Everyday is Kid’s Day {Giveaway}

UPDATE:  The winners of the CD are: Traci (comment 9), Stephanie W. (comment 28), Christina Z. (comment 34), Deven (commet 125), and Beth (comment 132).  And the grand prize package winner is comment #108, Tara.  Congratulations!

It happens every year.  The question usually pops up after Mother’s Day and right before Father’s Day is on us.

So, yeah, this week.

“When is Kid’s Day?” they ask with the tiniest hint of bitterness.

I smile and always answer with the tiniest hint of triumph, “everyday is Kid’s Day. Yay!”

And then I jump up and down. Once.

Well, everyday is Kid’s Day. But I can’t blame them for trying.

My kids are easy to please. Their entire day can turn into THE BEST DAY EVER with a visit to the gumball machine or a visit to the Sassy Box (a box we keep with goodies for extra great behavior). Although as they get older, they want the gumball machine that’s giving away the iPods. I’m just saying. But in return, my kids MAKE MY DAY when I catch them humming an inspiring song or watch them in the rearview mirror dancing to the beat.

We’ve been skipping around to Hillsong Kids JR Crazy Noise CD lately and I’m excited to give away a bunch of them! Let’s make today one that our kids won’t forget!

The Hillsong KIDS are back with an energetic collection of kid-friendly praise
songs, guaranteed to get your young ones on their feet and singing along! But
that s not all, for the fi rst time ever Hillsong Kids presents an album especially
for preschoolers and early school age children. Crazy Noise is an album full
of catchy new songs for fans of The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba. A couple of
Hillsong KIDS favorite songs and an appearance from JD, lead singer of Hillsong
United, are also added into the mix to complete this wonderful collection.
More than products, Hillsong KIDS albums are resources, thoughtfully created
for Hillsong Church s Children s Ministry. For a long time we have wanted to
create an album for this age group and we are so excited about producing this
album for the preschooler, Hillsong Children s Pastor Dave Wakerley says.
Crazy Noise is full of brand new songs that your little ones will enjoy singing,
dancing, and praising God to.

5 random commenters will win Hillsong’s Crazy Noise CD and the accompanying Crazy Noise DVD and 1 grand prize winner will win:

-Hillsong’s Crazy Noise CD

-Hillsong’s Crazy Noise DVD

-$25 gift card to Toys R Us

-$25 gift card to WalMart

Listen to a few songs, tell me your favorite in the comments and you (your child) will be entered to win!

This giveaway ends on Tuesday. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored giveaway.


  1. 7

    Kit says

    I can’t listen right now because there’s a baby sleeping in here, but I’d love to win something for her and her older siblings! :)

  2. 8

    Jennyroo says

    This soulds great! Tiny Little Voice was especially lovely! I think my 3 boys and I will love singing along to this in the car when we’re driving to and fro!

  3. 19

    Kendra says

    Crazy Noise is great and fitting for our house (we have 3 boys). Also liked Be Still.

  4. 25

    Nicole says

    Oooh, me me me! My kids, ages 8,6,3, LOVE “kids” music. I’m so thankful they haven’t discovered Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber or any of those other “kid” (yeah right) musicians! (Although, my 6 year old LOVES Mandisa! Yay!) I love Free As a Bee!!

  5. 27


    Let Your Light Shine is, without a doubt, our favorite song! We love the original version of it off another one of their cd’s already! I like the different twist on this version.

  6. 29


    I like Let Your Light Shine, but I think my very-nearly two-year old would like Crazy Noise best. He’s just entered the making random noises and thinking he’s hysterical phase, so I know that would be a big hit with him!

  7. 38


    I remember asking my parents the same thing when I was little :).
    Love it all – Crazy Noise is very fun. Hillsong makes the best kid’s worship cds!

  8. 44

    Kimberly says

    LOVE I’m so glad! We use “My Number One” at our Feb vacation camp and the kids danced and danced all day!

  9. 45

    Lisa says

    We haven’t heard of this yet but love Hillsongs. I have 5 little kiddos and they have lots of crazy noise on their own, so would love to have their noise be tamed by some good music!! Thanks :)

  10. 46

    Denise says

    While my 4yr old wild child liked Crazy Noise he LOVED Let Your Light Shine. His response when I turned it off “Awe Mommy, I Love that song!”

    hope he wins :)

  11. 48

    Brandi says

    “Crazy Noise” is a HUGE hit in our home!!! We also love “Be Still.” What an awesome giveaway…Good luck, everyone!

  12. 50


    My new little grandson is just 12 days old and we have been playing music for him, it is so calming , I love them all but maybe cause of his size right now, a Tiny little Voice stands out. Can’t wait till he can sing and dance to all of it!

  13. 52

    Peggy Nagy says

    I am so glad there is great music for kids. I was unable to listen but I am sure we would enjoy all of them.

  14. 60

    Meagen says

    My and my daughter’s favorite is “Life with Jesus”! As soon as it came on she started dancing but then stopped for a second to proclaim, “This is a song about Jesus!”, before continue dancing all around the living room! Love it!!

  15. 61


    My kids like let your light shine, it’s on another hillsong kids that we already listen to and they love to sing it … I’d love to introduce them to the new songs

  16. 62


    We LOVE Let your Light Shine. It was on a hillsong kids CD we bought a while back for children’s church and my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I would LOVE to try this CD out with my kids, not only here at home, but also at church, I bet they’d love it!

    I hope I win!

  17. 64

    Carley says

    I like the whole CD–kids music that doesn’t make me want to go crazy. My favorite was Free as a Bee. Good stuff!

  18. 65

    Jessica says

    I let my little girl listen with me, and she LOVES Free as a Bee! Great songs, I would love to use this at home and childrens church. So fun!

  19. 66

    Jenni says

    I love the first sone Good Day! Seems like an exciting fresh song to start the day!!! We start every am off with usually Veggie Tales…sometimes my head can’t handle Bob and Larry!!! Would love this cd to replace it.

  20. 69

    Tricia says

    I can definitely see myself singing free as a bee (even when the kids aren’t around!), but it’s gotta be better than some of the other goofy songs they want to listen to!! :)

  21. 70

    TracyDK says

    Well if dancing is any indication to how much he loved the songs, I’d say he loved all of them. But he seemed to really enjoy “Let your light shine” and “Crazy Noise” most. Now he’s upset that there’s no more music. *L*

  22. 71

    Carrie Hollon says

    Loved Crazy Noise. Would love to have this CD- I’m always looking for “cool” Christian music to play for my girls.

  23. 73

    Candace says

    I love “Tiny Little Voice” but I know my 3 year old would love all of the songs! I have never heard of them until today!

  24. 74


    When it got to the Crazy Noise song my son said “Mom what is this silly music?” He liked it : ) Thanks for doing this fun giveaway!

  25. 75

    Julie says

    Oohhh! Thanks for the opportunity. The 5 veggie tale CDs we have from chick-fil-a are getting a bit old…

  26. 88

    Nicole Gaylord says

    These are great!! Love the “Crazy Noise” and “Be Still.” With four kids who love music this would be awesome to win!!!

  27. 89

    Julie VW says

    My one-year old is in a “Bee” stage (every bug is a bee – – and it is very exciting to chase after “bees”) so we loved Free as a Bee. (He said “bee, bee, bee”)

    Great giveaway

  28. 94

    Michelle Gullikson says

    My 3 yr old daughter looked up at me and smiled when she heard Be Still. I love the song, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. 97

    Amy says

    I have never heard of this group or CD before the last post when you talked about it a few days ago. I would love to win this and give it a listen. my kids are “crazy” and LOVE their own music!!

  30. 98

    Misty says

    “Crazy Noise” was a big hit in this household. My 8 yr old daughter and almost 2 yr old song would love to dance like crazy people to this album!

  31. 107

    Sharilyn says

    Let you light shine and so many others are just great. Would love to win. We have 6 kids that would enjoy this.

  32. 110

    Marie says

    “Crazy Noise” What a great giveaway! I’m always looking for fun new music for our music loving toddlers.

  33. 118


    After listening to all the samples, Children of the Bible is probably my favorite. As I listened I could totally picture my kids dancing to the CD in the backseat. Great rhythms, great lyrics, great message!

  34. 128


    Would love to win this cd for my four kids and even my (ssshhhhh)school bus. Yes, I play Christian music on my school bus and ALL the kids like it:) Amy

  35. 130

    Melissa says

    i can hear my daughter singing Free as a Bee and The Greatest Commandment- but i think both my kids would love the entire CD!!

  36. 131

    Hannah says

    Crazy noise sounds awesome, we also really like the Hide em in your heart cds by Steve Green, they are great. thanks for sharing

  37. 134


    I love “I’m so Glad” & would love to have this for my family to listen to; I think the kids would love it! Thanks!

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