100 Ways to Celebrate Spring

We love Spring around here! Today is the first day of Spring Break and we have VERY little planned. Woot! We plan to sleep late and knock off a few things on this massive list:

  1. Make kool-aid play dough 
  2. Put fresh flowers in your kitchen
  3. Decorate an old pair of shoes with Sharpies
  4. Eat jellybeans
  5. Pick wildflowers
  6. Have a picnic at a favorite park
  7. Make strawberry shortcake popcicles
  8. Plant a fairy garden
  9. Art: Spring Branch
  10. Make a handprint calendar
  11. Create a Spring Scavenger Hunt
  12. Decorate hot rocks (fun!)
  13. Make your own sunshine
  14. Stay in your pajamas all day
  15. Play Easter Memory Game (Free Printable)
  16. Plant flowers in your yard
  17. Make a kite
  18. Go fly it
  19. Make a Garden Journal (free printable)
  20. Grow your own Easter basket grass (so creative)
  21. Get a new Spring Purse!
  22. Indoor Garden ideas
  23. Pick berries
  24. Hang a bird feeder
  25. Easter thumbprint art
  26. Paint your driveway with homemade paint
  27. Do something fun with cardboard
  28. Paper towel butterflies
  29. Send someone some sunshine
  30. Spring clean to fun music
  31. Read outside on a blanket
  32. Look for rainbows after the rain
  33. Go to the library
  34. Plant Pals
  35. Play in the rain
  36. Go on a Spring Photo Hunt (50 picture ideas)
  37. Make Rainbow Rice
  38. Make a fun paper toy
  39. Play with your food
  40. Blow bubbles
  41. Take pictures in wild flowers
  42. Eat dirt
  43. Go barefoot
  44. Paint a room a bright color
  45. DIY Spring Flower Centerpieces
  46. Create a Ribbon Wand
  47. DIY Veggie Garden Sensory Box
  48. Paint your nails in one of these colors
  49. Celebrate Sundays with ice cream sundaes
  50. Plan a staycation (26 ideas)
  51. Lay in a hammock
  52. Go on a bike ride
  53. Throw open the windows
  54. Visit new babies at your local zoo
  55. Tidy a room
  56. Make sun tea
  57. Hang your sheets to dry on a clothes line
  58. Jump in the puddles
  59. Make a rainbow xylephone
  60. Make yarn eggs (so fun!)
  61. Put a spring wreath on your door (my mom made this one for my door!)
  62. Raise a Butterfly Garden
  63. Make a flower crown
  64. Bake bread in a flowerpot
  65. Resurrection Eggs (or make your own)
  66. Read The Parable of the Lily(one of my favorites)
  67. Eat one of these 
  68. Make flower-shaped sugar cookies
  69. Hang a Spring Flag
  70. Create Plant Pals
  71. Put pinwheels in the yard
  72. Go camping!
  73. Have a Spring-themed party
  74. Make cheery Peep S’mores
  75. Force tulip bulbs
  76. Go on a family walk
  77. Discover Geocaching
  78. Raise Ladybugs
  79. Have a tea party outside on a blanket
  80. Hopscotch with sidewalk chalk
  81. Go to a baseball game
  82. Hand wash the car
  83. Dig up worms in the yard
  84. Go fishing
  85. Have a garage sale
  86. Swing together
  87. Make a bug hunting kit
  88. 60 fabulous ideas for Easter dinner
  89. Go feed ducks at a park
  90. Plant an herb garden
  91. Make homemade marshmallows 
  92. DIY spring vase centerpiece
  93. Gussy up your spring mantel 
  94. Decorate with pastel candy
  95. Add a bright colored pillow to your sofa
  96. Make crepe paper flowers
  97. Hang a festive spring pennant 
  98. Take a day off to do nothing!
  99. Do something new to celebrate new life
  100. Don’t forget a Spring Safety Check 

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  1. 2


    Love this list, Kristen! Looking forward to doing some of these, perhaps today, this nasty, gloomy, rainy day we are having.

  2. 3


    Here in central PA, we can’t plant anything outside yet. We get frost through the end of April, but this week is supposed to be GORGEOUS!! Temps in the 60’s and even a day at 70!!! We are inviting friends for a picnic lunch at the playground today and probably Wednesday. Yayyyyy for nice weather!!!

  3. 5

    Muriel says

    We did the nail polish! Pink, blue and green en even tough I feel like I’m getting to old (30 next month) to wear blue nail polish it’s making me smile all day!!

  4. 8

    Paola Rarick says

    I wanted to thank you for the 100 ways to celebrate spring! My daughter and i are having so much fun with these ideas and they are so simple! Thank you!

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