Six Quick Things

Two posts in one day?
I know. Cool.
I also have a tattoo. (My mother-in-law still doesn’t know. No Internet at their farm, plus there’s always socks.)

  1. I wrote about shutting my big mouth over at (in)courage today. I’m on a word fast.
  2. I spoke at a women’s event in Dallas on Monday about God-sized dreams. They blessed Mercy House with a God-sized offering and we nearly sold out of product.  My big kids and hubby ran the table while my youngest ate people’s left-over cupcakes right off their plates.
  3. We played hooky at the Great Wolf Lodge (our first visit-loved it!)
  4. Mercy House t-shirts (women’s v-neck) are on sale for only $10 (while supplies last)
  5. My Blessings Unlimited Store (sidebar) is having a very fun Spring sale (up to 75% off)
  6. A few weeks ago, my hubby (@nascardad on Twitter) cashed in his Christmas Groupon gift from me and raced around the track at crazy speeds. He’s hot.

That is all. Y’all have a happy weekend.

Date night is happening for us. What do you have planned?


  1. 2


    Did getting your tattoo hurt much? Like, on a 1-10 scale, where 1 is stepping on a prickly week, and 10 is stepping on a nail?

    • 2.1

      kristen says

      ha! Well, I did use childbirth breathing techniques with each letter..if that gives you an idea. You just have to be perfectly still-that was hard. I’d say about a 7 or 8 on your scale. :) I’ve heard the foot is very painful…

  2. 4


    Isn’t Great Wolf Lodge THE BEST? I love how spacious the suites are and the water park is fun, fun, fun. Wish there was one in Arizona!

  3. 5

    Racheal says

    Love the tattoo. I have been considering one on my foot as well. Maybe “Walk by faith and not by sight” with some flowers or something. But I haven’t decided for sure yet. And they were out of the xl shirts :(. Oh well.

  4. 6

    Karen says

    I used a groupon and my hubby got to do the race track thing here in Alabama! HE LOVED IT! He rode, but next time wants to drive. :-)

  5. 7


    Where did you speak in Dallas??? I LOVE you and your blog and I live in Frisco……i would have loved to have met you! I used to live in The Woodlands too…….I started following your blog awhile back…right before you and your hubby shared your issues….which made me love you more!! :)

  6. 8

    Susie says

    Kristin.. You are so Brave to get a Tatoo, I’m such a big baby with pain. I dont think any breathing would have gotten me through that!! You GO GIRL!!

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