One Month From Today

Our family will be in Nairobi, Kenya at Mercy House!

We now have 8 babies–all 8 of our girls have delivered healthy, beautiful babies. A true miracle!

It’s fun to imagine the house with all sixteen, plus our two live-in staff, our family of five and an intern. One big happy family. It will be crazy and we will fit in perfectly.

You can read the touching and beautiful birth story of our two newest babies born within one hour of each other (on my son’s birthday last week!)

It’s hard to believe Mercy House has been open for only one year this month. I can only say over and over, Look what God has done!

Most of my days are spent exhausted and overwhelmed, trying to discern the next step. But this makes it all worth it:

Meet Rehema and Maureen, 4 days old

We appreciate your prayers as we prepare!


  1. 4

    JR says

    How adorable that the ladies named their girls Rehema and Maureen! They will have a VERY tangible reminder of all that God is doing in their lives at Rehema House!

  2. 6


    Great to hear (and will be praying) it’s been one of those “seasons” where I need to hear things filled with hope and promise. Thankful to be supporting Mercy House in our own small way…can’t wait to see the pics from your visit!

  3. 7


    Look, look, look what God has done!! :) Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever stop shedding tears of joy over what God is doing at the Mercy House. I sure hope not!

  4. 8

    henita says

    So beautiful! It is just amazing to be part of these little ones lives! May God be with them and their mommies!

  5. 9


    This is such an awesome project… and fantastic to hear you will be over visiting in Africa again… wishing you all the best in this unfolding adventure!!!

  6. 11

    Sharon O says

    Those babies are just precious… I could just hug them. Nothing is sweeter than sweet soft newborn.

  7. 14


    When I first saw your FB post, I thought that perhaps you were adopting those two! 😉

    So proud of you for your continued work with and commitment to Mercy House. AND what a powerful example for your kids! Their lives are sure to be transformed forever.

    Godspeed, friend. I sincerely hope our families meet again someday soon.

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