Make Your Own Art {mini Bathroom Redo}

I don’t have before pictures. The walls were an icky yellow and the decor was polka dots from a few years ago.

We chose a beautiful shade of sea blue and gathered all the seashells we’ve collected over the years to display. I found the wooden shells on Etsy (Heartsy credit!) and got the ruffled (reminds us of waves) shower Curtain from Amazon for $20 bucks.

I even had a couple of frames of my kiddos at the beach in another room that worked perfectly in this little oasis.

I wanted kid’s art in the bathroom, so I gave my kids canvas and paint.

Supplies Needed:

  • flat Canvas panels 8 x 10 inch for painting (these usually come several in a pack)
  • 3 or 4 colors of acrylic paint (I used inexpensive Apple Barrel)
  • frame/mat (optional) but makes it look finished
We added about a tablespoon of water to our paint and shook it up to mix it well. First paint, the entire canvas to make paint slide a little easier. We painted ours white, but you could probably do any of your colors.
Next, we generously squirted all three of our colors all over the canvas:

Once, the canvas was covered in 10-12 globs of paint, we patiently turned it and the let the paint mix and move down the canvas:

Once your canvas is covered in paint, it will take at least 24 hours to dry.

I cut mats from white poster board and we added white-washed distressed frames to give the art a finished look. I think my kids art might be my favorite part of our little bathroom! I also love that we have a place to keep seashells we collect from the past and future.


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