My parents stopped by for a visit this afternoon. They live about 30 minutes from us and it’s always a treat when they come over. Today they brought their three Schnauzer dogs to “visit” my one. So, it was a rowdy treat.

After they left, my five year old found me reading in my big comfy chair.

“Mom, can I ask you a question?”


“Do GaGa and Pawpaw have any children?”

I tried so hard not to laugh.

I shook my head yes.

“Who are they?” she was totally serious.

I raised my hand.

And if she had been a cartoon character, a LIGHTBULB would have appeared over her head.

“Oh, that’s why they like you so much.”


I’m gonna need her to stay 5 years old forever.


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    I’ll never forget when my nephew was about 5 years old. I was talking to him and my two kids and mentioned something about cousins. My nephew looked at me absolutely shocked and said, “THEY are my cousins?” I said, “Yes. What did you think they were?” He said, “Just good friends.” LOL Love the things kids say :-)

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    Amy jo says

    Haha! I remember when I realized my mom had a first name and it wasn’t mom, then I had to figure out how to spell it! :/

    My family had a mini schnauzer for 10 years and she had to be put down yesterday so this post made me rather sad, until I read the rest. :)

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    I am so glad your parents like you so much!!! Love is a good thing!!!

    We were learning about the 1820 Settlerrs that arrived at the Cape – way back in 1820!!! Anyway part of our family’s history was that my mom’s family were going elsewhere but when there ship was wrecked off the coast of Cape Town, they were rescued and stayed there… Telling my kids this and they were quiet… silence till our next visit from granny and – all checking to see she was okay – having survived a terrible wreck at the Cape of Storms… terrible!!! No guys – she wasn’t actually there at the time!!!

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    Mary says

    Oh, how funny. That reminds me of when child #3 was a little guy. I was in the bathroom and he came knocking and asking to come in. After I told him no, he asked, “Why not?” I replied, “Because I’m a girl.” Something clicked that day because I then heard him flying down the hall excitedly hollering to his older sibs, “Hey y’all! Mama’s a girl!” What a great age!

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    AmberK says

    So stinkin’ funny! I love that!
    Our middle son (our jelly) used to always ask his PawPaw (my dad) “PawPaw, ask Neena (my mom) if you can come ober to ma house and pway wif me.” Then one day we all got to talking and he said “PawPaw, ask your mom if you can come ober to ma house and pway wif me” And then he looked at my mom and said “Can he?” It was then that we realized that he thought my dad was my mom’s son!!! LOL!!!!! Wow, that was fun to explain!

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    Ack! That’s hilarious! I love kids! These are the moments you wish you could capture to replay over and over when they’re all grown up.

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    I love that. When my oldest was about that age I was hanging some bras on our clothesline. He asked me what they were for and I told him they were something ladies wore. He then asked me whose were they to which I replied mine. He looked at me with shock and in all serious say but Mom you are not a lady your a Mom.
    Hhahahah Out of the mouths of babes….

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    I LOVE it! Every year, a few weeks before each of my two boys’ birthdays (they’re 7 and almost-4), I start begging them to not have their birthday and stay the age they are forever. My oldest every year reminds me that he has to grow up “because God designed it that way, Mom.”

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    Megan G. says

    My son is six and also just figuring out how everyone is related. So funny and interesting to see how their little brains work!!

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    Sherri says

    Today, my 4 year old grandson told me his mama use to be a baby. You should have seen his face, when I said I know, she was my baby. Then he said she got big and moved to his house.

  11. 25


    We just had a similar discussion at our home today. My four-year-old is still convinced that I am going to be his wife when he grows up. ; )

  12. 26

    Sharon B says

    I ran to my mom’s house one day to pick something up. My parents wheren’t home so as I was leaving I called and left her a message on her cell phone. When I got off my 4 yo asked me who I was talking to. I said, “Grandma Ray” to which he said, “Grandma Ray’s your mom?” He was so surprised! We’ve had many discussions about how the family fits together since then. :-)

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