
    And I tell him whem he does things right so he knows. That means saying “you love me” when he does something that saves my day.

  23. 26

    Cindy says

    I respect my husband by giving him quiet time when he needs it and time away with the guys a couple of times a year. We all know as a parent of four one needs those moments! 😉

  24. 27


    I show my husband love and respect when he begins to doubt that he will find a good job in his field outside of the military, when his enlistment is up in two years. I remind him of how awesome he is at his job, how many people in that field, both in and out of the military know his name, simply because of the quality of the work he puts out, and where products he has made have ended up and the high-ranking people in our government his work has gone to. He may doubt himself at times, but I am there to quickly remove any and all doubt from his mind and keep him confident in his strengths, because I love him.

  25. 28


    I show my husband respect in NOT talking about him negatively to my girlfriends. Nothing says disrespect MORE than dissing your man to your friends.

    And, I love the men’s shirt – cuz’ I think it would be AWESOME to see mine wearing it!

  26. 29

    Kiki B says

    I try hard to show respect to my husband by not talking bad about him or putting him down in front of others. I also have been trying lately to NOT have the last word – even when I am right :-)
    All of the shirts are great! Love the metro and long sleeve red. But hard to beat the My Marriage Rocks one.

  27. 32


    I respect my husband by discussing parenting decisions even when it would be easier (faster) to deal with it myself. He travels a lot, and by doing this my children always see a united front from their parents. As I honor his place as the head of our home my children learn to as well. I love the respect shirt with the V-neck.

  28. 33


    Love those shirts!!!

    I show respect to my hubby by trying to always speak well of him in front of others. I want others to see the best of him, not the worst. I sure don’t want him talking about the worst of me! : )

  29. 34

    Ginger says

    I also learned along the way (thanks to awesome godly older ladies) that I should never bad mouth my husband or complain about him to anyone else. If I need to vent, it is to God alone. He knows both of us so well and will bring a right perspective to the situation. I try always to speak of him positively, sharing with others how blessed we are to have him as head of our family. This can be difficult (eventhough he is great!) because he is not a Christian. I was saved eight years ago but am still praying for my husband’s eternity. We are a military family and I do struggle with giving up control of decisions now that he is home more with us. I know that ultimately is the best way to show him respect. I do often tell him (and anyone else who will listen) how thankful I am that he allows me to the priviledge of homeschooling our son. Thanks for the opportunity to share and to challenge myself to be a more consistent image of Christ to my love.

  30. 35


    I show respect to my husband by taking some of the load off his shoulders. If there’s anything I can do to make his day easier, I try to do that.

    We have the My Husband/Wife Rocks shirts, but I love these new ones! So cute!

  31. 36

    EBR says

    MIght sound cheesy, but I show my husband love and respect by delivering his babies! We just had a little one yesterday afternoon and I am commenting from the hospital bed :)

  32. 37


    I love my wife by speaking her love language(s). She responds the highest to “Acts of Service”. So, to me, that means everything from doing housework (dishes, laundry, dusting, cleaning the litterbox, etc.) to those projects that she wants done.

    I’ve been learning to listen to her when she mentions that she would like something done. I have also asked her what projects she would like to see completed.

    I have been honoring her by learning to be the spiritual leader of our household. I take an interest in the things that she is interested in (even if I don’t understand it!!).

    We went through the “Love & Respect” series in a small group through church. One thing that floored me was during one of the sessions. We were in the discussion part of the evening, and she told me, in front of the entire group, how proud she was of me and thankful that I go to work every day. My job is very boring, and she knows that – and she thanked me for continuing to go and do the job, even when I don’t like it. It gave me such boost in my “respect tank”.

  33. 38

    AR says

    I get up and make him breakfast each morning before work – I also try to make sure the house is somewhat clean and dinner is ready when he gets home. I guess we focus a lot on food : )

    I live the original ‘my husband rocks’ long sleeve tshirt.

  34. 39

    Yulie Christina says

    I respect my husband by giving him some space (letting him playing with his nook, computer, etc) while I watch the baby. I also listen to his opinions about everything (financial, weekend activities, etc). I love the “love and respect” t-shirts =)

  35. 40


    Daniel and I have been married for 9+ years. Together for 13. Sometimes it feels like we are newly dating and sometimes it feels like we are that old married couple. But all in all, we love each other and are fully committed to each other. To give an example of how we show our love and respect… Just yesterday Daniel surprised me with a “you need to be ready at 5 to go out.” I was thrilled. He had an evening planned for us and he even got the sitter. Unfortunately our sitter cancelled at 4:00… but I went and told my husband how much that meant to me that he had everything planned. I didn’t have to do anything but enjoy the date. What an awesome blessing that was. He was still bummed cause his perfectly planned night fell through… but I know it made him feel like it was all worth it because his ultimate goal to make me happy, worked.

  36. 41


    My husband and I both spent the last 4 days sick, flat on our backs on the couch most of the time. Our two kids (2 and 5) were sick the first 2 days, but not after that. On Tuesday, right in the middle of the worst of it, the kids were desperate to get out of the sick house. My husband, just as sick as I was, took them out to the park for a few minutes to give them a chance for some fresh air away from home and to give me some rest. That was wonderful!

  37. 42

    Emily E says

    We respect each other by never saying bad things about the other to other people. Not online, not in person, nothing. Any grievances are purely between us.

  38. 43

    Chrissy Grisham says

    Back rubs are always a big hit in our house! We are about to start reading Love and Respect together. Im hoping to keep improving in this area. My Husband Rocks shirt is still my fav.

  39. 44

    Robin says

    I love and respect my husband by placing little hearts in his overnight bag when he travels. Each one starts out with “I Love you because…” Time apart is hard for both of us but this makes it nice to know that we are thinking about each other. He love and respects me by getting our girl ready in the morning when he sees that I am running behind. It is the little things in life that make all the difference.
    PS. I got the MY HUSBAND ROCKS and I LOVE MY WIFE shirts for us for Valentine’s. It was hard to choose. I love all of them!!

  40. 46

    Kaylan says

    Ohhhh!!! I LOVE these shirts!!! This is so perfect for me! I really struggle with finding ways to show my husband I respect him. One thing I’ve been working on is actually a negative: NOT asking him about how his work for his clients is going (he owns his own web design business). I learned that by asking about it too much, he viewed me as nagging him or, worse, acting like a boss. So, I let him tell me things and trust that he has everything under control. :)

  41. 47

    Jenn M says

    I love the new shirts! I try to respect my husband by remembering the things he likes to do (play poker with the guys, work outside on the lawn, etc.) and giving him time to do those without nagging at him. I also try to remember what he doesn’t like to do around the house and doing that for him.

  42. 48

    Olivia says

    My husband I recently had a trying time in our marriage … we ‘re-focused’ and are making it a priority to show and prove our love every day in some way (little or big). We often text sweet messages or leave facebook comments for each other. We plan date nights. He picks me flowers – our daffodils are blooming. I surprise him with a CD he loves. He prepared dinner on a late night of work for me and we ate by candlelight. I leave little notes everywhere: mirrors, gallon of tea, etc. And on and on. God has really helped us in so many ways. Often, it just takes re-focusing on our spouse; instead of the selfish-tendency to seek out happiness for ourselves.

    I have the “My Husband Rocks” t-shirt from Union 28 and I love it … it’s great when people in public read it and you notice their response. :)

  43. 50

    MH Toth says

    I pray for him and ask what I can do for him each day… then MAKE SURE I do it… also- big lesson learned over 11 years here….. never disagree with him in front of the kids… if he does or says something I don’t agree with- I bring it up in private… this works in front of anyone- inlaws- etc. :)

  44. 51


    I respect & love my husband by always speaking highly of him to others, including our children. My husband is an honorable man, worthy of respect, so it is kind of easy to treat him as I should. However, when those trying times arise, I am learning to hold my tongue and think through my words before I let them erupt from my volcano of a mouth!

  45. 52


    I respect my husband by never talking bad about him to others. I make him breakfast in the mornings and pack his lunch. When it comes to our kids, I keep my mouth shut and respect his discipline techniques, even if I would have chosen something else. He is a great dad, and I want our children to respect him, too.

    I love my “my husband rocks” hoodie–I’m wearing it right now!

  46. 53


    My husband and I show respect and love through the special time we take to reconnect. A specific example happened this morning when my husband was driving me to work on his day off. We were just talking and listening to music when I brought up some things I had been feeling. There are times even in marriage, even when you have friends and family that your thoughts are rough and you feel sad. He let me talk it all out then reminded me not only that he loves me but that I am not alone in the way I am feeling. People have rough days, weeks, months heck even years. He told me that the best thing I did was talk and let him in to know what was going on. Now I feel a weight off my chest and am so excited to get off work and spend some quality time with him over dinner and a movie. Sometimes all we need is to be reminded that we are not alone and that the devil is always trying to work us especially when we are trying to work so hard to focus on God. I love the my wife rocks t shirt because I know my hubby would rock it!


  47. 54

    Christina Burrell says

    I respect him by letting him sleep in on Saturdays after a long work week. I play with the kids quietly while he rests. I show him love by leaving notes for him in his lunch daily.

  48. 55


    I respect my husband by wanting and encouraging him to make decisions for our family. We are in the early years of our family with lots of questions and not lots of answers, and being agressive and opinionated, I sometimes want to just make decisions – but that is his place, and I respect him enough to take myself out and ask him to do it.

  49. 56


    I try to respect my husband in the small every day things. I try to meet him at the door each evening with a welcome home kiss. I try to balance getting things done around the house and just sitting still with him watching a movie. It’s in the small things for me. The gray short sleeve tee is cute.

  50. 57

    Christina Hernandez says

    I respect my husband by making sure the long hours he has worked for years, pay off at the end of the day. He has worked many overtime hours to secure a job to make sure we are all taken care of, so I take care of him. I leave him cards in his “man-bag,” and I try to remember fun things he mentions and incorporate those in to our life together. After being married for almost 18 years…it’s the fun, personal things that matter most. I know he loves him, no matter what, because he puts up with me!

  51. 59

    Rachel says

    What a great topic – I love reading everyone’s comments!!!

    I respect my husband by calling him every single day at lunch time just to see how his day is. Sometimes it’s a quick (less than a minute) conversation but it’s nice to talk to him every single day when we are both at work at least that one time.

    My fav shirt is the charcoal Respect t – cute cute!

  52. 60


    I would LOVE to win!! While style wise there are other shirts that I might pick for myself… my fave is the Two SHall Become One shirt, I know my husband would appreciate me wearing the I Respect My Husband tshirt. I’ve been itching to cut my hair for Locks of Love but I know how much my hubby likes my hair long so I am waiting to cut it. I had long hair when we met so its always been his preference.

  53. 61


    To show our love and respect, my husband and I just do things for each other, even when we aren’t in the mood. He’ll come home from working in the hot sun all day, grab a knife and start chopping veggies for me for dinner or wash whatever dishes I’ve created. As for me, I make him his morning smoothie even though I’d rather still be in bed, and I make sure he never runs out of clean underwear and jeans (if you only knew how challenging that really is in our home). We both try to pick up the slack when the other is overwhelmed. My husband is an easy man to respect. Even though he’s never made a lot of money, he’s an honest business man who is generous with his time and his talent. And he loves the Lord with all his heart. Like I said, he’s an easy man to respect.

  54. 62


    I have learned over 19 years of marriage that the greatest way to show my love to my husband is through acts of service. What may seem mundane to me (making sure the house is functionally clean, having a home-cooked meal, picking out his clothes and having them ready in the morning, etc.) really mean alot to him and helps his day to go smoother. It means so much to him to have his home be a sanctuary and not just more stress. I respect him in the ways I speak to him in front of our children and other people. I make sure to always lift him up with my words, both to him and behind his back.

    I love the shirts- all of them!

  55. 63

    Staci says

    Watching my tone of voice is one of my biggest challenges right now…so that is what I’m focusing on to show respect to my husband.

    I love all of their shirts, but love the “My Husband Rocks” shirts the most. :)

  56. 64

    Monica Warren says

    Currently, I respect my husband by supporting him through a very difficult time in his life. His mom is in the hospital, dying of cancer. There have been many late nights away from the kids and times of letting him cry on my shoulder, and I feel honored to stand beside him through this. I have never been more proud to be his wife than when I watch him interacting with his mom in her extremely frail condition with tenderness and love. God has been so faithful to provide His grace and presence in our time of need. My husband is an amazing man.

  57. 65

    Rosita says

    I respect my husband by never talking bad about him to others. I show my love for him by making him special treats, like apple pie (his favorite) and sending him cards letting him know how much I appreciate all that he does (and giving specific examples) by snail mail to his work to surprise him.

    I really like the shirts. I would say my favorites are the original My husband (wife) rocks, but these would be a close second.

  58. 66


    Love this post and giveaway! I respect my husband by not complaining about his after work meetings/school. He is a wonderful husband and I’m thankful that he does so much for our family.

  59. 67


    I have been married for 11 years and I continue to learn what respect is with each year, it is all wrapped up in Love. Loving him, adoring him, treating him like a king. I am learning right now in the season we are in that my husband needs my affection, my very high approval of his work and devotion to his family. I desperately try to get past myself to respect my husband by showing him how extremely proud I am of him.

    On the Union 28 site I love the My Marriage Still Rocks shirt! Cause mine does 😉

    JOYfully in Him,

  60. 68

    Shawna says

    I once read that respect is both a noun and a verb, an attitude and an action. So I try to love my husband this way as well. I try to be less critical and more encouraging. Not to mention, as I am sure many of us know, there is not a better example to our children than when we love and cherish one another. I have two boys and I want them to really understand what love and respect look like, as does my husband. Believe me I do not get it right every second of every day, but luckily God is gracious and forgiving and so is my husband. :o)

    P.S. I absolutely love all of the shirts, they are so adorable!!!

    Thanks Bunches,

  61. 69

    bp says

    I have enjoyed reading these comments and getting ideas. It has made me think what do I need to do to more often to show him respect. I see several areas where I have improved through the years and others were I need to work. One thing I know I need to work on is respecting his decisions without trying to figure out the “why” behind it. I think I need to read the Love & Respect book too.

    One thing I do know I do to show him respect is not to talk bad about him to others. It bothers me when I see people putting down their husbands and this is something I don’t do. He is a blessing and my best friend and I’m thankful to be married to him.

    One of my favorites is the My Husband Rocks PINK GrayHeather Tee.


  62. 70

    Valerie says

    I respect my husband by trying my hardest to understand his crazy schedule and not complain when I want him home more. My favorites are the original and the My husband still rocks :)

  63. 71

    Crystal says

    Acts of service is my love language, too! I’ve always loved the original “My husband rocks” shirt — been meaning to get one for a while!

  64. 73

    Becky says

    What a great post! Sometimes when my emotions overwhelm me, it’s hard to speak respectfully to the love of my life. (Why?! Why?!) But he says he feels the most respected during those times when we are disagreeing, and I FORCE myself to remain calm & rational, asking questions and listening to his heart. Because, really, I do respect him & I know he loves me:) PS: My fave shirt is the marriage rocks one.

  65. 74

    Kim B. in AZ says

    I show my husband respect by cooking what he mostly like for dinner. I also show him love helping to maintain a joyful home. I like the shirt you have on and the original my husband rocks black v tee shirt.

  66. 75


    I respect my husband by encouraging him to go play soccer and leave me with the baby from time to time. Though I’m still working on this, I do try to remember. ( Does it help that I bought us a copy of “Love and Respect” for our last anniversary?) Would be giddy to win this package. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. 76

    Jodi says

    One of the ways I show my husband respect is to give him the opportunity to have some “down” time every day where he can destress by working out at the gym or spending a little time playing his favorite video games or watching one of his favorite shows.

  68. 77

    Amanda says

    I respect my hubby by supporting him in his decisions. When I question what he does he feels unsupported so I make sure that I let him be the leader and I’m the follower.

  69. 78


    Yesterday I sent my husband an email every time his favorite college team officially signed a new player. He works with government type internet access, so he couldn’t keep track of it himself. It felt like one of my more interesting wifely duties.

    I think my favorite shirt is the black metro My Husband Rocks long sleeve fitted T.

  70. 79

    Megan G. says

    I try to tell my wonderful hubby something I respect/admire/appreciate about him every day. Sometimes I’ll send a text, sometimes a note in his lunch, etc. I also try hard to make sure the children see me acting respectfully toward him. (We just had our first girl last week, so now I feel an added pressure to model respecting him in front of the kids!)

    I still love my brown “My husband rocks,” tee. I can’t wait to get back into it!

    Love this post, and will go check out the new shirts.

  71. 80

    Beth says

    I show respect to my husband by caring for his needs after a long day at work, being a listening ear for him if he wants to vent about his long day, and making sure that I reaffirm him. One thing I am trying to work on is sitting back and letting him lead…hard one for me. :) I love the shirts!

  72. 81

    Heather says

    My fave t from Union 28 is the black “My Husband Rocks” with bling. I have two of these shirts – LOVE THEM! I keep telling hubby he needs one stating how much he loves me – because he TRULY does love me….just the way I need to be loved. :)

  73. 82


    I respect my husband by admiring him and pouring love and acceptance into him as much as I can. He is currently unemployed and looking for work….this is HUGE for most guys….so I try to “beat” those self destructive thoughts going on in his head….and if he ever vocalizes them, I stop it. He is my man, not because of what he does but because of who he is!

  74. 83

    Jeanette C says

    There’s always room for improvement, I respect my husband by not talking bad about him to people. I know people who do this, and I don’t like to hear it from them. We’ve been married for 20 years next month. We must be doing something right.
    I love all of those shirts, but my favorite is My Husband Rocks.

  75. 84

    Shelly says

    I respect my husband by building him up, at home and in public. He’s pretty awesome! It’s not always easy, especially with three daughters. But, he really is awesome! He is even the leader of our middle daughter’s Daisy Scout Troop :)

  76. 85

    Debra says


    I try to show my husband love and respect in just the little things. I try to get him “treats” such as his favorite candy bar just to show him the little things do matter. I also try to show him “in the bedroom!” :) This is very important in our marriage.

    I would love to have the opportunity to wear these shirts!

  77. 86

    Gencie says

    I respect my husband by not talking badly about him around others, by building him up with compliments and *constructive* critiscism, and by thanking him regularly for all of the hard work he does for our family. I like the shirts shown. 😀

  78. 88

    Toni says

    I love these new shirts!

    I show respect to my husband by choosing to submit myself to his authority. I default to him for decisions, and work on having a heart that rejoices in having a man who makes decisions (and not pout when he makes a choice I don’t like!) It is also very important to me to model respect for my husband to our children, so that they will respect him wholeheartedly!

    My husband shows love to me every way! He is selfless, kind, and sweet. He always puts me first, protects me, and always gives me what I need. He pursues me, and seeks out ways to serve me. I am blown away by how much he loves me, and I am very thankful for it!

  79. 89


    oooh I love those shirts! they are probably my favorite right now actually!

    I show respect for my husband by being a submissive wife. we talk about all the decisions we make, but he always has the final say, and I have great comfort in that! :)

  80. 90


    This is so true! I have been trying to explain to my husband that it is not necessarily his looks or body that attracts me to him, it is when he does the little things for me that help me out. Men are so visually oriented they forget that women aren’t the same way! I am so attracted to my husband when he serves me in the morning while I am trying frantically to get out the door to work. He will make me breakfast or coffee. I in turn respect him by honoring his requests and wishes and taking care of some of his needs since our schedules are different.

    • 90.1

      Cindy in the Midwest says

      “Men are so visually oriented they forget that women aren’t the same way!”

      So NOT true in my case (and so not true with many of my girlfriends)! LOL

      Sarah, BOTH the husband and wife can do their best to look good for each other.

      I’m a VERY VISUAL person and if my husband started slacking off when it came to his appearance and his physique and decided to grow a huge beer belly it would only serve to hurt our marriage and especially our love life. Everyone wants to be attracted to their partner. And women are no different.

      This is not to say there aren’t any differences between the genders because of course there are and we’d be fooling ourselves to think we’re all the same. But when it comes to being visual creatures, I don’t believe God made any distinction between women and men.

      The “MEN ARE MORE VISUAL” mumbo jumbo is just an old myth that has been disproved time and again. Movie executives have figured out that when they put very good looking tall muscular young men in movies and TV shows the ratings skyrocket (such as with Twilight). Yes, in the past women tended to go for men who could be good providers and men tended to go for women who were good looking. But the reason for this was because that was what each gender could bring to the table – not due to biology. Remember women didn’t have the same access to education or career opportunities so their beauty (rather than their mind or their skills) was a major part of what they could offer. In other words, it was a cultural/societal thing not an instinctive drive.

      I think how “visual” a person can be is a very individual thing and not dependent on anyone’s gender/age/race/etc. It depends more on the person. I’m a VERY VISUAL person and by going to the gym regularly to stay fit as well as keeping himself well-groomed and practicing good hygiene my husband helps keep the attraction going in our marriage. He keeps that spark alive. And I of course try to do the same for him, although he isn’t as visual-oriented as I am.

      I’m actually MORE of a visual person than he is. He didn’t even notice that his own father had lost close to 50 pounds and was in much better shape when his parents came to visit! And his dad felt a bit insulted because his son hadn’t said anything about the weight loss or complimented him. LOL

      But I do notice all these types of visual details especially when my husband’s physique changes for the better due to working out. He’s a hardworking man who works 10 hours a day to provide for his family. The gym is not only a great de-stressor for him and keeps him healthy, but he also knows he’s keeping himself attractive for the wife who works hard to keep his home a peaceful and joyful sanctuary. 😉

  81. 91

    Lisa says

    I show respect for my husband by doing things he ask me too. Making sure he has clean clothes, good meals and a clean house!
    I love all of the shirts! They are all adorable!

  82. 92


    I think the best way that I can show respect is by not disagreeing with him in front of our kids. It’s SO important for them to see that their Mom respects their Dad enough to “back him up” so to speak!

  83. 93

    Kara says

    I love the heather gray My Husband Rocks tshirt. Today, I respected my husband by keeping my mouth shut about something I thought he should’ve done differently. I struggle with this a LOT. Soooo thankful for his patience with me. :)

  84. 94


    I like to do the little things- today I left a little I love You note on the counter when I left so he would see it when he got home! I still need lots of work though!

    Check out our dating project that focuses on dating your spouse each month!

    And…my favorite is probably the My Husband Rocks Heart tee!

  85. 95


    I respect him first by allowing the Holy Spirit to tame my tongue. I have a temper, too. The tongue, it needs lots of taming. I’m not proud. I respect Him by doing this especially in front of the girls. My tongue should be full of bitten holes. I respect him by telling him, just as you’ve said. I’m learning {slowly} to let the good things come out of my mouth instead of the negative, the whining and complaining.

    I like the black tees with red heart {for her} and red design with heart cut out {for him}.

  86. 96

    Jolee says

    I was not alway good at telling my husband i respect him. It is something that I have been purposely working on. With a thank you or I appriciate what you. And in turn he has been more open with me, just last night he said I love where we are (in our relationship). I alway knew he loved me but now I know he appriciates me too.

  87. 97

    Angela says

    I respect my husband by reminding him constantly how much I love and appreciate him. I pray for him and make sure to know what is going on in his life that I can pray for. Lately, he has been working 52+ hours a week (sometimes more than 16 hour days!!) in order to provide for us until I can take my boards for licensing and find a job, so to tangibly show him that I love and respect him, I make sure to keep the house clean and stress-free so that he can relax when he comes home!

  88. 98

    April says

    I respect my husband by always asking him about his day and listening, cooking supper for him every night, and telling our kids what a great guy their dad is. I love the shirts!!

  89. 99

    Cora says

    I respect my husband by waking up with the baby when it is his turn because I know he will have trouble falling back asleep and also by listening to the little things he says that may be an occasion for me to serve him. For example, if he offhandedly mentions that he is thirsty or has a head ache I try to get him water or tylenol.

  90. 100

    Britt says

    So sweet! I love those shirts! They are awesome!
    I try to show my husband love by supporting his (sometimes crazy) business ideas! I also try to do little things each day that show him he is loved; making lunch, notes, etc.

  91. 101

    Melissa D says

    I like to do some little things, which we have been doing since we were dating (more than 20 years ago!). For instance, once in a while I will “sabotage” his truck – go in and turn the wipers, turn signal, and fan on so that everything is going when he turns on the car. It sounds silly, and it is, but it is also a quick way for him to know I was thinking about him.

    And I like the v-neck “My Husband Rocks” shirt – in pink!

  92. 102

    Melissa says

    I have to admit, I probably do a lot to show my husband love and respect. I get up in the morning and make his lunch (and mine and the kids). I turn on the space heater in the bathroom so that it gets nice and warm for him so he doesn’t freeze when he gets out of bed (we keep the thermostat set low in the winter so I can sleep without sweating to death). I do all of the laundry and most of the ironing of his work clothes. I have become a master at couponing so that he doesn’t have to pick up as many side jobs to make ends meet. I send the kids to their grandparents once or twice a month so we can have time together (which he needs more than me). I would bend over backwards for him and he knows it. I tell him every day that I love him and I try and show im in the little ways of taking care of him.
    I love the new shirts!

  93. 103

    Kendra says

    One of the best ways I can show respect to my husband is by bragging on him in front of others and highlighting his strengths rather than focusing on his shortcomings. Love the long sleeve T!

  94. 104


    I’ve been working [big time} on showing my hubby more respect. I thought I did, but now that my daughter is older & I can “see” & “hear” through her eyes I realize I fail. I’m working on accepting his opinion & decision without sharing my thoughts. I never realized that it was undermining, but you know, it really is. When he says “let’s run to the hardware store” at 6:30pm it’s undermining {and unimportant} for me to say “Well, the girls have to be in bed in less than an hour so I don’t think we should do that right now…” Would love to win these tees!

  95. 105

    Caroline says

    I show my husband respect by backing him up, at work and at home when he’s meeting opposition, I’ll stand behind him.

  96. 106


    I just love loving my husband of four months. Showing him respect is not always the first thing on my mind-but thank the Lord that He is working in me, and showing me how do show my husband respect and how to love him the way I should.
    I try to respect him in little ways that mean alot to him-keeping the kitchen clean, asking him how work is going, making coffee for him in the morning, listening to him talk about work-even if it confuses me. I want to make him feel like he is the most special man in the world-because to me, he is. I just love him.

    And my favorite t-shirt is the i respect my husband.

  97. 107

    monica says

    One of the ways I show respect to my husband is by finding the right time to discuss things. When he comes in from work is Not the right time!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  98. 108

    Sarah Godwin says

    As a newly wed, I am learning to respect my husband by NEVER saying anything bad about him to anyone. Not my mom, not my friends, or even my co-workers who don’t even know him. I also show him, what I believe is the greatest form of respect, by loving the Lord and honoring the Lord more than I do my spouse. It’s hard at times, but it’s how God created marriages to operate and it’s why we are going to stay together in the end! My favorite shirts are the ones in your picture for this post. The “Love” and “Respect” shirts. What a bold statement they make!

  99. 109

    Sylvia says

    I know this is a family blog…but I show my husband love and respect by making time to “show him LOVE!” It’s a priority for him so I ALWAYS make it a priority for me (plus it’s pretty fun 😉
    Oh, and I love my pink MY HUSBAND ROCKS tee, cause he does!

  100. 110

    Christie says

    I love the maternity T shirt–I’m finally having our baby and love to show my baby belly off :)

    I show respect for my hubby by changing his towel…not a big deal, but he always forgets.

  101. 111

    Beth in the City says

    I try to use words to convey my appreciation, and speak well of him to other people. I would love to win those shirts!

  102. 113


    I show love for my husband by doing all those little things that fall through the cracks if I don’t. :) I’m his “detail gal”. And my fave shirt is “My Marriage Still Rocks!”

  103. 114

    Sarah Avila says

    I love Union 28; they have such neat stuff!

    Simply by sending him off to work with a kiss, hug and a smile, and greeting him at the door when he returns from work with the same!

  104. 115

    Tara says

    I respect my husband by giving him lots of hugs and kisses and trying to spend much-needed quality time giving him my total attention without little ones around. Love the Original shirts.

  105. 117

    Mary Johnson says

    I respect my husband by listening to him. We are having a rough patch, but we are fighting for our marriage!

  106. 118

    Rebecca says

    I love and respect my husband so much for working so hard so I can be home with the kids and support me while I homeschool them. He gets up very early (4am) and works at least 10 hours, a lot of times more. He never complains and tells me often how he doesn’t mind doing it. He’s my hero.

  107. 119

    Shelly says

    I respect my husband by asking his opinion about things like our kids friends spending the night in our home (I never used to do this) and about our children spending time at their friends’ homes. I also make sure he knows that I notice the light bulb that got changed and the trash that was taken out. I am working on telling and showing him how much I love him by respecting him. Thanks for the timely reminder!
    I like the I respect my husband fitted T.

  108. 120

    Amy says

    I like the new shirts and the original My Husband Rocks tshirt. I show my husband respect in many ways but one that some wives may not have thought of is: I always serve him first, for example, if we have people over for coffee and dessert, I always serve him the first slice of pie and pour his coffee first(even when I walk around refilling). It might seem silly and maybe people don’t notice but I like to think it’s the little silent things that show how much I respect him. Also, I try never to belittle him in a group or complain about him in a group of ladies. Not that I’m perfect in this, but I don’t feel we as Christian woman have any business doing this- we are to respect our husbands as unto the Lord.

    God bless you and your hubby this valentine’s day!

  109. 121

    Tina says

    Lik you I always tell him how much I appreciate all he does to help me keep up with my busy teaching job.
    I love all the t shirts.

  110. 123


    I try to show my husband respect every day through my words and my actions. I cook supper for him every night (and often times breakfast too). I’ll make his plate and his drink and bring them to him. He always likes a water bottle on his bedside table, ,in case he gets thirsty though the night. If I notice it’s empty or close to empty, I’ll get him another one, so he doesn’t have to. I’m always thanking him for taking such good care of our furbabies and me. I also brag on him all of the time and tell him how smart/funny/sexy he is and how much I like/love him. I REALLY like these new shirts! I also love my My Husband Rocks tee that I bought this summer.

  111. 124

    Brandy says

    After reading The Five Love Languages, we discovered that my husband’s love language is acts of service and words of affirmation. One of the biggest things for him is that I take care of our home and our things. He works hard so that I can stay home with our children and enjoys coming home to a picked up house (not pereftcly spotless because he understands that’s impossible with three small children!). I do not talk badly about him to friends, not even to “vent”. I often leave him love notes telling him special things I love about him or send him a text in the middle of the day praying for him at work.
    I love these shirts and would love them for us!

  112. 125


    My husband works hard and long but works 2nd shift. Even though I hate the shift I love the man. He needs to sleep in later than I do as I watch our granddaughter all day and she arrives early. To show him love and respect I keep her TV down since the livingroom is right outside out bedroom. Trying to keep noise at a low level I do not run my dishwasher, washing machine or anything else until he is up. For me this is hard. I am a jump out of bed and get going person and like to have most of what I need to get done for the day out of the way by noon. With this job change I am not getting started till noon! However, my hubby deserves what sleep and rest he can get so he can work the long hours and late hours he does.

    There are times he has to get up early because of some “disaster” around the house. I usually try to make him something special either in his lunch or for his snack when he gets home. Just a small way to say thanks for all the hard work.

  113. 126

    Melissa says

    I love my husband by listening to every detail of his work that I don’t really understand!! I would looovvvveeee these shirts!!

  114. 127

    Ashley says

    I agree with what others are saying- only making edifying comments about my husband in front of others. It changed my marriage when I no longer vocalized negative things.

  115. 128


    Wow I would love to win this — I have learned so much by reading that book – Love and Respect. In part, it inspired me to stop giving my husband looks (you know the not pleasant ones) when we were in public. I now seek out ways to praise him to others in front of him. He truly does so many things that garner respect and I’m so thankful that I now know how meaningful this is!

  116. 131


    I defer to my man a lot…even if I know what we’re going to do about a given situation, I always go to him first. I also bake him a big batch of cookies every month and plan one date night. It’s helped us keep our sanity while living life with a little one!

  117. 133

    MaryAnn says

    How wonderful! I love reading all of the comments and getting some new ideas for my own marriage. I try to respect my husband by never complaining about him to anyone else. Sometime I need to vent, but I try to take my concerns to the Lord and not to our friends or family.

  118. 134


    I try to show respect to my husband in all that I do. I think of him when I make decisions. Cherish him always and mostly accept the things that drive me mad as he does with me.

    I understand his need for a break at the weekend and encourage him in his pursuits. I also daily remind him how great he is as he sells himself so short.

  119. 136

    suzi failing says

    I respect my husband by never, and I mean never say anything negative about him to anyone, not even my kids

  120. 137


    I show respect to my husband by never speaking poorly of him to anyone else, ever, and by not putting him down with my words. In a culture that devalues manhood, this is so important. I show him love by folding and putting away his laundry. Yes, a dresser and closet stocked with clean, folded laundry is what he says makes him feel most loved. So I do it!

  121. 138


    Wow! There are a lot of great responses here and I have enjoyed reading many of them (no time to read them all). Thank you, ladies, for sharing your hearts That’s why I love this blog! I respect and love my husband by truly trying to be grateful every day for our home and everything we have (vs wanting more, etc.). I TRY to be submissive and have a servant’s attitude. I ask him most days, “What can I do to serve you today?” I try not complain about things (such as his coat hanging on the back of the chair – LOL). He also certainly loves my affection and wants to be desired just as much as I do. LOVE MY MAN!!! Thank you for all the encouragement. :)

  122. 139

    Randi S says

    Didn’t see a close date, so if this is still open: I show love and respect to my husband by supporting his work, and the decisions he makes in regards to that. My husband is in the military and while he plans to retire, and is nearly halfway there, but sometimes he does talk about getting out sooner…after long deployments it just gets old! I show my love, but letting him know that I want him to be happy, and that whatever decisions he makes in the future, we’ll follow him wholeheartedly. (Thankfully he is going to recruiting school now- no deployments for 3 whole years!!) Of course we show love and respect in other ways, but this is just one example.

  123. 141


    I need so much work in the respect area. I make him lunches (and dinner), and try to make sure he always has clean clothes. One thing I am working on is NOT being on the computer so much in the evenings when he is home. And Thanking him every chance I get for the things he does!!

    • 141.1


      oh, and my favorite shirt is the original chocolate “My Husband Rocks” tshirt… I still get comments when I wear it and it’s starting to get ragged… I could use a new one!
      I do like the “I love my husband” with the red heart!!

  124. 142


    I respect my husband by making of point of being home when he gets home from work. I also try very hard to meet him at the door and welcome him with a kiss…not whining or complaining and I refuse to be on the phone when he gets home.

  125. 143


    Great blog! So nice to see a happily married couple! My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years and your right, when I tell him how much I am blessed when he does something for me, you can tell it means something special to him. Great job on the home office make over!

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