Old Married People {Giveaway}

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Jennifer H. (82), Alicia’s Homemaking (100), Emily E. (105), Lisa (191) and Kate N. (204)!  You have been randomly selected as the giveaway winners.

I remember when my parents were our age.

Forty-one. Thirty-nine.

I thought they were so old.

What did I know?

When my husband smiles, his eyes crinkle. I see his father.

I have my mother’s hands.

Both our parents inching towards their golden anniversary. Fifty years.

It’s a mantle we wear proudly.

He still closes the door behind me in the closet and kisses my neck.

But his socks are still on the floor.

I love that guy anyway.

He sips coffee, tea for me. We write love notes. We grow old together.

For the Mr & Mrs in  your life, DaySpring is giving away FIVE sets of the following to FIVE of my readers today:

[Each set includes: Mr. & Mrs. Mugs, Mr. & Mrs. Memo Pads, I Love You With All My Heart-Sticky Note Set, Mr. Love Notes]

Leave an answer to this question as your entry: How long have you been a Mr & Mrs? 

This giveaway will end on Thursday.


  1. 306


    Oh, it will be 7 years for us in May!!! Wow. I would love to win the love notes. I saw the MRS set in the store once but didn’t see the MR. Sometimes I fear that with three little tots around that I am not loving my man enough. It’s one of the goals I have for 2012.

  2. 308


    married 21 1/2 years but togther almost 33 … wow, that makes me feel old, but that Man knows me better than I know myself which I suppose is what it’s all about :) Still does things that surprise me … and I hope I do the same in return.

  3. 318


    4 years! :~) I think he’s the hottest guy in the world. We’re celebrating our cute little guy’s first birthday this month, and there is NO ONE else I would rather have be my baby’s father than my wonderful husband.

  4. 323


    By God’s grace, my husband and I will be married for 10 years this August! I thought about that this Sunday in church and nearly started to cry. God has brought us a very long way.

  5. 336

    Sarah W. says

    We’ll be celebrating our 12th anniversary on the 12th of February this coming weekend! Hoping we can celebrate our 50th someday as well. :)

  6. 342

    Melissa says

    This October we will have been married for 12 years. Time sure is flying by! It’s funny to look back and see how much we’ve grown up. :)

  7. 345

    MichelleH says

    We’ve been Mr & Mrs for only 16 years so far. My grandparents are approaching 66, so we’re still ‘newlyweds’. lol

  8. 351

    Sheri K says

    10 years this June. We’ve been through so much, the hardest trials recently, but our marriage has and will remain strong through it all. Thank you so much for your insights and great example! May God bless you.

  9. 369

    jenlar3 says

    My husband and I will celebrate the 29th anniversary of our first wedding in March. We were divorced for five years and remarried, so in November we will celebrate the 17th anniversary of our second wedding!

  10. 370


    February 23 will mark our 10 yr wedding anniversary.
    These past ten years have been very hard, yet very good and sanctifying.
    From infertility(early menopause) to the birth of one miracle child, mis communications, to learning how to
    resolve conflict. All has been rewarding because it gave my husband and I the beat gift ever.. Deeper intimacy with Jesus-Job42
    Love this giveaway!
    Congrats to all of you for working it out!
    May Gods grace continue to abound to us all!!

  11. 391

    ACMommy3 says

    For 9 1/2 glorious, wonderful years…the best years of my life, I’m so blessed to be HIS Mrs.! creedamy [at] yahoo [dot] com

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