WFMW: Closet Organizing Tips

I’m in Spring cleaning mode.

The other day I realized that nearly every space in my life was a mess–from my garage to my car to the yard.

I’m tackling one space at a time. I’m not on a perfection hunt, just a this is better than before state of mind.

So far I’ve managed under the sinks, the yard and a partial garage-I know– and the linen closet. I am woman, hear me roar.

We are going on nine years in our house. By most standards, we have plenty of space, but most of our spaces are full. I’m working on that.

My biggest challenge are the closets and hoarding. Ok, I just kidding about the hoarding, but do any of y’all have kids who are savers? Mix that in with toys (we don’t have a game room), clothes and my daughter’s love of shoes and we have issues.

I dream of closet organization like this. Don’t we all?

Simple tips to closet organization: (I’m saying this out loud so I will be accountable. Ahem).

  • Clean it out: don’t be afraid to toss or donate-if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it
  • Everything has a place: label shelves, color-code hangers, whatever helps little eyes remember where things go
  • Cubbies and containers are your friend. Baskets work too.
  • Go vertical: add extra shelving around the top of the closet for more space
  • Store clothes, toys, keepsakes in a separate space. Keep closets for practical, everyday use

Organized closets work for me!

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    Thanks again for a fun new day full of links to check out. Praise God my husband and I manage to keep our closets relatively clean by purging pretty frequently (moving does a great job of this!!) Cheers, Kristen!

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    I’d love to see pics of the before & after!

    I started serious organizing/purging throughout the house last Spring, and it’s been soooo great to have an organized and better functioning house which is easier to maintain! As I’ve been working on spring cleaning tasks this year, it’s gone much quicker. I always go through kids’ closets 2x a year (spring & fall) to change out seasons and sizes to only hang what currently fits them. (any “to grow into clothes” are labeled in rubbermaid bins and stored on the top shelf of their closet)

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    Alexandra says

    I have a daughter who is a saver/hoarder. She wants to keep EVERY SINGLE picture she has made, every little rock, pebble, shell, toy, etc. We have reached an agreement with her: for her pictures, we enjoy it for a while and then it goes in the trash, unless it is something really unique. We encourage her to take photos so she can remember things later. With the pebbles, shells, rocks which seem to fascinate her (and other kids), again, you enjoy it for a while, and then it goes outside. With toys – she gets a certain amount of space (we use a cardboard box because we’re cheap like that), and she can decide what goes in for keeps, and what is given away. IF there is anything particularly meaningful for me (i.e. her great grandmother gave it to her), but she’s ready to get rid of it, I will find another space for it. It’s taken us about a year (she’s 10 now), but she has gotten the hang of it and isn’t nearly as attached to stuff. Which is great.

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      Alexandra says

      I was going to add, I don’t clear her stuff out for her in hopes that she won’t notice because for one, I might throw out something important without realizing what it is, and for two, I think this is a character formation issue. I don’t want her to overvalue things.

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    Organized closets and house in general works for me too! I am kinda the type that is constantly organizing and going through stuff! Thanks so much for hosting! Blessings

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    Thanks for another link party! Today, I’m sharing a simple recipe for Ant Deterrent (#271). It works great and is simple to make. I have an ant problem in my garden and wanted to get rid of the pests without icky chemical sprays. Hope it helps other gardeners. Have a great week!

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    I’m with you on needing to organize the closets and yes! I have a daughter who wants to keep everything because it is importatnt or useful ( or will be soon )!
    I got 2 large bags of clothes out of her closet yesterday and enough writing and drawing supplies to host a creative party for 20 of her closest friends. She got home and was upset I’d messed with her stuff. It is a work in progress!

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