I’m Glad I’m a Mom {Giveaway}

UPDATE–The winners are: comment numbers 1, 41, 75, 108 & 112. Congratulations to Haley, D Hopkins, Jimmie Lee, Carolyn and Victoria. An email has been sent your way!

She called my name. I put down my book and looked up from the patio chair. “Hmmm?” I sounded.

“Mom, please help me,” she said and pointed to the swings.

I got up and walked toward her. “Will you please help me swing on all of them?” I didn’t understand and so she explained.

I frowned. “I don’t think it’s possible, honey.”

“Will you just try to help me? You’re the only mother I have,” she whined.

I bit back a laugh.

And then we did this together:

I pushed her awkwardly and she looked triumphant.

Later I showed her the picture as she snuggled up next to me in bed. “We did it!” I said and tickled her.

“Mommy? I love you.

But…” she paused.

I waited.

“You’ve got to do something about your spikey legs.”


Ah, motherhood. Some days are smooth, others are, well, spikey.

But I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m giving away 5 copies of my book, Don’t Make Me Come Up There!: Quiet Moments for Busy Moms!

Fill in the blank as your entry “I’m glad I’m a Mom because_______” OR if that doesn’t apply “I’m glad for my Mom because______”


  1. 1


    This made me laugh out loud. I could see having this exact conversation with my son. Thanks for sharing the joy! I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

  2. 3

    Jennifer Robinson says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because … my children keep me accountable and make me walk the walk I talk…all without saying a word!

  3. 5


    I’m glad I’m a mom because my kids are the reason that I reconciled my relationship with my family and God and finally let go of past hurts.

  4. 6

    Joy V says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my children help me to see how God could continue to love me no matter what.

  5. 7

    lynn b says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom b/c I get to see the world through their perspective and it made me slow down, enjoy life more, and realize what is really impt.

  6. 8


    I’m glad I’m a mom because it’s proven to be God’s mirror for me, reflecting back what’s really in my life, mind, heart, soul…the good and the bad!

  7. 9


    I’m glad I’m a mom because I have learned (finally!) how to be unselfish and what it means to live for others. Besides my relationship with God, my husband and my kids come first, before my needs – well, most of them : ). I realize now how selfish I was prior to kids and how much “navel gazing” I did – meaning only focused on me, what I wanted, what I needed, etc. So that has helped improve my relationship with God in knowing it’s not all about ME but about HIM and doing things for His Glory, including raising His children, the greatest honor I have ever known.

  8. 13

    Diana says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my kids are amazing and they’ve taught me so much about my own relationship with God.

  9. 15

    Sara Z. says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my daughter makes me appreciate what my parents went through raising me! (I already have a copy of the book, so please don’t include me in the giveaway. Wonderful book, Kristen!)

  10. 16

    Julie says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because when I was a little girl it was the only thing I really wanted to be, so everyday is a dream come true. (Even though some days are REALLY tough!) lol

  11. 18


    I’m glad I’m a mom because I never understood God’s love for me until he gave me sweet angels boys to love… now I more fully understand how great is His love.


  12. 20

    Lisa says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my kids bring so much joy to my life and teach me many things everyday! Like how to have a lot of patience :)

  13. 21

    Carol Darden says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it expands my heart and teaches me to love like Jesus loves.

  14. 23

    Erin says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because I know I will have someone to care for me when I am old and senile! :)

  15. 24

    Julie says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because the joy my children bring me is the best thing this side of heaven!

  16. 25


    I’m glad I’m a mom because there’s something amazing about seeing the beauty in things from a child’s eyes. A dandelion is a bouquet worthy flowers, a spider web is a valuable diamond, a birds nest should be watched for hours.

  17. 26

    Pam says

    I’m glad I’m a mom b/c it’s almost indescribable. The wonder of it all leaves me speechless sometimes. Yeah, I get the spikey leg thing, too.

  18. 27

    Candace says

    “I’m glad I’m a Mom because my son has taught me a new love that I never could have imagined. It has opened my eyes to how much God really loves us.”

  19. 28

    Carol Milliron (@millic) says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it gives me an excuse to be silly, which I really enjoy!

  20. 30

    Katie Hubbard says

    “I’m glad I’m a Mom because….it reminds me of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. All the emotions I feel as a mom, He has felt for me. Unlike me, His love is perfect and He never tires. :)

  21. 33

    Katie says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because I get to experience so much happiness, joy and frustration with my girls and now have a better understanding and appreciation for my Mom!

  22. 34

    Deanna says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because I’ve grown so much and there’s always something to laugh about.

  23. 35

    Melissa says

    I love being a Mom because I know that is what God has caled me to do. My children bring me so much joy and teach me new things every day.

  24. 36

    Valerie says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it’s made me a better person in every area of life, a better wife, daughter and friend. These crazy kids teach me more than I’ll even teach them :)

  25. 37


    Your posts about being a mom are so honest and genuine. They make me feel almost brave enough to be a mom. But not quite yet!

    I’m glad for my mom because she is the one woman who I get to see all the good and all the bad. I’m also glad because her persistence and prayers led me to be a woman of faith.

  26. 39

    Jennifer Bryson says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because I finally feel I’m fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. My heart was not complete until my children filled it with love.

  27. 42

    Shana Christian says

    I am glad that I am a mom because I love the amount of joy that my daughter has brought me, I love getting her little hugs and kisses, I love to see her smile and hear her laugh, I love to rock her to sleep and keep rocking until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer just bc I know there will be a day when she will not let me hold her and rock her, and I love being a mom most of all because God has blessed me and trusted me to take care of one of His angels and raise her in His word.

  28. 43

    Chelsea says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because I get to snuggle with my kiddos, and heal the boo boos, and get called Mommy :) The most important reason I like being a mom is that I get to lift my children up to Christ! I get to teach them to follow him’ then enjoy the reward when my daughter says “Mommy I have Jesus in my heart!” She is 5 yrs old and I know as her Mother I helped make that happen!

  29. 44


    I’m glad I’m a mom because having children brings the greatest joy imaginable, stretches me and forces to me to grow, and draws me closer to God. I love my kids!
    Whitney (9)
    Lacy (7 1/2)
    Hallyn (6)
    Jackson (5)
    Jessi (4)

  30. 45

    Jenny Martin says

    I’m glad I’m a MOM because I never knew the incredible love one could feel for another person–I love my children so very much!

    I’m glad for MY MOM because as she has said, Grandchildren are the whole reason to have Children….she loves the special relationships she has with my two kids

  31. 46


    I’m glad I’m a mom because my kids point me to Jesus! Talk about realizing we are weak! :) And, it’s one of the biggest blessings and privileges of my life.

  32. 47

    celina says

    i could use a good laugh…i’d love this book
    “I’m glad I’m a Mom because I get to watch them become themselves….it is miraculous from watching a little one’s first steps to a pre teens self realizations…”

    and well I just MISS MY MOM….and i likely didn’t show enough just how glad i was for her…

  33. 49


    I’m glad I’m a mom because it has challenged me in ways that were unimaginable before. My faith has grown because it is the only thing that has remained stable and secure during years of raising adopted wounded children. I’m glad I’m a mom because I feel gratitude for even the smallest of things.

  34. 51

    Mary Kate says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because I’m learning more and more about Gods grace for me, His child and where my grace for my children needs to increase.

  35. 54

    Nicole says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because my children remind me to appreciate the little things in life. They are such a blessing to me!

  36. 55

    Melissa S. says

    How funny! Sounds like conversations with my boys, except instead of spiky, I am usually “fluffy” – but said very affectionately. 😉

    I am glad I am a mom because my boys add much laughter to my life.

  37. 57

    Erin W. says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because I have a better understanding of how He loves me and because my sweet kiddos make my heart smile!

  38. 58

    Christy says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it stretches me in ways that I never could experience any other way. That’s both a happy thing as I see them grow and change and get to experience life through their eyes and an incredibly painful thing as I’m faced with my own sinfulness and selfishness.

  39. 59

    Danielle says

    I am glad I’m a mom because it is the most fulfilling thing in the world. I have dreamed about being a mom since I was a young child and now that I am, it is even more amazing that I imagined. My son has changed my life in every way possible and I think he teaches me as much as I teach him. I am blessed to be a mommy and very thankful.

  40. 60


    I’m glad I’m a mom because it is the greatest, hardest, most spectacular, terrifying, wonder-filled, heartbreaking, fulfilling and fun-filled calling in the world! I LOVE my teenagers!!!

  41. 61

    Karen says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my kids bring me laughter with their silliness, love with hugs and kisses and kind words when I need it, and joy when I see them talking to everyone about Christ. I couldn’t think of a better thing than raising kids in the Lord. Even when they frustrate me, I am still thankful for the gift that God has given me of my two children!

  42. 63

    Heather E. says

    “I’m glad I’m a Mom because I’m learning so much about God and Jesus’ love me for.”

  43. 64

    kelly says

    “I’m glad I’m a Mom because it has helped me be a better me. (4 kids will drive the selfishness right out of you!) I am also glad that I’m a Mom to experience a sweet love for my kids that goes beyond comprehension.

  44. 65

    Katie says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because of the sweet cuddles I get when they’re sleepy and the excitement for the ordinary they bring when they’re awake!

  45. 68

    Shannon says

    {I was just thinking about how I’d like to read your book, I hope I win!} I’m glad I’m a mom because my kids are awesome. 😉 They have so much hope and love and enthusiasm–they teach me every day.

  46. 71

    Melinda T says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my girls have taught me so much about life, the world and myself! They make me laugh, drive me crazy and love me unconditionally!

  47. 72

    Jennyroo says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it has tuaght me so much about being kind, and patient, and finding joy through the eyes and experiences of my sons. It is without a doubt the hardest and most meaningful thing I have ever done.

  48. 73


    I’m glad I’m a mom because I learn more about grace and patience each day. I’m thankful for my mom for the inner strength she displayed in raising us with my dad, who is quite old-school (has never, to this day, changed a diaper or cooked a full meal). :~)

  49. 77

    Hannah says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because they made me turn my life around, and they r a blessing each and every day!

  50. 78

    Teresa Richardson says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because I finally realized being a mother was the calling God had on my life. The enemy tried to keep me discouraged when we lost two children in a row (one at 5 months gestation, one at 8 weeks). However, God is faithful and we now have two beautiful babies, a 21 month old little boy and a 2 month old little girl. These little blessings have taught me more about God’s love for us than I’d learned throughout my life.

  51. 79

    Julie R says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because my boys bring me more joy than I ever thought was possible. They teach me lessons everyday, and I am truly blessed to be their mom.

  52. 81

    Molly says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because how else could I also be a secret agent, superhero and gourmet chef all in one day!

  53. 84

    Debora says

    I’m so glad that I am a mom and so thankful to our amazing God and His perfect plan. They make me old and keep me young. They show me how selfish I am…and how much God love me. I love the unique personalities and the simple joys. Love, love, love my girls!

  54. 86

    Melissa says

    I am glad I am a mom because my kids help me laugh everyday and look forward to every tomorrow!

  55. 88

    Tracey says

    I am glad I am a Mom because my 2 great kids, make me smile and laugh out loud quite often!! They keep me on my toes, but at the end of the day I couldn’t be more thankful for these 2 super cool kids God entrusted me with:0)

  56. 89

    Anna G says

    I’m Glad I am a Mom because I never knew how much I could/would truly love my children, I mean, like love them to the pit of my stomach, love them so much it hurts, love them so much that I no longer care about the trivial things that I used to care about. I’m Glad I am a Mom because God has given me this season to impart His Love in their little hearts. *tear* I really love being a Mom!

  57. 90

    Laura says

    I’m glad for my mom because no one else can make me feel as special and normal quite like her. She has always handled my disability with such grace.

  58. 91

    Christine says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it has stripped me bare, exposed all the unknown ugly in me, and is slowly turning me into a more beautiful and better person.

  59. 92

    cindy says

    I am glad I am a mom because I was told I would not have children. I told all the doctors watch what God is going to do. With in two years I had a baby boy that I prayed for and know God would answer my prayers. I than was told no more children. I then told them my God will take care of me and my baby. I wanted one more boy. God is faithfull. I had twin boys!! I thank God He loves me and my family. I AM A MOM AND AM I EVER GLAD AND BLESSED!!!!

  60. 93

    Stephanie says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my children have helped me understand more about how God, my heavenly father feels about me, his child.

  61. 96

    Vanessa Gooch says

    I am glad that I am a Mom because it is the hardest but most rewarding job in the whole wide world. I am blessed to have three beauties and can now somewhat understand the love that He has for us, His children!

  62. 97

    Faith says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because it has brought me back to my faith. God is molding me into the woman/mom/wife that I was made to be. My children are a blessing and are teaching me selfishness, gentleness, patience and showing Gods love for me.

  63. 98

    Brandi says

    I am glad I am a Mom because I have learned more from them (all 5) than I have from all my other teachers and professors combined. Love these kids!

  64. 99


    I’m glad I’m a mom because otherwise, the world would not be as blessed without Zachary, Spencer, Maggie and Caleb.

  65. 100

    Monica Kinney says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because my son has blessed me with more love than I could ever imagined. He’s the most miraculous gift I’ve ever received!

  66. 101

    Megan says

    I’m thankful for my mother b/c she led me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at an early age, and has exemplified what a godly woman, wife and mother truly is. I’m glad I’M a mom b/c I get to (try) to do the same/be the same for my kids and family. :)

  67. 102


    I’m glad I’m a mom, because it has taken away all my misconceptions about motherhood. Before I would observe people without kids and i would say “I’m never going to do ___________ with my kids.” Then I went and had myself one of those perfect little angels and if you’re like me, you have about 8 million “Oohhh, Now I Get It Moments” – they’re like Oprah’s “Aha” moments but without the free car.

  68. 104


    I am glad I am a mother because I have never felt my heart so full… ever! I never thought I would be loved as much as I am. I am glad I am a mother because there is nothing that can melt me more than when my baby flashes her gummy smile my way.

  69. 105

    Estella says

    I am glad I am a Mom because I can’t imagine my life without my four boys. They make the days brighter and nothing can put a smile on my face faster than one of them.

  70. 106


    I laughed good and hard at this. Love it! I am glad I’m a mom because it has taught me more than anything else how very, very much I love Jesus everyday. And because there is nothing in the world like having a little face brighten when you walk in the door and joyfully crow, “Mama!”

  71. 107

    Carolyn says

    I’m glad I’m a mom because I have four boys who adore me and teach me so much about sacrifice and service and love and patience. They (and God) are growing me in ways I need to grow!

  72. 108

    nicole says

    I’m glad I am a mom because God is using my children to show me my sin, and self-righteousness. They are my greatest teachers!

  73. 109


    I am glad I became a mom because nothing clothes you with humility like giving birth, and raising children. I saved me from becoming a selfish person, and God’s grace became more and more apparent the longer I was a parent….

  74. 110

    ACMommy3 says

    I’m glad I’m a Mom because_______ my life and heart is full to the brim to overflowing with love, joy and grace, and I’m glad because of precious little arms around me, giggles and tickles, story times, snuggling time and sweet kisses at unexpected times!

  75. 114


    I’m glad I’m a Mom because no other beings residing ON Earth could so constantly remind me what unconditional love is. No matter how much I screw up, prepare “bad food” for meals, forget practices, and project supplies they always love me…. and I them, even on the temper tantrum, back talking, won’t eat my healthy dinner days. ♥.

  76. 115


    I’m just glad for my Mom because she doesn’t have to put up with me on a daily basis anymore. I’m glad for my Mom because she didn’t limit her mothering to me alone – she continues to ‘mother’ young women – often in sticky situations – as she continues to faithfully serve her calling to serve the Lord in Hong Kong.

  77. 118

    KWolff says

    I am glad I am a mom because I would be totally, completely and utterly bored and lost otherwise! My kids are my reason for so much that I do for so many reasons!

  78. 119


    This is awesome! The pictures, the spikey legs..everything! Thanks for the good laugh and a reminder on a tiring day how awesome it is to be a mommy!!!

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