You Might Be a Mom. . .{Giveaway}

UPDATED with winners: Β Comments 303 and 72 were randomly selected; congrats to Rachel & Lori.

If you’ve ever caught vomit with your hands.

If you’ve ever considered a trip to Target alone a mini-vacation.

If you’ve ever told a group of adults you need to go potty.

If you’ve ever hidden in the bathroom to talk on the phone.

If you’ve ever had a funeral for a cricket or pulled a soggy lizard from the washing machine.

If you’ve ever used your own spit to clean a face or adjust a wild cowlick.

If you’ve ever thanked God for Magic Erasers.

If you’ve ever hidden chocolate in the house.

If you’ve ever lied to children.

If you’ve ever shaken a pile of crumbs from your purse.

If you wouldn’t trade your unpaid job for all the money in the world.

If you’re not a mom, you certainly had one

And she (you) deserves to be celebrated! Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Mothers are beautiful and they deserve a bit of beauty.

Today, in honor of the women who make the world go round, The Vintage Pearl is offering two $50 gift certificates!

Take a look around and tell me what you’d give a mom (yourself included) in your life. And for fun, fill in the ____.

You might be a mom if . . .

This giveaway ends Thursday.


  1. 152

    Jeanette C says

    Wow, I like a lot of items on TVP. I think my fav was the charm bracelet with the differet charm shapes with names.

    Cute stuff!!!

  2. 154


    Love TVP. My current fave is vintage scripture.

    You might be a mom if you hide in the bathroom even when you don’t have to go just to get a minute’s peace.

  3. 156

    KimKay says

    Loving the layered mother of pearl necklace. And…you might be a mom if your lunch ever consisted of leftover chicken nuggets and a handful goldfish crackers!

  4. 158


    I love it all! I think a birthstone ring though!
    You might be a mom if…the condition of your car no longer phases you. if you can listen to an entire cd of “Kid’s Bop” without screaming…and if the sweetest words ever spoken after your child says mommy for the millionth time, you yell “WHAT” and she replies ” I love you”

  5. 159

    Amy VH says

    I love the Golden Love one and would keep it for me. :) Also, you might be a mom if you always have some sort of goo on you.

  6. 160

    Emily C says

    I like Our Family Nest (with room to grow!)

    You might be a mom if you would never even think of ringing anybody’s doorbell or calling a home phone between the hours of one and three in the afternoon.

  7. 163

    Racquel says

    I like the Mama Bird and the Vintage love birds.
    You might be a mom if you walk out the door w/ everyone’s hair done but you look in the rear view mirror and realize your hair is still a matted mess!

  8. 164

    Sarah cutler says

    I love the personalized necklaces with the pearls! You might be a mom if you never leave the house without filling your purse full of snacks/candy to keep your kids quiet while you are out!

  9. 166

    Amy Putman says

    You might be a mom if you have extra wipes in your purse or car.
    I would give a new mom 2-3 months of cleaning service. It was given to me hen I had twins nd that was he best gift!

  10. 167

    Michelle says

    the vintage scripture necklace would be a perfect gift.
    You might be a mom if you are expected to know the location of every missing item off the top of your head…

  11. 168

    juliea says

    I love love love the dainty eclectic charm necklace. Thank you so much. You might be a mom if you take phone messages with a broken crayon because that is the only thing you can find to write with. Also, you might be a mom if you hide tape in your sock drawer because that is the only place the children won’t look for it.

  12. 169

    Peggy Nagy says

    I like shutterbug and rustic cross. They remind me of two of my friends.
    You might be a mom if you can read certain stories word for word without looking.

  13. 170

    whitney says

    i have been window shopping (stalking) this store FOREVER! i want the faith and fortune necklace or the coordinates of your heart necklace. and you might be a mom if the phrase ‘can i just get that booger?’ is part of your daily vocabulary.

  14. 171

    Sara K says

    I’d say the layered circle of love. And, you might be a mom if, when you hear silence, you immediate think “something is wrong.”

  15. 172

    Meagan says

    I love the sealed with love necklace. I love it all, actually, but I think that’d be my first purchase.

    And I’d say you might be a mom if you’ve ever held a puking two year old over a toilet with one arm while nursing a baby with the other. Just keepin’ it real, y’all. :)

    • 172.1

      MichelleH says

      hahahahaha I thought cooking while nursing was impressive, but you totally WIN with this one! What a picture! Thanks for the giggle today.

  16. 173


    You know you’re a mom if you’ve ever reached into your purse for your wallet and a pair of Cars2 undies fall out.

    I love the sterling silver cuff. I’d add my 3 year old triplet’s names onto it.

  17. 174

    Bekah says

    I would love the dainty drops necklace, although there are so many wonderful choices it would be so hard to choose!

  18. 175

    Debra says

    WOW! Love it ALL!!
    You know you are a mom when you find a pacifier that had been lost forever and now your kid is about 3 or 4!!! Yap it’s happened to me while moving!

  19. 176

    Jennifer Brown says

    I Love the golden heart and I would so put dates on there!

    This is my favorite so far…..You know your a mom when you start asking “does this look good?” to someone who would rather where ONLY a tutu to any event. :)

  20. 177

    Jen says

    You might be a mom…if your child still wants to wear their halloween costume every day, in January….and you let them!

  21. 178

    Andrea says

    Love the vintage starfish. I used to live in SC but now I’m landlocked :)

    You might be a mom if you wake up at every little noise at night!

  22. 179

    Mickey says

    love the necklace charm with the cross on it!

    you might be a mom (aunt) if have ever shared your food/drink with a wee little person.

    My mother would always be the last to get done eating (because she was usually last to sit down to the table) and when she was still eating she would always ask and point to her plate “do you want some more??” My mom is wonderful.

  23. 180

    Jennifer Mathis says

    Layered circle of Love!!!

    You know your a mom when you get gift cards for Christmas or your birthday and you spend them on your kids!! πŸ˜‰

  24. 182

    Ariana Palermo says

    “eclectic charm bracelet” My mother would love this bracelet to have all our names on. It’s very beautifully designed.

  25. 183

    Amanda F says

    I love the “sealed with love necklace”

    You might be a mom if you get to work only to realize you are wearing half of your toddler’s breakfast because he decided to use you as a napkin.

  26. 184

    Jessica W says

    I have been desperate for the photo charm necklace for quite some time.

    Hmmm, you know your a mom when…you baby talk the mailman.

  27. 185

    Valerie says

    I love the family nest! You might be a mom if your are hoping that’s chocolate on your daughter’s nose when you get to the store (it was, thank goodness)

  28. 186


    I would get the layered mother of pearl with my children’s names on the outside circle and each of their birth stones on the inside. I’ve actually already asked for this as a gift when our second is born in July!

    You might be a mother if you’ve ever felt guilty for doing something just for yourself!

  29. 187


    I have no idea what I would pick as of right now as I love so many of their beautiful pieces of jewelry…but….

    You might be a mom if you shamelessly carry a potty seat around in a plastic bag, sometimes shoved in your purse too. (Yep…Do it a lot.)
    You might be a mom if you have crusted on baby spit up on your shirt and don’t even know it (till you take said shirt off that night).
    You might be a mom if you breathe a deep sigh of relief when the kiddos are in bed for the night…until you look at the house, and then the sigh of relief turns into an overwhelmed sigh.

    You might be a mom if when you hear a child crying or screaming you instantly know who’s child it is.

  30. 188

    Amber says

    Absolutely love the mama bird necklace! I’d get one for me and one for my mom. It would be so fun to match!

    You might be a mother if you’ve ever had to remove two sippy cups, a diaper, a pull-up, and potty treats from your purse before a night out with the girls.

  31. 189

    Brenda Torres says

    I love my Vintage Pearl necklace and would LOVE to bless my sister with one. She is one of the best moms I know. I would love to get her the “messy nest” necklace. We are both avid Ann Voskamp fans and have said that we want a necklace like this to remind us to stay in a spirit of gratitude.

    You might be a mom if you have stayed in one position in spite of leg cramps, just so you won’t wake the child sleeping on you.

  32. 191


    You might be the mom of a teenager if……..

    You look forward to them getting a cold (they’ll actually let you mother them (again!)

    I have the cross pendant with the date of my baptism stamped on it……I look to that same pendant to give as a gift for any special occasion.

  33. 192

    Michelle Gullikson says

    I love the beautiful Dainty Drops Necklace. I would get a charm to represent each of my three kids.

    You might be a mom if you’ve ever had a stream of pee hit your hair as you’re changing your baby boys’ diaper.

  34. 194

    Lyndsey Resnick says

    I like the Family Nest and the necklace with the initial hearts. You might be a mom if you’ve ever yelled, “Stop hitting your sister with the monkey!”

  35. 195


    Love, love, love the birthstone rings! I already own the circle of love necklace and wear it daily.

    And my favorite Mommy comment is –

    You might be a mom if you’ve ever said “Take the toilet seat off your head!” – and I have said it…to two different children and two different times!

  36. 196

    Julie VW says

    I keep giving my husband great big hints that I’d like a stamped necklace. (Alas, Hubby is practical, I also have a one-year old who likes to grab dangly things, so we all know it’s not the most practical right now).

    BUT if I were to win, I’d throw ignore practicality and get the loved. (rts) necklace. It is just the thing for me! Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. 197

    Melissa Porter says

    You know your a Mom if you have a cheerio stuck to your bottom from the kitchen chair at breakfast, stickers on your shirt (because who says no to and adorable 2 yr old decorating Mommy) and peanut butter and jelly in your hair from lunch time you didn’t realize you wiped in your hair instead of on a paper towel. My everyday, and wouldn’t change a thing. πŸ˜€ <3

  38. 198

    Sarah says

    I like the Large Layers (“You are worth it all”) necklace.
    You might be a mom if…you speak of yourself in the third person, making reference to “mommy” throughout the day.

  39. 199

    Jennyroo says

    Love The Vintage Pearl! I would get the Vintage Scripture necklace for my mom, her faith is so important to her (and to us!) it would be a lovely daily reminder to have that beautiful necklace around her neck.

    The ‘You might be a Mom if…’ list made me laugh out loud. I’ll try one. You might be a Mom if you have fed all your kids supper, including 2 refills of drinks for one kid and 3 refills of noodles for another one, wiped up six spills off the floor and changed one dirty diaper, all before having a single bite to eat yourself!

  40. 201


    I love any of the message rings. LOVE them!

    … If you’ve ever said, “What are you eating off the floor?” Then realized it wasn’t a choking hazard and said “Oh, that’s okay.” :)

  41. 202

    Melody Benschoter says

    I’d love the fused heart necklace!
    You might be a mom if “you ride with your knees hitting the dashboard because the infant carrier takes up so much space in the car!”

    • 202.1

      Jen says

      Argh! Yes! And “…if you now realize CARS should be made with CARSEATS in mind (obviously not the other way around).” :)

  42. 203


    I absolutely love the Chunky Love Necklace, The Secret Loce Message Necklace, The Layered Circle of Love Necklace and the Square Names with Heart Necklace… I could think of several people that I could gift these to that would adore them.

    To answer the other question…

    You might be a mom, if you are happy when you are able to get in a shower before your husband gets home from work. Motherhood is the most amazing, challenging, rewarding, tiring and inspiring job… so thankful to God for my little blessings…

  43. 205


    Love the chunky love necklace for my mom or sister.

    You might be a mom if you have ever fallen into the toilet casue you have 2 boys that never put the lid down!!!

  44. 206

    Kristen M. says

    Vintage Lovebirds…and, you might be a mom if the words, “Stop eating cat food!” fly out of your mouth more than once a day.

  45. 208


    I love the circle of love necklace. :-)

    You might be a mom if you’ve yelled, “No swordfighting by the stove while I’m cooking dinner!” (They were inflatable swords, not real ones!)

    You might be a mom if a night out with your husband means that you are going to the annual town meeting or the grocery store.

    You might be a mom if your bottle of water is considered the “community cup”.

    You might be a mom if you get out a vase for a handful of weeds because your kids picked them for you.

  46. 209

    Marie says

    Love the charm bracelets with the names on them…everything is cute!
    You might be a mom if you can make a song out of anything to keep a cranky kid from losing it while waiting.

  47. 210

    Kim Anderson says

    Layered Mother of Pearl all the way!
    You might be a mother if you hide in the pantry to eat a doughnut!

  48. 211

    Jen G says

    I love the “Mama’s Nest” charm necklace. <3

    You might be a mom if you honestly can't remember the last day you showered– or changed your outfit. (or at least you might be a NEW mom like I am!)

  49. 212

    Kelly G. says

    wow! Not sure what I would chose. I really like the birthstone rings. Or the Faith necklace, or….

    You might be a mom if your van smells like animal crackers.

  50. 214

    Ivy says

    I love the eclectic charm bracelet

    You might be a mom if your purse carries more toys and crayons than makeup and pens.

  51. 215

    Jen says

    I would LOVE the “owl always love you” necklace! SO CUTE!

    I also love “you might be a mom if you’ve ever told a group of adults you need to go potty.” Yup, been there done that! LOL Mine would be: you might be a mom if you’ve willingly used your sleeve as your kiddo’s tissue. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!

  52. 216

    Amy says

    I love the mama’s nest necklace or the messy nest with aqua eggs-so Spring-ish! You might be a mom if you feel like everyone is staring at you-then realize you left the house with a burp cloth still on your shoulder! Happy Mother’s Day!

  53. 218

    lizzy says

    LOVE ALL OF IT! i might pick the skinny message rings…and You might be a mom if you plan to camp out in the parking lot on your child’s first day of kindergarten–all day

  54. 219

    Christine says

    You might be a mom if you only have 4 fingernails painted and the other 6 are bare because someone woke up from their nap too soon. So much for taking a little time for myself. Haha. I love the vintage pearl. It would be hard choosing.

  55. 220

    Lynn says

    So hard to choose, but a favorite is definitely the dainty drops necklace!!

    You might be a mom if …you make the same kid-pleasing meals over and over when you’d rather experiment with new gourmet recipes :-)

  56. 222

    angie says

    like the circle of love necklace

    you might be a busy mom if you hand your child an iPhone without thinking twice.

  57. 223

    Kiki B says

    Pearl bracelet with charm. You might be a mom if your kids cover their ears when you wake them up with silly songs. Or, you might be a mom if your teen walks 10 paces behind you at all times.

  58. 224

    Jami says

    I love the peas in a pod. :)

    You might be a mom if….you’ve cried yourself to sleep after comforting your crying child…knowing you couldn’t take their pain away, all you could do was pray for their peace.

  59. 225

    sarah rogers says

    Ooh, I love everything at the vintage pearl. I would probably choose the family nest necklace.

    You might be a mom if….you have put a fallen pacifier in your own mouth to clean it before giving it back to a screaming baby

  60. 226


    I adore the love connection bracelet!

    You might be a mom if you realize half way through the grocery store that you forgot to snap your nursing tank. Oops.

  61. 228


    Love the Golden Love necklace and the Eternity Heart necklace. Great site!

    You might be a mom if you purposely carry crayons in your purse so you and your kids can play the Dots and Boxes game on the placemat at a restaurant in order to kill time until the food comes.

    Do you have any idea how many crayons melted in my purse over the years, lol!

  62. 229

    Jennifer D. says

    I did that first item on your list this very weekend πŸ˜‰
    I would love to have the family nest necklace. I love the Vintage Pearl!

    Also, you might be a mom if your car has smashed goldfish and cheerios all over it. Or is it just me? πŸ˜‰

  63. 230

    Jessi says

    I just “stumbled” over tvp last night, when I came to your site to look up the empty tomb garden activity. I have been researching several hand-stamped companies for a special unique gift that I’m purchasing and WOW–customer service answered some questions I had ASAP today and I just placed my order! :o) Can’t wait to see it and to give it too! :) If I had my choice….I’d start w/ the sign language “I Love You” charm w/ kiddo names….and add from there (prob the cup of joe charm after that…).

    You might be a mom if ________ you grab the plastic garbage can for yourself as you rush into your puking child’s room in the middle of the night, because you’re THAT sympathetic! :o) (Or, is it, PATHETIC???) LOL!

  64. 233

    Denise Wilson says

    I think I’d get either the Family Nest Necklace or a Flower and a Circle Necklace.

    I agree with so many of the reasons you listed… :)

  65. 234

    Sarah Slaughter says

    I love th e sign language “I LOVE YOU” necklace……….

    you might be a mom if you roll up your sleave because you just wiped your child’s nose with it!

  66. 235

    Kate says

    I love the circle of love charm. You might be a mom if when you change the sheets on your bed you end up playing the parachute game.

  67. 236

    Laura says

    I loved the personalized names with the pearls.

    You might be a mom if you love the smell of babies breath :)

  68. 239

    Andrea says

    So many pretties…the mother of pearl necklace is lovely. You might be a mother if you try to read this list out loud and you’re laughing so hard that you are crying and nearly fall out of your chair. Thanks for the chance to win :’D

  69. 241

    Jerry Tippett says

    Love the “Share laugher, dry tears”. You might be a Mom if you choose to throw away an outfit because your precious had diarrhea while away from home rather than take it home and TRY to clean it.

  70. 242

    Anita says

    the marvelous messy nest – for me or for my mom….

    You might be a mom if you cut up the meat into tiny bite size pieces on the plate of your dinner companion (not a child)

    or if you hear a crying child in the grocery store and automatically begin ‘rocking’ your grocery cart…

  71. 243

    kelly says

    I love the family nest…so cute.

    You might be a mom if you never seem to have “adult” bandaids and more often then not walk around with some character wrapped around your

  72. 244

    Melissa says

    I would love to get the the crystal cluster earrings or the pearl cluster earrings for my mom. She would love them all, though!

  73. 245

    Hannah says

    I love the piece ” I love you to the moon and back”! U know ur a mom when u have dried cheerios on ur clothes! Lol

  74. 246


    You’ve ever tasted something that you didn’t know what it was to find out what it was doing somewhere where it shouldn’t be!

    I love the rectangle names!! I would be pleased as punch with anything from The Vintage Pearl however!

  75. 247


    I love the cluster of pearls earrings! So pretty!! You might be a mother if you’re so tired that you can’t remember if you took a shower yesterday… and when you take one today, you forget to wash the shampoo out of your hair before getting out and getting dressed (true story!!).

  76. 249

    Kelley says

    The eternity heart would be perfect for my sweet sister that has two teens, a todder from Ethiopia and is waiting for her match/s from the California Foster Adopt progream!

  77. 250

    Christina O says

    I personally think the Circle of Love necklace is beautiful. I also plan to give my sweet Sis the Dainty Drops necklace for her birthday. Thank you for the opportunity! And you might be a Mom if you find almost as many pocket-sized treasures (i.e. matchbox cars, Legos, rocks) as you do clothes in your dryer!

  78. 251

    Jen U says

    Oh, so hard to choose! It’d be between the peas in a pod or the vintage lovebirds.

    “…if you regularly choose sleep over eating throughout the day.” (new mom of a newborn!)

  79. 252

    Rachel says

    I love the sterling silver cuff. You might be a mom if you let your sons “tinkle” outside when trying to potty train.

  80. 254


    You might be a mom if you spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom just because you need a break.

    I love the birthstone rings!

    Thanks for the encouragement and giveaway!

  81. 256


    Love the Fused heart necklace with the kidods names. SO pretty.
    You might be a mom if washed a diaper in the washing machine(MORE THAN ONE TIME, MIND YOU) and found what a joy it is to clean that gel ball mess up….

  82. 257

    Carey says

    I want to give my mom the pearl bracelet with the charm for mother’s day! And, you might be a mom if you realize you’re singing along to children’s songs when you’re in the car alone!

  83. 258

    Sharilyn says

    I like the large layers necklace, for my six kid’s names.
    You might be a mom if you are still pulling hot wheels out of the couch cracks.

  84. 260

    Lisa says

    I love the circle of love necklace!!

    You might be a mom if you find toys under the covers in your bed!

  85. 261


    My favorite is the cross you show here, but I couldn’t find it on the website.

    You might be a mom if you put his candy wrapper in your purse without a second thought – and he’s 40 years old!!



  86. 262

    Jammie says

    I think I would go with the charm bracelet or stamped rings…
    You might be a mom if you can’t help but picture the cartoon characters actors voiced when you see and hear them in another movie or show… like Woody, Buzz and Handy Manny.

  87. 263

    Tara says

    Love the dainty drops necklace!
    ….if you have given up showers in place of baseball hats and yoga pants just to squeeze a few more minutes into your busy day!!

  88. 264


    I’m all about Love you to the Moon & Back.
    You took so many of my answers. Let’s see…
    …if you’ve claimed you bought the Oreos/Hostess cupcakes/swiss cake rolls “for the children.”
    …if you’ve found yourself singing harmony to baby toys.
    …if you’ve done laundry at 3 am after somebody gets sick.
    …if you don’t remember what hot food tastes like.
    …if the doctor’s/dentist’s office knows you all by name when you walk in.
    …if a “fancy” dinner out is a place without chicken nuggets. Or a place with a waiter/waitress. Or just a place where you didn’t have to cook.

  89. 267

    Deanna says

    The new skinny rings are super cute! You might be a mom if a baby peeing through onto your clothes doesn’t bother you at all.

  90. 268

    Leigh says

    Oh my gosh – that first one “if you’ve ever caught vomit in your hands” is so on the mark. It’s the one you CANNOT tell a non-mom yet because they won’t believe that they would EVER do that, but once they do, you can completely commiserate and celebrate their mom-hood with them. I would add “if you’ve ever caught poop in your hands…” – I don’t think anyone besides a mom would ever do that. AND I really only did that b/c in the moment I felt it would be easier to wash my hands than CLEAN THE CARPET AGAIN. πŸ˜‰

    I adore the “circle of love” necklace – it’s first on my list to get and give!

  91. 269

    Stephanie S says

    You might be a mom if you’ve ever caught yourself saying “No, there is nothing in the bathroom you can lick” or other such things you never thought would would be necessary to say.

    I love the “square names with heart” necklace and the birthstone rings. TVP has such great stuff!

  92. 270

    MichelleH says

    So many lovelies! I would choose the star necklace or the ballerina necklace for my little dancer.

    You know you’re a mom when your husband surprises you with a romantic night away and all you think is ‘I can sleep ALL night and sleep IN in the morning’….which is NOT what he had in mind. πŸ˜‰

    You know you’re a mom when the house is a mess, the kids are acting up, laundry is high, it’s time to make dinner before dashing out to soccer and the thought of an empty nest still makes you sad.

  93. 271

    Estella says

    If you find yourself singing the crazy song that your child loves. Much to the annoyance of everyone around you. I even find myself singing it when he is not around.

  94. 272

    Karen Kaspar says

    I like the Dainty Drops Necklace, but would first have to get the “To the Moon and Back” necklace, because it’d have the most meaning to my kids. We say it regularly at bedtime!

    You know you’re a mom when you now drive a mini-van and know all the lines in the “Cars” movie even though you’ve never actually seen it. Gotta love the on-board entertainment DVD systems!

  95. 273

    Molly Nelson says

    What beautiful pieces! I’m totally torn. I love the dainty drop necklace and the spinner ring. Oh, and the chunky ring. Decisions, decisions.

    You also might be mom if you’ve been peed on and it doesn’t phase you. Or if you’ve pulled out a train from your purse instead of lipgloss.

    I especially liked your comment about telling other adults you are going potty. I do that ALL the time!

  96. 274


    I love the circle of love necklace! Or anything with a pearl! All so pretty! And all of these comments are making me laugh… I can totally relate! You know you’re a mom when going to the bathroom is an event… mom, kiddos and dog! Don’t want to leave anyone out!

  97. 275

    Abby Pedersen says

    WOW…there are some beautiful things! I love jewelry it was so hard to decide. Something my mom would like would be the Momma Bird or Free Bird necklace. And I would love the Vintage Scripture Necklace or Mosaic Tile Bracelet. To me my mom is everything and I love being able to honor her. Now that I am in my 30’s I appreciate all the things she did for me when I was a child so much more! She is an awesome example of following Christ through lifes ups and downs! :) You might be a mom if….you start talking ‘baby’ talk to your friends.

  98. 276

    Anna Waldmann says

    You might be a Mom if you ever prayed for poop…..and then did a happy dance and praised God when it came. =)

    I think my favorite necklace is the dainty layered hearts necklace….but really, ALL their jewelry is gorgeous!

  99. 277

    Sundae says

    I love the layered mother of pearl. I would get it for my mother, who has 12 children, one of whom is named Pearl. I also love the dainty drops necklace!

    You might be a mom if you’ve ever taken a baby into the bathroom with you!

  100. 279

    Lorie D says

    I would love to give my sister the necklace with her daughters (all adopted from different countries) a necklace with their names on it!

    You might be a mom if you have ever let you kids think you were “sick” so you could take a nap!

  101. 280


    I love the vintage baby feet necklace!

    You might be a mom if you have stopped carring that you went 24 hours without a shower while wearing a puke-stained t-shirt.

  102. 281

    Carly Gonzales says

    I love the handstamped circle pendant with the stones! Loved the post, because I have experienced ALL of them! No doubt as a mother to 8!

    You might be a mom when any child at the park calls “mom” and you look.

  103. 282

    Jessica says

    Love the “circle of love”.
    You know you’re a mother if you read “we are THAt family” and can usually relate. πŸ˜‰

  104. 283


    Love the monogram necklace! And the birthstone ring!!

    You might be a mom when you yell out, “FIRE TRUCK OUT DREW’S WINDOW!!” and then you realize that neither of the kids are in the car to hear the declaration…

  105. 284

    cheryl says

    I love too many things! The Circle of Love necklace is a favorite though.

    You might be a mom if you’ve cut your husband’s meat for him in bite size pieces and waited for him to say “thank you.”

  106. 285

    KW says

    I agree with each and every YMBAM statement on here! I think I have experienced at least 90% of those moments at one time or another. My most recent YMBAM moment is getting excited when you pull up to a big truck or school bus even though there is not a kid in the car.

    My favorite piece is the chunky love necklace. I love the idea of being able to have everyone’s name on one piece!

    Thank goodness for moms!

  107. 286

    Amy Jo says

    I love the vintage peas in a pod necklace, but I’d have to have more kids before I ordered it. I’d probably choose the dainty drops necklace since you could easily add more kids to it.
    Love reading the list and all the comments.

    You might be a mom if you constantly refer to yourself as “mommy” even when you are talking to your husband, friends, and family. LOL.
    You might be a mom if you have taken a shower while singing silly songs to a kid in a walker/bouncy seat in the bathroom. Whatever it takes!

  108. 289

    Becky says

    You might be a mom if you’ve read Good Night Moon a zillion times and can quote it.

    I love the layered circle of love necklace because it would have space for the names of my 7 children. I also love the messy nest necklace.

  109. 291

    Elva Jeanne Syvertson says

    You might be a mom if you’ve ever said don’t do THAT, you could rupture your eye! I’m an ophthalmic tech for a retina surgeon, so we see the real stuff that happens when people do “poke their eye out”. My family makes fun of me for always finding a way it could injure their eye! πŸ˜›

  110. 293


    you might be a mom if … you’ve frantically cleaned pee out of the booth at carino’s … more than once. seriously. i don’t know what it is about carinos. i love the bread and my kids like to pee in the chairs.

    oh, and i really love the aqua stone w/ names necklace

  111. 296


    In the past (after finding their site through your blog!), I’ve bought the “capture life” necklace and the “amazing grace” neclace. I’m *sure* I could find something else I love!

  112. 297

    Melissa says

    You might be a mom if you carry baby wipes and boogie wipes in your purse.
    The Vintage Pearl has the cutest things, I just love the “circle of love’.

  113. 298

    Stephen says

    For my wife I’d pick out something with the birthstones of out two children. This would remind her of her of the source of her greatest joy and her greatest frustration. You might be a mom if you’ve gone from happy to sad to angry to frustrated to elated to disgusted to enraged all within a span of 30 seconds or so and all while in the middle of the grocery isle. I’m so glad I’m not a mom; I couldn’t do it… Kudos to all of you.

  114. 299

    Patty Chapman says

    I love the layered mother of pearl and messy nest necklaces. You might be a mom if you finally get a day to yourself and can’t stop thinking about your children!

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