Rules to Live By {Giveaway}

UPDATE:  Emily (comment 194) has been randomly selected as the winner of this giveaway.

I’m a big rule follower. I like to color inside the lines.

Lately though, I’ve been trying to break my own rules and be more flexible.

And guess what? My house is a little messier, my laundry pile is a bit bigger, my to do list longer, but my life is more peaceful.

2+2 doesn’t always equal 4.

I stink at math. But I’m always reminded that time with the beautiful people in my life is really what life is all about.

That’s why I absolutely love RULES like this: (Plus, who doesn’t love subway art?)

I think when I focus on making these rules a priority, I remember life isn’t about things at all.

Alexander Creative has some awesome art for your walls!

I love this one for a boy’s room.

They sent me the  family subway rules poster and they are giving one away on my blog today to a lucky reader.

Everyone else, shop here!

Tell me what you’d love to hang on your walls from Alexander Creative and that will be your entry.

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 151

    Lia says

    Oh, I love these! The Family Rules and Definition of a Boy are my favorites! Wish they had something for girls, too.

  2. 155

    christine K says

    The subway art that I would LOVE is the Marry Me” subway art. Very hard to choose, but I am trying to do everything with “love” mentioned in our bedroom:) thanks for the opportunity:)

  3. 159

    Sarah says

    I’d really love that Family Rules sign. That is awesome! (and we actually need some artsy looking thing with our family rules on it)

  4. 164

    Julie says

    Everything looks great…..I think the first thing that I would like to hang on my wall would be the “Our story begins (HERE)” Sounds like a first good piece to start with and I really like the simplicity and the ability for it to be a conversation starter in revealing that all familiar story of how, when and where you met your partner.

  5. 165

    Christina M says

    The Family Rules sign, well, RULES! :) How this family could benefit from those reminders–especially this Momma.

  6. 170

    Melissa says

    I havent even looked at the site and i KNOW i would LOVE the family rules- I’ve been searching for one for our house but i just havent found the right one- I love how this starts with LOVE JESUS!!! if i dont win, i think i may convince my hubby to let me buy it! :)

  7. 171

    Vicki Thunstrom says

    I love the 2 you posted. Being the mom of a boy who is perfectly defined by the poster, I found it perfect. I also loved the Be Happy text in the pictured that showed all the options. My son and I will be moving into our first house soon and we will definitely get one of these posters to decorate our house. :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. 173

    Jennifer in VA says

    I think the family rules but I also like the boy/girl definitions. I’ve always chuckled at that “a noise with dirt on it” definition.

  9. 175

    Helen says

    I love the white on black family rules you featured in your post. I’ve been thinking about making a family rules sign and collecting ideas, but that one says everything I wanted to put on it, and it’s gorgeous!

  10. 181

    Lynn says

    Love the Family Rules. I’m like you–a big rule follower and I need that reminder (often) that it’s really about relationships and loving well.

  11. 183

    Lynette says

    I love the Family Rules. My “rules” that I’m trying to remember this year are: Look people in the eye. Play.

  12. 184

    Mrs. Bennett says

    I like the create your family mission statement. I have been wanting to do that for a long time and this might be the motivation to get it done! The Marry Me poster is so sweet too, but I am already married. It could be used in a creative proposal.

  13. 189

    Melissa D says

    Love the Family Rules. I would totally hang that in a prominent spot in the living room for all to see. I also liked one they showed that began “Be Happy”.

  14. 193

    Alicia says

    There is an blank wall in our kitchen where I scribble Bible verses with erasable marker. The Rules would be a great permanent reminder of our “rules!” :)

  15. 194

    Emily says

    I love the “Love Jesus” in red, for my dining room. As I’m sure it is with a lot of moms, I find myself saying most of those things, (no bad attitudes, use kind words, share, share, share), everyday. It’d sure be nice to just have to point to a sign:)

  16. 196

    Adele S. says

    I love the Family Mission Statement personalized with the family name. But they are all so great! Would love to see one for the definition of “Girls” too.

  17. 197


    I love the family rules poster! But I also think the customized family mission statement is a fantastic idea. If my teens were involved in writing the statement, that would be golden.

  18. 199

    Keri K says

    I would LOOOOOVE to hang the Marry Me poster in the middle of our wedding wall. I have 30 + pictures hanging on one of our walls, but it just doesn’t seem complete. I think that would finish off our wall!

  19. 201


    Oh I love these! My husband is always laughing at me saying, “my wife loves pictures with words!” My favorite is the original family rules, Marry Me and Where Our Story Begins! I love following your blog.

  20. 203

    Wanda says

    I would really love to win the family rules poster…they are almost the exact same rules we already use! Would be great to have them all written out already instead of having to repeat myself…again and again and again.

  21. 204

    tiabennett says

    I like the family rules subway art. I have looked at lots of ways to make them on my own, but they never look as nice as the ones on their website!

  22. 208

    Kristi says

    It is a toss up for me. I really love the family rules sign. So many truths on one board. But I also like the definition of a boy. Choices choices choices!

  23. 213

    Katrina says

    The family rules REALLY make me smile… share in your siblings joy! I think this is one of life’s greatest lessons, to be truly happy for someone else’s good fortune. Thanks for such an awesome give-a-way!

  24. 214

    BethAnn says

    Since I will be getting remarried in the fall, I am fond of the Marry Me subway art, but once I read the Definition of Boy piece…. :) reminds me so much of my teenage son, Zane, that would be the one I’d like.

  25. 216

    Jessica says

    I love these family rules! I’ve wanted to make one for awhile now, but this one would fit perfectly in our home!

  26. 223

    Vanessa Gooch says

    I love the Family Rules Subway Art. It would go perfect with the decor in our place right now. I will have to check them out or send it to my husband (an idea for my b-day).

  27. 225

    Amy says

    Definitely the family rules,….Not sure which colour, red, torquoise and black are all nice.
    Perfect for our family.

  28. 229

    Wendi says

    Wow, what great art work. I love them all – the Be Happy, the Love Jesus, the Family Rules, the Defin. of a Boy. I would love one of each. Thank you for the introduction to this great artist.

  29. 234

    Candace says

    This is so cool! I haven’t jumped on the subway art bandwagon yet, but the family rules sign is one that could motivate me to. Love it!

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