This Really Happened

I really scored this piece of awesome for $20 bucks at a garage sale this weekend. It’s from Pottery Barn Kids. Only I bought it from a lady moving to Canada. I love it when people move to Canada.

Pottery Barn doesn’t sell it any longer. Good thing, none of us could have afforded it.

The manager of a local movie theater really lost the key to the um, door to the theater and sent the line of 20 people away who were waiting to see the first showing of Hunger Games on Saturday morning.

Sometimes I’m really able to convince my children that work is fun.

really did go back to the same theatre the next day and get free popcorn and coke for my troubles. It was a well done movie, but I also think it’s disturbing. But it should be, right? My two cents.

This wooden box is really hanging inside the door of a country Baptist church where my kids had their piano recital this weekend:

The little sign reads: “In case of the disappearance of True Christians, there are instructions located in the above box to help those who are left behind.

And it really brought up interesting conversation with my kiddos!

And just like that, the weekend is really over.


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    A friend of mine on FB mentioned the hunger games and her impression of it (she hasn’t seen it, just read about it). I had heard about it, but wasn’t really interested. Besides, I never go to the theatre. With the exception of 2 movies (both overtly Christian). Anyhow, her comment sparked my curiosity enough to read the plot on wikipedia (it’s a real spoiler, just so you know), and I now have my own opinion of the film. It is a spoof on modern survivor reality shows, gladiators-in-the-colliseum style. I don’t want to see anything that glorifies death, even if it has good things like honor and courage and such. Disturbing sounds like a good description. So I guess you could say I REALLY won’t be seeing that movie ever!

    Love the calendar, though! And yes, I also love convincing my kids that work is fun. They are still young enough to be easily convinced. :)

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    Hey – I think the Rapture box is really inovative who would have thought of that – wanting to help those left behind now thats forward thinking…
    i WANT the pottery barn desk thingy – its amazing!!!!

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    I loved the Left Behind series. They have a children’s series also if your kids would be interested, my son enjoyed them. I did have to laugh, the picture of your daughter looks a little like she’s in a stockade :)

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    Jenn says

    I read all of the Hunger Games books in 4 days. We’re going to see the movie tomorrow and I am excited!!

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    wow, your pottery barn score is awesome!

    question: from what i read about hunger games it looks really disturbing (not even from christian sources either, but secular ones!) after seeing it, what do you think about all the marketing towards pre-teens? i personally know a lot of families who are letting their pre-teens go see it if they read the book, and even though my kids are a bit too young to be affected, i don’t think i could let them see something like that so young!?


    my recent post: a little bit of real life (and my 37.5 week maternity pics!)

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    Marissa says

    I loved the rapture box! My parents from oklahoma have something like that in their small church.
    I can’t believe you got the pottery barn calendar shelf for only 20 bucks. What a deal. Also I saw the hunger games on Saturday with my daughter. I thought it was a well done movie but it was very dark. My daugter and I talked about it afterward, which I thought helped ease some of the dark movie parts.
    P.S. Have been reading your blog from the beginning and have been to Nairobi myself. I love what you are doing at Mercy House!

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    Read the trilogy, saw the movie, mixed feelings. I loved the books so much! I did not consider myself a fan of dystopian fiction but as a Young Adult librarian read the first one out of duty. The movie–time restraints really limited the character development so you could care about them and understand their motives–by reading the book, you can actually find how oppressed the people were by their government and how hopeless their lives seemed. You will discover that Katniss was the primary caretaker for her family at a young age because her mom was in a catatonic grieving state. You will find that some Districts are raising their children to be winners in the Hunger Games so the people can survive. So much of this is necessary to help the movie goer see that the Hunger Games was not about just killing–it was about so many other emotions.

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    Deb Wilson says

    I think you’re fantastic. I LOVE the calendar Pottery Barn thing. And you’re right, I’m glad they no longer sell it. We’re going to see the Hunger Games tonight, we’re excited. Thanks for being a bright spot. Praying for you and Mercy House.

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    I loved the Hunger Games series. I think they’re great books for middle school kids. However. I would never recommend any movies based on those books to parents with kids younger than AT LEAST fourteen.

    And that Left Behind box … geez. It reminds me of those churches that have those changeable signs in front … where they post cheesy sayings. There’s a church down the street from us whose sign said, “Those who are rowing are working too hard to rock the boat.” What does that even MEAN? It’s not even theologically sound.


    To end on a cheery note, I LOVE that calendar, and I’m thinking I’ll have to have someone make me one!

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