There is Charity in All of Us

She came to us alone, with a baby she didn’t want stirring in her womb.

Orphaned at a young age, she wandered this earth unloved and unwanted.

Charity came to us broken, detached, angry.

Outwardly she pushed others away, isolating herself through pain, distancing her heart from love.

But we loved her anyway. We set firm boundaries and we loved. We prayed. We fasted. We begged God to draw her close. We shed so many tears over this child having a child.

We feared for her unborn son. How would this detached girl attach to a baby she never wanted?

He was born to an angry mother. She didn’t want him.

And we didn’t know what to do. 

We prayed harder. Loved more fiercely. Forced her to hold him, feed him. Every moment hard.

We willed her to show charity to her precious new miracle rescued from abortion.

And we reminded ourselves again and again that we aren’t the rescuers.

Only God.

Today, we catch her cooing at her chubby son. Smiling down on him. Visitors don’t know the miracle they witness. Our hearts catch in our throats with each tenderness because we remember. We know that only God can heal a barren soul.

I am broken. I am angry. I am orphaned, needing to be adopted by God.

God used Charity’s pain to heal a part of me.

“Jesus brings about my own healing by bringing me into someone else’s.” -Kisses from Katy.

There is a bit of charity in all of us.

God is here.


  1. 1

    Crystal says

    What a beautiful girl. As a foster sister growing up, I can tell you firsthand that loving if often not glamorous or fun. But worth it!

  2. 3


    Oh Kirsten you made me cry this morning (it is morning in the UK!). Such true words that chime very much with what I believe God has been saying to me lately. So deeply impressed with the work you are doing.

  3. 4


    It’s called Reactive Attachment Disorder. It’s as serious as you make it sound. Even more. It’s the kind of broken heart only God can heal. So many times He uses a baby. That was our experience.

    We had just adopted two teens-brothers-when we learned we were expecting a baby. Doctors and Social Workers were so very concerned. “your boys may hurt the baby.”. We had help and a serious safety plan in place. Our youngest son even had to live elsewhere for awhile. In the end, our little princess has saved both our boys. She softened their hearts. It is safe for them to love her. She can’t hurt them. She is 5 now. They are young men. Our youngest son sometimes becomes annoyed when she chases him around with two Barbie dolls, wanting him to play. She laughs and her eyes dance as she calls the oldest son a “Doofus”. Both boys look at her lovingly and smile.

    I look forward to the day she might understand how God used her to bring some healing to her brothers.

  4. 5


    This is really beautiful. I wish I could believe in God, and that God provides miracles. But I really don’t know how.. it’s OK, I guess, because I can still enjoy and appreciate life and the wonderful things it is full of. Thanks for sharing.

    • 5.2

      AK says

      Ben, I too will add you to my prayers…That the God who loved you so much that He sent His Son for YOU will find an intimate way to reveal Himself even further. He’s all around. He’s just waiting for you to see Him. :)
      There is a movie out called “The Star of Bethlehem”…it’s at Christian stores and online I’m sure. My best friend’s husband has lead a very hard life and denied His Savior. This movie moved him, it’s REAL PROOF. I hope you can find and watch that movie. Ben, I’m really cheering your heart on! :)

    • 5.3


      Ben, 10 years ago I could have written your post. But God revealed Himself to me as only He can, and I pray he does the same for you. My life with God is so much better than my life without Him.

    • 5.5


      Ben, God bless you for your courage to write here today!

      God offers us every good gift! But He also offers us the Greatest Gift. If you’re interested in knowing what that gift is, please reply, or email my husband at christinnjon at yahoo dot com and he will be happy to chat with you!

      You can believe in God if you choose, my friend. Having faith means believing even when you don’t have all the answers. :)

    • 5.6

      misty says

      I have a friend who didn’t believe but had been open to his word. She said the other day she was waiting for a sign to believe in God. She trusted in Him and said since then the signs of God have been everywhere!
      Good luck on your journey Ben. I’ll say a prayer for you.

  5. 8

    AK says

    Oh, sweet Charity!!! I’m so grateful you all didn’t give up, Mercy House!!! Sweet grace, sweet redemption…Charity, I am praying for you and your sweet beautiful son. Mommies and sons have special bonds. :) YAY!!!

    Thank you, God. You are so, so good!

  6. 11

    Carol Darden says

    So beautiful….so God! Thank you, Charity, for allowing your story to be told. Thank you Mercy House for your obedience, even when it’s NOT easy.

  7. 13


    Ok, so last night I read this post and cried. Today I came back to comment and cried again reading all the comments to Ben. God has been faithful to the girls and babies at Mercy House and He will be faithful to Ben. Keep up the good work Kristen. It’s all worth it.

  8. 15


    I’d love to know how Charity came to be at Mercy House? Did she want to be there from the beginning, or did she grow into that, too?


    • 15.1


      The home Charity was living in no longer would allow her to stay once she was pregnant. She had no place to go but MH or the streets. None of our girls are forced or coerced to live at our home. They must want to be there. Some want to more than others…but all of our girls have experienced trauma and the transition is often challenging.

  9. 16


    This post brought me to tears. Only a Living God can change a heart of stone. But I praise God that He is working in His servants as His vessels of love and mercy.

  10. 19

    Monique says

    Bless you Kristen and Mercy House! A beautiful story of God’s love, mercy and grace! I will pray for Charity, her son and for Ben’s salvation. Ben, God loves you so very much and will be faithful to reveal himself to you, if you continue to seek Him as you did by writing here. Oh the joy and wonder, mercy and grace you will find with Him. Praise the Lord!

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