For When the Crazy Takes Over

We rescued our cat fours years ago from a shelter after a devastating hurricane hit our area.

We are not cat people.

But apparently we have bleeding hearts and so we responded to a desperate email from the shelter that was going to destroy hundreds of animals abandoned or found during the storm.

It’s been four years and our dog still hates our cat. I mean there is some serious animal hatred here, people. They randomly knock over furniture, spit and claw and cause havoc.  The last two years with our trips to Africa and running a non-profit from our dining room-turned-home office and the Mercy Shop in our garage, our life has gotten busy and hectic and fuller and well, crazy.

Crazy is our normal.

It’s still hard for this Type A mom to write those words. But it’s true, there is constant crisis and God uses our circumstances and His dream to stretch me every day. Plus, throw in three growing kids, jobs, etc, our pets are low on the totem pole.

So, back to the cat. This might be going somewhere, I haven’t decided yet.

Lately, we have been traveling a lot, speaking on behalf of Mercy House among other things and to put it lightly, our cat upped the ante.

He has defiled my favorite chair three times.

In desperation, I actually Googled why is my cat pooping on my chair?

It took me to an article called If Your Cat is Pooping On Your Chair, It’s a Serious Sign of Distress.

I couldn’t make that up even if I wanted to. It went on to say that loneliness and stress were factors.

Now, look away animal lovers: I cannot afford new furniture every time we travel because our cat has anger and loneliness issues. So, after a lot of talking and Googling, we made the tough decision that it was time for our cat to find a new home. One without a dog or a maternity home.

But when it actually came time to give him away, our kids begged and pleaded to give him another chance. Here’s this innocent animal in a pet carrier inside my hubby’s car and my kids are hysterical in the driveway. They promised to show him attention, to guard my chair with their life, to make our pets a priority (basically give them food and water). Suddenly, I even found myself advocating for this dumb animal.

We turned him loose in the house.

They spent the next two hours creating a cat habitat, making pom pom toys and brushing him. It was hilarious and heartbreaking. They went from “we have a cat?” to “our life is about that cat.”

It was sweet.

And really, really crazy.

Just a regular day around here…and probably just the beginning of our cat problems.

That night when all the chaos calmed, I hugged my husband tight and said, “I’m glad the kids talked us out of it. I’ve always been a fan of the underdog, um cat.”

Oh, and I ordered this infomercial chair alarm for $19.99 from Amazon. Because y’all, I love that chair (which has remained odor and poop free since we gave the cat a second chance).

So, really this post has nothing to do with a cat (who is now purring in my lap as I type this), but it’s really about second chances, refocusing, and not letting the crazy completely take over.

The end.

And if you made it to the bottom of this ridiculous post, you have been rewarded with this hilarious quote by a woman I know would look at my crazy and be all “Pshaw…that’s nothing!”

8×10 Printable Mom Quote


  1. 1


    I’m not cat people either, which explains why the cat wakes ME up at 4:30AM.

    2nd chances are amazing. I’ve googled weird stuff too.

  2. 2


    We rescued not one but two that were dumped on my mom’s farm several years ago. Saying that I’m not a cat person is putting it mildly. I grew to almost love those cats, at least one of them. They destroyed my living room. Military moves and our crazy life. We found them a new home. It was probably safer than living with me. You are a fabulous mom for teaching your kids to hang in there.

  3. 4


    I love reading your “crazy” posts! We all need second chances!
    My husband refuses to watch “those” commercials about stranded & abused animals, cause he’s an emotional softie and it breaks his heart. Although he claims to hate our 2 dogs, our yorkie sleeps in our bed every night curled up and the foot of our bed at HIS feet, lol. He says he hates pets cause they die;. When his cat died, he cried. Emotional softie – and that’s why I love him so.

  4. 5

    Leslee Marvin says

    I needed that funny post today. We had a rescue cat once and then bought a kitten to keep it company. The rescue cat peed everywhere and I had to draw the line when she started to pee all over my kitchen counters. So we found her a nice home and 2 weeks later the younger cat started to do the same. Needless to say, I hate cats and now have a wonderful, amazing mini wiener dog that I love to death.

    I have so missed your blog the past few days. I had surgery Wednesday and this is the first day I feel like doing more than take meds, lay on the couch and nap. So I just read all the posts I missed! Love you to death Kristen and always praying for you and your crazy life!

    Can I just say I had the touchpad on my new laptop!!! So if something doesn’t make sense, my computer has a mind of its own!

  5. 6

    Megan Alba says

    Funny you mention cats today. I’m highly allergic to cats, but our neighbor died and we took up her cause of feeding the neighborhood feral cat clan. Now we’re attached to one of the cats and we’re plotting to take her with us when we buy a house in a few months.
    And my husband called this morning to tell me the dog was sitting a the window, staring at our favorite cat and licking his lips. Oh, boy.

  6. 7


    I have my cat because my parents (her previous owners) brought home two kittens, and she had a nervous breakdown. Did you know there’s something called Bald Belly Syndrome? I didn’t until she got it. Polly got so stressed out by the new cats in town that she licked off all of her belly fur. Cats are crazy, but I thank God everyday I have her. She really is a great cat… as long as she’s the ONLY cat. :)

  7. 8

    Jean says

    Great story! My boyfriend and his 2 cats moved in with me and my giant dog a little over a year ago. And go figure, they don’t like each other. The male cat was very stressed out and the vet recommended a phermone diffuser! It’s heaven! It gives up a nice little scent that de-stressed the cat. No more ‘accidents’ around the house! Good luck!

  8. 9

    Rebecca says

    Love it, and thanks for the printable. Maybe I’ll change my Facebook picture to it when I’m having a bad day in our crazy life too. :) Or as a print that sits at the door to warn hubby of the kind of day we’ve had before he walks in the house. Wait, that might make him take longer to come home. Cross that idea off the list! :)

  9. 10


    yay for second chances! We have lots of crazy in our corner of the world too. Have you heard that cats dislike aluminum foil? I first read about it being the way to keep them of your kitchen counters. Perhaps try covering the seat of your chair in foil when you are away as a deterrent? Just a thot…..

    btw….I am also allergic to most cats…but we took in a stray black cat that showed up on our doorstep on Friday the 13th in October. Not that I’m superstitious (ok maybe I am a little “stitious”) Anyway…he’s been with us nearly 7 years now and I can’t imagine our home without him…he’s awesome…and very little allergies with him.

  10. 11

    Melissa D says

    Hey, crazy is my normal too!

    The printable reminded me of a similar quote/story told by Jill Briscoe. She talked about having one of those playpens that went all the way to the floor (think Rugrats). And one day her kids were driving her absolutely bonkers. So she took them out of the playpen, picked up her cup of tea…and got in the playpen. She did it several times, and eventually her kids learned that when Mommy went into the playpen she came out a much nicer Mommy.

  11. 13

    Sylvia says

    Thanks for giving the cat a second chance and teaching your kids that animals are worth the effort and time. Your kids will learn that we do not give up on pets or people that we love because they are not perfect.

  12. 14


    Wow you really are a bleeding heart, huh? That’s a good thing. I remember getting emails like that during Hurricane Ike. Ain’t no way I’d take in a cat. Well not permanently. We did take in one cat, four dogs and three adults during that storm, but they left after a few days.

  13. 15


    We are SO not cat people, and yet we rescued one from the wrong side of the tracks in Austin. And that cat knows it drives me crazy. He bothers me more than anyone else in the family.

    Thanks for the laughs, friend!

  14. 18

    Alyssa says

    Love this. It totally reminded me of our house a month or so ago- we recently got rid of our cat because he was way too stressed around here. However, he took it out on my small children, and since I actually prefer my kids to my cat (most days) he got the boot. We found a nice girl that took him to her apartment and though I had to deal with a few major guilt episodes, our household is functioning much better and I am sure he is much happier there without toddlers yanking on his fur.
    But anyway, as I read your post it gave me great parenting inspiration. No, really! My oldest son (3.5) really acts out sometimes. And it seems random so I contribute it to a phase. But if I sit back and look at the situation, I’ll often see a correlation with stress. Maybe my husband is working a lot or I’ve been sick or some other life thing is happening. Similar to your poor stressed kitty, my son will metaphorically poop in my chair (well, that’s probably been literal too, especially after the recent stomach flu bout… eww, sorry, never mind). And how often do I really look for the root of the problem and to seriously change what I can? I often forget to focus on his environment- removing the stress, providing safety and stimulation and love- to really help him.
    That’s all, just wanted to share. Thanks for sharing so much on your blog, it’s super encouraging!

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