{Mother’s Day} Blessing Opportunity

*Updated* Everything has been spoken for. Thanks so much for loving mercy with us!

If you need sizes again, please check the chart below, but nearly ALL of these items have been spoken for. Thank you!!

Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me in the past few years. I can’t help but think about the countless moms all over the world. The ones who long for their kids to not only survive, but thrive. We can all relate to that. Our family will be traveling to Kenya again this summer. We will be staying with our 8 girls and 8 babies (3 more due very soon)! The staff and girls have become our extended family in so many ways and we can’t wait to dig deeper in community with them. We will also be doing some staff development and vocational training. We want to bring our staff members and our young moms and babies a special gift. While all their needs are met, new clothes and shoes are a luxury and we want to bless them. We are also in the process of creating a baby stimulation room, so we are collecting small, developmental toys. Many of you support Mercy House already- and we thank you. We wanted to offer you an opportunity to be a part of this blessing. We’d like to give each girl, baby and staff member: a clothing item and a new pair of shoes. There are 54 opportunities!

-Toys-we are looking for SMALL developmental toys (space is limited)-All baby shoes, can be size 3 –first walking shoes -Clothing: shirts OR dresses (space is limited) -Shoes: sandals are fine for girls, women, tennis shoes for men -Items in NEW or LIKE NEW condition are appreciated. -You can choose more than one if you’d like.

Name Clothing Size Shoe size
 Cindy 1. ladies medium 2.  girls size 4
Lucy 3. ladies medium 4. ladies size 6
Sarah 5. ladies medium 6. ladies size 51/2
Quinter 7. ladies small 8. ladies size 7
Charity 9. ladies medium 10. ladies size 8
 Elizabeth 11. ladies large 12. ladies size 6
 Violet 13. ladies medium 14. girls size 4
 Edith 15. ladies small 16. ladies size 6
 Debra (skills teacher) 17. ladies small 18. ladies size 5
 Jotham (day guard) 19. men’s small 20. Mens size 8
 Zacheaus (night guard) 21. men’s  medium 22. Mens size 8
Annette (housemother) 23. ladies x-large 24. ladies size 7
 Maurice (driver) 25. men’s medium 26.. Mens size 9
 Austine (relief guard) 27. men’s small 28. boys size 6
 Maureen (director) 29. Girls size 12/14 30. ladies size 6
 Nicholas (Cindy’s baby) 31. 6-12 month 32. First walking shoes
 Lucy’s  unborn baby 33. 3  months unisex 34. First walking shoes
 Myles (Cindy’s baby) 25. 6-12 months 36. First walking shoes
 Precious (Quinter’s baby girl) 37. 12 months 38. First walking shoes, size 2
 Travis (Charity’s baby) 39. 12 months 40. First walking shoes
 Elizabeth’s unborn baby 41. 3 months, unisex 42. First walking shoes
 Violet’s unborn baby 43. 3 months, unisex 44. First walking shoes
 Hawi (Edith’s baby girl) 45. 3 months 46. First walking shoes
47. Developmental Toy 48. Developmental Toy
49. Developmental Toy 50. Developmental Toy
51, Developmental Toy 52. Developmental Toy
53. Developmental Toy 54. Developmental Toy



If you’d like to participate, please  leave a comment with the name/number you’d like to purchase. Unavailable numbers will be placed in bold. There are 54 opportunities!! Mail a wrapped package with CORRESPONDING NAME/NUMBER below on the outside of the package. Please do not send gift boxes or gift bags. The Mercy House  8000 Research Forest Dr Ste. 115-110  Spring, TX 77382

Thank you for loving mercy with us!


  1. 2

    Candi says

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this blessing! I’d like both Violet’s items (13 and 14) and both items for her precious angel baby (43 and 44.)

    • 2.1

      Candi says

      My box is headed to you first thing tomorrow morning from California. Thanks for including us in this blessing!

  2. 3


    Wish I could send something, but I’m up to my eyeballs in getting our house ready to sell. I did forward this to our small group so maybe some of them can help. By the way, you all and Mercy House our on our groups prayer list regularly. Love ya!

  3. 4

    Melissa Lanier says

    We would like to get stuff for Elizabeth and her baby! Numbers 11,12,41 and 42! Thank you for this amazing ministry and sweet opportunity to bless these precious girls!

  4. 5


    I’d like to take 1 & 2. Are there cultural considerations we should be aware of when it comes to selecting clothing?

    Seeing al those happy babies is wonderful. God bless.

  5. 6


    I’m so thrilled about this opportunity. I will take Jotham (20. shoes) and Travis (40. walking shoes). My package will be coming directly from ShoeBuy though, so it won’t have the numbers on it. However, my name should be there as the buyer. They often come as two separate packages. Love all that you do! xo

    • 9.1

      Liz says

      I see in comment 7 from Jessica (we must have just missed each other in cyberspace!) that she has purchased shoes for Jotham #20 so I will not.

  6. 13

    celina says

    i’m guessing through amazon would be ok?????

    i think you should add a few numbers to the list…like whatever an extra suitcase fee is…i think someone would be thrilled to pick up the tab for it…

    do the girls need anything else..like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, stuff like that???

    you should really REALLY make an amazon wish list….it would be a great use for some swagbuck gift certificates we have..lol

    i read your blog before all this…and i know you’ve said you might have lost some readers…but it touched my heart in a way that nothing else has….to see you feel weak and vulnerable facing this task , but following it ANYWAYS, letting yourself be led by God, and seeing your family follow…it’s BEAUTIFUL..even in its imperfections…and hearing your struggles in parenting…THE SAME STRUGGLES we all have….makes us all feel like if you can do this..imagine what we all can do if we let ourselves be led…BLESS YOU AND YOUR WORKS

    • 13.1

      kristen says

      Thanks for that word of encouragement! Large suitcases would be awesome…shipping is hard though. We try to buy most everything local-but some things like toys are very expensive. We do have a “wish list” at mercyhousekenya.org, but I like the idea of an Amazon wish list.

    • 18.1

      Leanna says

      I see where I went wrong on the list. I will let Danielle take the toy, and I will do 15, 16, and 46.

  7. 19

    AmberK says

    DANG! A girl can’t even volunteer to bring something around here because everybody done beat her to it! LOL I started writing all the numbers down and then I gave up, Kristen! IT IS AWESOME!!!

    Tell me, girl, who’s left, what can I give? :)

  8. 20

    Danielle Koroschetz says

    As always, I love what your family does and am happy to help when we can!! Put us down for 49 and 50 developmental toys. They will ship directly from Walmart but should have my name as the buyer. Thanks!!

  9. 23

    celina says

    i have to wait till we go over our may budget tonight…but if i may…if this list fills up and there are more people willing to give then items..the mercy house wish list has:

    Bookshelves for school “library” we hope to add to our living area $25 shelf (need 6)..so 25.00 x 6
    Bigger Jiko(outdoor charcoal stove cooking) for community development $50
    Cubbies and shelves for large clothing closet for babies and girls $150


  10. 25

    Jessica says

    I can’t seem to get the list with the numbers and size. It was there this morning earlier, but it is messed up now. Is it just me?

    I know there was a women – size large. I would like to do that but can’t see the number.

      • 26.1.1


        i don’t know if my comment posted or not so i’m posting it again … did i mention that my computer is STUPID.

        okay. i wanna do #22 and #26.



          i’m sending them from shoecarnival.com … i put the note as #22 and #26. thank you for allowing us to be a part of The Mercy House!

  11. 28

    Monika says

    Ok, I commented earlier with #38 and #51 but I don’t see my first comment posted. Did you see it? This is awesome.

    • 30.1


      If the are available could you put the shirt and shoe sizes in a reply or restore the chart? In my hurry to participate I forgot to write Augustine’s sizes down!

  12. 34

    nicole says

    I am new to your blog, but have enjoyed reading your posts. I am just now seeing this most recent post and would love to be a part. I can send the last developmental toy needed. I believe it was number 53 or 54.

  13. 36

    April says

    Shoot – I just waited too long and saw that #6 and all the other options are already taken. ;( BUT, praise God that everyone’s needs will be met! If there is any way to help in the future let me know!

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