She is just a child, an orphan, a victim of abuse.

She was sent to the city from a rural village to work.

She didn’t know she was pregnant. How can a child know the evil things done to her can produce life?

When her body couldn’t hold her secret any longer, her employee noticed and wanted to get rid of her.

Mercy House was notified and we began the process of recruitment, less than two weeks ago.

But she went into labor and her baby was born on Sunday, at 33 weeks. She and the baby were sent back to the employer’s just 3 hours later with a diaper and a change of clothes for the baby. No medicine, no vaccinations, no instructions for this poor child and her premature baby.

Mercy House was notified of the birth three days later.

Maureen wept at what she discovered: a deathly ill 3 pound baby girl who was being fed water by a frightened, exhausted child-mother who didn’t know what else to do. They were both filthy and when the employer gladly gave them up, Maureen took them home.

Our housemother bathed them and helped the baby girl to nurse and then Maureen took them to the hospital.

Beautiful Edith

The doctor confirmed how sick and close to death her baby was and hospitalized precious Hawi (which means favor in Swahili) with jaundice, dehydration, and a problem with her bowels, and our young mom is being treated with a pretty severe infection.

Most American preemies might not survive such a traumatic birth and first days of life. We believe God rescued these sweet children!

Would you pray for our newest Mercy House members: Edith and Hawi? They have been thru so much…

But God is never late.

*there’s much more to Edith’s story…I hope one day she can tell it. We just wanted to give you a glimpse into how so many in poverty live.


  1. 1

    April says

    “Hawi = favor.” How precious. This child does have favor in God’s eyes and He’s shown it by putting Edith in a situation that would lead her to The Mercy Home. What would have happened to Edith had she not found this job in the city? I will be praying for both of the girls. Thank you for providing these girls a home where they can be rescued and find redemption!

  2. 3

    Robin says

    There are no words, only tears of thankfulness that Mercy House was there to rescue these precious children.

  3. 4


    Wow – what a story. It boggles the mind that that could happen. I am praying so hard for Edith, Hawi and all those at the Mercy House and the hospital who are there to help her and those like her.

  4. 5


    Wow! Knowing how my own 32 and 34 week preemies handled their first few days, I can attest to the miracle God performed here! There’s no way either of my children would have survived without their ventilators. What an amazing and strong little girl! We’ll be praying for Edith and Hawi in the Goodwin house. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. 7


    Thank you for sharing these amazing stories. I especially appreciate the reminder: God is never late. We’ll be praying for these two!

  6. 10


    Oh my word, what a heartwrenching story. Praise God for the Mercy House and that Edith & Hawi are alive and being treated. At 30 weeks pregnant myself, I am humbled by all I am blessed with and crying like crazy over this post because I’m hormonal… :) Thank you for sharing. Prayers are on the way!

  7. 13


    Big tears here :*( so heartbreaking. But I’m so glad they were rescued! God is in the midst of this and Im praying for both of them!

  8. 14

    Leigh says

    Praying for these beautiful girls. And continued prayers for your family and the whole Mercy House family for the work you are doing!

  9. 20


    “Dear LORD,

    Hold Edith and Hawi close to You. Thank you for people who love them and are willing to help them. Please heal them both, and help them both to find You. Thank you for sending these precious girls to Mercy House.


  10. 22

    Mary Jepperson says

    Amazing grace! What gifts from Father to you…and all at Mercy House. I used to care for neonates and had my own and I was a grown woman. Such a child bearing a gift of life that God nourished and kept alive till hope came and ministered His grace to them. I want to take Edith home and love on her the way a mother does and let her be a child. May God have mercy on Favor. Praying for healing for them both. Bless you Kristen for your heart for the Lord. Look what He is doing because you believed…dreamed big…and now this.

  11. 26


    Oh Kristen, our baby was born at 34 weeks and spent 9 days in the NICU, I can’t imagine being sent home 3 hours after he was born. Praying for continued favor on Edith and Hawi. Great job, Maureen!

  12. 27

    Michelle says

    Thank you for being obedient to God’s work in your life and for ministering to these beautiful women and children.

  13. 28


    God is so good! I am so thankful for what the Mercy House is doing. I can’t even imagine how that poor mom must have been feeling before the Mercy House was able to help give her and the baby the care they needed. I sent my prayers to both mom and the baby, they are both blessed and highly favored.

  14. 30


    Wow, I can’t imagine. I’m so glad Mercy House is there to help take care of her. We’ll definitely be praying for them (and you all) and head over to the Mercy House page to see what we can do to help.

  15. 33

    Tracy says

    What a heart wrenching story……so glad for you and Mercy House and GOD for rescuing these two precious lives!

  16. 34

    Amber K says

    I want this baby to live and her mommy to feel good and I want them to know and love their heavenly Daddy and His son. I will be praying this for them. Oh how precious they are. I wish I could hug them both. And Maurine for her big heart. She is His Hands and Feet there, we must continue to lift her up.
    Kristen, thank you for saying YES. I hope you are reminded of what your obedience has done. It is beautiful.

    Hugs and Prayers

  17. 35

    Abby says

    Isn’t God so majestic!?! He helped bring this girl, whose story brought tears to my eyes, and her child to Mercy House. It’s so amazing the work that He is doing at Mercy House. Will keep it in my prayers. God Bless you, the volunteers, and the all the girls and their babies at Mercy House.

  18. 36


    Hawi– what a perfect name for this little precious babe. With tears in my eyes I read this story and praise God that He had found favor on these 2 precious children… loved and saved by His mighty hand. I will be in prayer for both of these beautiful children of God and for the house as they minister to Edith and show her God’s love and grace. What an amazing story… one that has just begun! I am continually in awe of what God is doing through you, through Mercy House… it is such an honor to know you and get a glimpse into what is happening half way around the world in God’s merciful name. I am stunned, in awe and in tears of joy!

  19. 37


    As a mommy of a micro preemie baby girl … 15 years ago, this story touched my heart in a big way. Our adopted daughter, Zoie was also a preemie and I can’t imagine what her birthmother went through for two months with a very sick baby girl. She is my hero!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and the opportunity to pray big!

  20. 38

    MichelleH says

    Yes, I will pray. I’m in tears for what this young lady has gone through and tears of gratitude that both of their futures will be brighter.

  21. 40


    Oh wow! Praying! God is the God of rescue… wow!

    Praying for Edith and for Hawi! Also, for precious Maureen as she continues to help/guide/ love these girls!

    So very thankful to be able to pray.

    Love you

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