Make Your Wrist Happy {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congratulations, Jen (comment 91), you have been selected as the giveaway winner!

(Disclosure) I’m not sure if that last one is still in the store. I might have bought it. Ahem.

Few stores pull me in like the Adopt Shoppe. I think it’s because I know I’m shopping really cute stuff for an amazing cause! Kate and her precious family are trying to bring their child home from Taiwan and your purchase helps!

So, shop for your naked wrists, shop for a great cause.

Today, one lucky reader will win $50 to this inspiring store. Tell me what you love in the comments to be entered.

Happy weekend!


  1. 152

    Joy says

    What a neat site. Thanks for sending us to look there….I am thinking I’ll be doing some shopping for gifts in the near future. For me I would love the choose Joy or Be Still necklaces.

  2. 155

    Chrissy Grisham says

    My favorite has to be the chocolate caramel latte. I love the you are my sunshine too. What a great shop!

  3. 157


    Oh, the leather bangles and the birds nest wrap bracelets! No way I can choose – such beautiful colors! Tagging their shop so I can go back. Want to support others in their adoption journey – we’re doing it, too, and know it can be daunting!

  4. 158


    WOW! I’m having trouble deciding. Thanks for sharing these cute products AND the ministry!
    I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Braided Fabric ones, BIRDS NEST Wrap, and of course the Ugandan beaded anything ;o)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome gift!

  5. 164


    Thank you for calling attention to this great family, their story and beautiful creations! I am going to share it with my women’s study group – several of them have or are in the process of adopting. I love – LOVE – the frayed fabric bracelets!

  6. 165

    Robert W says

    My wife loves jewelry like this! Very unique and beautiful!
    She would probably love the Love Red Black Braided Fabric Bracelet.

  7. 166


    So much cute stuff. It’s one of my favorite shops on etsy (though I haven’t purchased anything from them yet). I love their braided bracelets.

  8. 175

    Gabrielle says

    ALL beautiful items but if I had to pick just one I think it’d be the Jellybean Braided Fabric Bracelet with the “Joy” stamped tag. Bright colors and a beautiful reminder to choose joy!

  9. 176

    Melody says

    It’s so hard to choose.. I love the entire store! Thank you so much for introducing the store :’)

    Of the bracelets, I really like the chocolate caramel latte bracelet. Of the necklaces, I lovelovelovelove the scrabble necklaces, especially the one that is from Song of Solomon, “I have found the one my heart loves.”

  10. 178

    Shelly says

    Ooo, Kristen, what a great shop! Thanks for sharing!!
    I love the ‘Anything good you see in me” and Custom children and grandchildren necklaces.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win! (My 1st grandbaby is due any time!!)

  11. 179

    Debbie says

    I love the “Teal Bird’s Nest” bracelet, and the orange one. Also the Hope bracelet. And the Leather Bangles. I love stores like this where you can shop for a cause. :)

  12. 180

    Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja says

    Ok, seriously? How does one possibly pick one favorite? I know I sure can’t!

    First, I fell in love with the “bird’s nest” bracelet that you posted… Then I saw it in Pumpkin Spice. That NEEDS to be mine!

    Then I saw the Scrabble tile with all the grandchildren’s name on it… My Mama NEEDS that one!

    And then, pure perfection, I saw the Vintage Sewing Machine… Oh WOW!

    Best part is, with a generous $50 credit to this darling little Etsy store, I could get ALL three and STILL spend more money (and why not? It goes to a wonderful cause!)

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter if I win or not (though, I’m not going to pretend, winning would be FAB! :0) I’m just excited to have been introduced to this amazing little shop! Thank you!

    Christine aka The Stampin’ Ninja

  13. 183

    Holly says

    Wow!!! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this etsy shop. Gorgeous stuff, great prices and AWESOME cause. Love the full sets in vibrant colors. How to choose???

  14. 186


    I like the Isaiah 1:17 necklace and the special dates art and the love mercy neclace and the be still necklace and, and , and…I would have a hard time deciding!

  15. 188

    Joey says

    I love the BLESSED leather cuff… what a wonderful constant reminder to count your blessings! and what a wonderful etsy shop for a great cause!

  16. 190


    Love it all!! Send Me leather cuff, Laffy Taffy fabric bracelets, tile necklaces, Sparrow necklaces…beautiful, unique, and for a fabulous cause!

  17. 191

    Christine says

    One of my favorites is the “Anything Good…” necklace. Of course there are many more.. Thanks so much for this giveaway. The Uganda stuff is cool too. My daughter is going there for 8 weeks soon.

  18. 196


    Amazing art with amazing messages… That you can wear! Thanks for sharing this great store! I loved the silver birds nest wrap bracelet! I will definitely be revisiting this shop; for myself and for gifts!!! The 1 Cor. 13 is always a favorite!

  19. 203

    Rebecca says

    The Laffy Taffy bracelets are so pretty and make me think of spring. They would also go with a lot of different things.Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. 205


    oh. my. goodness. so much to love. and i’m like you- i love it that much more knowing i’m spending money on a cause. i love the beaded/knot bracelets. and i’m always a sucker for teal.

  21. 206

    Melissa S. says

    What cool stuff! I love a lot of the bracelets, but the sparrow pendants are so original. I like the meaning of them, too. I often need a reminder that His eye is on everyone and every situation. He is in control and I can rest in that!

  22. 207

    Jill Owings says

    SERIOUSLY??? Do I have to PICK? There is so much that I would be proud to wear, so much that I would love to add to my collection… Beautiful jewelry, beautiful cause.

  23. 210


    Wow! I love this shop! My initial favorite is the pumpkin spice bird’s nest bracelet…and then there are some turquoise bracelets…and the leather bangles…it’s tough to choose! I’m looking forward to getting something from Kate regardless!

  24. 212


    So many beautiful things! I particularly like the “His eyes is on the sparrow” necklaces, partly because I love birds and nature but more so because of the meaning behind them (that He watches and cares for me…and for each and every orphan). It’s hard to pick which color, though — probably the scarlet or turquoise.

    By the way, I just came across your site for the first time yesterday. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing the story of your marriage. It was encouraging and challenging to me.

  25. 217

    Brittany Meeks says

    I’m absolutely in love with the necklace with the pendant that says ‘Keep Calm & Pray On’. The birds nest wrap bracelets are gorgeous as well, the pink one is my favorite! I’m excited to have learned about this website, its all such beautiful jewelry that’s going to an awesome cause!! :-)

  26. 219

    Amy jo says

    I don’t know why but my comment keeps disappearing. I love the City Lights Fabric Bracelet. I’m pointing my husband towards this shop for my birthday in a couple weeks! Haha. Thanks for the give away!

  27. 220


    What great jewelry! I love the ones with scripture on it! hard to choose. I also like the one which says, “Keep calm and pray on” Great reminder!

  28. 221

    Amanda says

    That is truly wonderful. I just visited a friend in Taiwan and we argued whether Okinawan or Taiwanese babies are the cutest babies ever. I will pray for your friends that the process would go quickly! I love the “AFRICA John 14 18 plane hand-stamped sterling silver and copper necklace”.

  29. 222

    Kristi says

    My very favorite is the Psalms 46:10 scrabble tile. That verse speaks volumes to our family!
    My other favorite is everything else! :)

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