Old Married People {Giveaway}

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Jennifer H. (82), Alicia’s Homemaking (100), Emily E. (105), Lisa (191) and Kate N. (204)!  You have been randomly selected as the giveaway winners.

I remember when my parents were our age.

Forty-one. Thirty-nine.

I thought they were so old.

What did I know?

When my husband smiles, his eyes crinkle. I see his father.

I have my mother’s hands.

Both our parents inching towards their golden anniversary. Fifty years.

It’s a mantle we wear proudly.

He still closes the door behind me in the closet and kisses my neck.

But his socks are still on the floor.

I love that guy anyway.

He sips coffee, tea for me. We write love notes. We grow old together.

For the Mr & Mrs in  your life, DaySpring is giving away FIVE sets of the following to FIVE of my readers today:

[Each set includes: Mr. & Mrs. Mugs, Mr. & Mrs. Memo Pads, I Love You With All My Heart-Sticky Note Set, Mr. Love Notes]

Leave an answer to this question as your entry: How long have you been a Mr & Mrs? 

This giveaway will end on Thursday.


  1. 9

    Jennyroo says

    Proud to be a Mr. and Mrs. for 11 and 1/2 years already. Some great times, some tough times, but we always know that we are committed to each other for the rest of our lives. I remember the priest who married us saying “Marriage is a decision you make each and every day for the rest of your lives.”

  2. 10


    We will celebrate 9 blessed years in June. I love saying that our wedding day is not the most important day of our lives, but rather that today is the most important. I love being a wife and serving my man.

  3. 14

    TracyDDK says

    We’re not an official Mr. & Mrs. We’ve been together for 5 years (six years in July), and he proposed to me this year. We’re getting married on May 1, 2013. :) So officially…not at all. However, I knew when I met him that he was it. :) I’m glad that he finally agreed. :)

  4. 15

    Amy says

    Just celebrated our 10th anniversary!!! I haven’t stopped thinking about those mugs since I first saw them. Fingers crossed that it’s my lucky day!!! 😉

  5. 24

    Michelle Parker says

    It will be ten years in May! Sometimes I wish we could have met and married earlier in life, but then I remember that the Lord’s timing is perfect. Oh how grateful I am that the Lord brought us together!

  6. 28

    H Triplett says

    We’re 41 and 39, as of yesterday, but I’m the elder. 😉 But, thankfully, premature greying runs in his family. 😉
    We’ve been Mr and Mrs for 16 years. :)

  7. 35

    Kristy B says

    Almost 13 years – such a wonderful adventure! And my husband absolutely rocks – I was reminded this weekend how rare what we have is and the new appreciation almost has me in tears it is so sweet! Such a blessing!

  8. 37


    We will celebrate 12 years in April, but my husband will tell you it feels like 15 minutes…

    under water.

    I sure do love that man of mine!

  9. 38

    Amy jo says

    My hubby and I have been married for just a few days shy of a year and a half! We very proudly were married on 8-9-10 and finished our vows and kissed at 11:12 am. Its our little joke and its so fun to tell people about it. My husband proudly boosts he will never forget an anniversary! Check in with me in 2060 and I’ll tell you his record. 😉

  10. 55

    Muriel says

    We’ve met each other for the first time 7 and a half years ago and have been married for the last 6 and a half!! I’m so blessed with my amazing husband!!

  11. 57


    We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on December 17th. And, I took a page from your husband. I bought a keepsake box from “Letters From Dad” and wrote my wife a love letter.

    Every day, she does something that amazes me. She has given me two precious daughters, and is strong and loving. My life was incomplete before I met her.

  12. 59


    17 years, 7 months and 6 days!
    6,430 days!
    555,552,000 seconds
    9,259,200 minutes
    154,320 hours
    918 weeks (rounded down)

    i love him more today than yesterday…

  13. 62

    Shannon says

    On April 11, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as Mr. & Mrs.!
    I still think he’s the hottest guy I know!

  14. 65

    Karen says

    30 years on February 20th – just a couple of weeks! We met at 15 and married at 18. We were so young, and knew so little, but we grew together (I won’t pretend there weren’t some TOUGH times) – we stuck together and now we seem to be more in love every day. Our two sons make faces because we hold hands or they catch us kissing in the kitchen, but I know that they (ages 17 and 25) have our solid marriage as an example for when they themselves marry (which will be next year for the 25-year-old). I am truly blessed.

  15. 68

    Marcia Russell says

    We have been married for nearly 30 years. Each year our love grows deeper and sweeter. We have now entered the season of “grand-parenting” after raising five children. So much fun!

  16. 69

    Liz R. says

    10 years. God has been so gracious to me and my husband. We’re often humbled when we hear the “statistics” of families in America. God is so good to us. I <3 my man.

  17. 71


    14 years. He is so good to me, Kristen. So good.

    I really hope I win, even though I know the chances are slim. There’s still a chance! I almost ordered this for Christmas, then didn’t. Here’s to hoping!

  18. 76


    10 and 1/2 glorious years! And our love shows alot when people hear that we have 9 children (so far!)! :o) Yes, all ours together, although 3 are in heaven. It is bliss!

  19. 81

    Anne Lumby says

    Married 14 years this year. Love, love, love your blog and am so impressed with your work with Mercy House. God bless you!

  20. 87


    It was 8 years on January 3, since the ripe ol’ age of 19! Now, multiple moves, two degrees, and two kids later, we’re learning…
    There have been struggles, but there have been wonderful times, too.

  21. 90

    Sylvia says

    We have been Mr. and Mrs. for 40 years and 5 months. I has been interesting, to say the least. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  22. 94

    Mom of 3 boys says

    We have been Mr. and Mrs. for just over 19 years. We just helped my parents celebrate 40 and it doesn’t seem like such an unbelieveable number as it did when I was a teen!

  23. 96


    We have eight years, 1 month, 11 days together as husband and wife and I wouldn’t trade one of them away. Every day has been a blessing!

  24. 98

    Jen A. says

    Married 13 1/2 years to my best friend. We were so young! (21 and 22). Wouldn’t change a thing! : ) My parents just celebrated their 50th this past year.

  25. 99


    We’ve been married 10 years and now working on year 11. I’m 28 and my hubby is 35 and when you said that first bit about being the age your parents were….I totally relate…lol. My hubby is the same age my dad was when I first figured out what age meant…and I thought my dad was old but now that I’m getting close to 30, I don’t feel that way any more. What’s strange is that our parents are all getting close to 60’s and 70’s. Now that feels strange. Anyway, thanks for the chance to win…I read your blog all the time, I just don’t comment much. =)

  26. 104

    Heather says

    I’ve been married to my prince for 13 years this June. We began dating at 15. Waited until we were 21 to get married. It was a loooooooong wait! :) I still wake up every morning and thank God my beloved is in bed beside me!

  27. 111

    Nicole says

    We will celebrate our 3rd on August 1st! I can honesly say I love him even more now than when we said “I do.” God created him just for me :)

  28. 112


    We’ve been married for 10 years- praise the Lord! Dating since 1995 though :) I’ve known him for half of my life. Weird! I love this giveaway, it’s all so fancy!

  29. 113


    On the 14th, my husband and I will celebrate 8 years! We’ve been married since we were 19 and have a beautiful babygirl who is 7! We have had the most beautiful hills and valleys in our marriage so far and we have LEARNED for better or for WORSE. I love him very mvery much. It strange to think how quickly the last 8 years have gone by and how we are almost 30. All I can think of is how beautiful life is. Just magnificent and breathtaking.

  30. 115


    I’ve been a Mrs. for 13 years!

    Kristen, thank you for putting your life and marriage out here! You guys are a true blessing and inspiration!

  31. 121

    Abby B says

    8 1/2 years for us, and I am so blessed as a result. The Lord showed me such favor when He gave me my sweet husband!

  32. 124

    Kris R says

    We will have been married 13 years on Feb 13th. Both of our parents have been married for 44&45 years.They set a great example of commitment — for better or worse, richer and poorer, in sickness and health. We have experienced it through them and now know we will be okay as we experience it all for ourselves.

  33. 131

    Angela says

    It will be 6 months on February 13…we’re still “newlyweds” and learning a lot but loving every minute of it! :)

  34. 142

    Randi S says

    We have been Mr and Mrs for 5 wonderful years, and I love my husband more each day!! Thank you for the chance!!!

  35. 146

    Diana says

    In April, we will have been married for 6 years. Might not seem that long to some, but if you knew what God had done in our marriage in that short of time, you’d be amazed!!

  36. 150

    Sandi Jurek says

    I have been married for 5 years last September to my highschool sweetheart. We have spent together everyday (literally) for 10 years straight. There hasn’t been a day apart and we are more in love then ever!

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