UPDATE:  Christie (comment 56) has been randomly selected as the winner.

I’m in love with Dayspring’s new REDEEMED line:

Redeemed – Beautiful in Its Time – Jewelry Tabletop Mirror
 –On Sale, month of April for $23.99, plus 20% coupon= $19.19

I see color.

Redeemed – Found & Treasured – Large Purse

My life used to black and white. Even gray.

Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Padded Phone Cover

Before I was redeemed.

Redeemed – Truly Treasured – Wallet
 On Sale, month of April for $23.99, plus 20% coupon= $19.19

Dayspring’s newest line: Redeemed. It’s beautiful, colorful and inspirational.

Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Toiletries Bag

I love filling my life with meaningful items.

Redeemed – Everything Beautiful – Decorative Lantern

In the past, I’ve been able to share about Christ because of a Scripture on my tote or my t-shirt.

Today I’m happy to give away (my favorite item) this gorgeous (large) overnight bag to one blessed reader:

Redeemed – Lovely by Design – Overnight Bag

Check out the whole Redeemed line--there are TEN items on sale, plus you can get an additional 20% discount with code: SPRT20

I think these beautiful items would be perfect for Mother’s Day. Shhh….Don’t tell my Mom!

Happy weekend!


  1. 19

    Krista says

    Oh, I really like the overnight bag. I’m tempted to see if it will work to replace my current diaper bag.

  2. 20

    Amy says

    Just got back from an overnight trip with my family-stuffed clothes for all 6 of us into the old blue duffel, and thinking, our oldest will be 13 soon and his jeans are as bulky as mine, pretty soon I’ll need to pack two duffels,…..
    The overnight bag is soooo pretty, I’d love to win it. Thanks so much for your encouragement and authenticity. your blog is on my favourites bar! God bless you and your family today!

    from Amy

    • 25.1


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  3. 26


    Suhweet! I love their things too! So inspiring/ encourgaging :)

    I would love to win as well, but if not thanks for sharing

    God bless y’all

  4. 28

    Lezli says

    That bag is absolutely beautiful. Would love to win that and take it on a trip to go visit my mom for Mother’s Day! :)

  5. 29

    Amy jo says

    I adore that overnight bag! I travel all the time and always have a need for something that size. I’m digging the quilted top!

  6. 31

    Maxine says

    Thank you for introducing me to the Redeemed range, and in fact, to Dayspring! I’m off now for a browse….

  7. 33

    Jen Calcott says

    I haven’t heard of this line before but I think I’ll be making my first purchase :) I LOVE THE COLORS!

  8. 35

    kuliejellogg says

    Beautiful! How did the designer get in my head and create something I like so much? Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. 43


    I have never in my life owned a nice overnight bag. For many years, I used the multi-colored duffel that I sewed in middle school home ec :) Now it’s just a black one, but what a special treat it would be to have one like that! I love this line, thanks for the chance to win!

  10. 44

    Robyn says

    Love the bag and the lantern! I love ordering things like these to have on hand when I need a gift for someone.

  11. 45

    Debra Stanley says

    WOW! Love this line! What a great way to show off Christ!! I would LOVE the chance to win the duffle bag. I love bags!

  12. 51


    What a beautiful collection! And in perfect timing, my mom is getting married and this is just the thing to celebrate their union. Thank you so much! I love the bag, too. Now they will be able to wake up and remember being redeemed every day while they enjoy their morning beverage.

  13. 52

    Jaye says

    Love this line! I think I just found a few gifts I need to purchase! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful bag!

  14. 61

    Melody says

    I absolutely love all of those! I desperately need the reminder that all we go through will be redeemed too- it’s too easy to live in the shadow of our past and its shame!

  15. 62


    I LOVE that bag! It’s so funny that you posted this because right before I came to read your blog I was looking at the redeemed jewelry stand. I LOVE it. With that coupon I think I might just be purchasing it!

  16. 69

    Amanda B. says

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Dayspring’s beautiful and uplifting products. This bag is just AMAZING!

  17. 70

    Lili says

    I love this whole line. Recently I have been physically feeling His redemptive love and as I open my heart to Him my world is more colorful. I see Him in the small things and can feel the gray lifting from my life. Praise Him.

  18. 74


    I just recently saw this line, but it was too expensive for me to get the two items I wanted together…BUT now not with that 20% off discount! Going to buy those two items tonight :) Cute over night bag too!!! :)

  19. 76

    Melissa says

    I would love to give my aunt that bag. She’s retiring this year and I think she could put it to good use, visiting me of course. She spent a lot of time praying for me to find the Lord and I did, 7 years ago. Our relationship with her has grown deeper as my relationship with God deepened.

  20. 78

    Katie K. says

    What beautiful items! I love all the color and the thoughts behind it. The overnight bag is gorgeous!

  21. 83

    Leslee says

    I absolutely love the mirror…good item for a teen girl’s room to remind her of her value. And the overnight bag is so happy!!

  22. 112


    When I used to work in a Christian bookstore I always got so excited to see Dayspring’s newest offerings. This does not disappoint!

  23. 114

    Beth M says

    This is absolutely beautiful! Ok, I’m waiting…go ahead…email me letting me know that I’ve won… :)

  24. 123

    Jo says

    Your giveaways are amazing! I thought dayspring only had cards this new line is gorgeous! Thanx for introducing it to me!

  25. 128

    Patti says

    What a fun bag… I love it. The scarves are lovely. Thank You for a chance to win. Have a blessed weekend.

  26. 132

    Phillis says

    The bag is really cool (& I’d love to have one) but I’m actually here because I heard you speak @ Lightbearers. Thanks again for being so real & honost. It’s good to know God uses ordinary people!!

  27. 136


    That really is a gorgeous bag. As soon as I got to that portion of your post, I thought, “That would be the perfect bag to take to the hospital for our next baby!” And I’m not even pregnant, ha ha! :~)

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