Father On

I roll over and the empty spot next to me isn’t even warm. He’s been gone since dawn, maximizing the hours, shouldering the pressure.

He comes in from a long day, and starts his next job of husband and father, crouching to build legos, cleaning up dinner, reading a book before bedtime. His head won’t hit the pillow until he spends a couple of hours preparing his teaching sessions for our trip to Africa.

He starts it all over again the next day.

He gives and he gives. And then he gives some more.

He is tired, weary from all the giving and yet he continues to father on.

My eyes fill as I run my hand over his broad shoulders carrying the weight, shielding our family, offering protection and provision.

With a word, I can add to his load or lighten it. I can demand more money, more time, more stuff, more, more, more and with every complaint, I weigh him down.

Or I can ease the burden by encouraging and whispering, reminding: you are enough, thank you, I trust you, thank you for giving, you are doing a great job.

My husband is a better father, when I’m a better wife.

How to encourage your husband as a father:

  • Tell him you respect him
  • Even better, show him: don’t question or scrutinize every action he takes
  • Trust him as a father: let him have a say in parenting decisions
  • Thank him regularly for being there.
  • Give him a break: from the honey do’s and the house-encourage him to take time for himself

Part of the reason our world is so broken is because of father’s who aren’t there. If the father in your life is a constant, they need to know they are appreciated every day.

We are celebrating my husband’s health too, today! In November 2010, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, with a devastating A1C (overall blood sugar average) of 8.4, which indicates poor health. For 18 months he has changed his lifestyle by exercising and eating right. This week his A1C was 5.9—excellent health (for a non-diabetic)! He is focused on living well and living long so his children can have a father.

Happy Father’s Day, Terrell. We love you!


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    Yippeee for great health! It takes a lot of self-control to change our eating & fitness habits. Hats off to your dear husband for working hard toward a clean bill of health. Enjoy lovin’ on that man of yours this week, Kristen. You’re one blessed lady.

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    Thanks for reminding me that Father’s Day is not just how the kids treat their father but how wives treat the father of their children. My hubby is Type 2 also. And he works so hard!

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    My husband gives and gives also. The words we speak to them are so important. A wise woman builds her home and a foolish one tears it down. Sounds like you are one wise woman!!!

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    Amanda says

    This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to love my husband more and the power of my words.

  5. 8

    Trista says

    Thank you for your words. My husband is so supportive and respectful of me, that sometimes I forget that he needs the same encouragement. Hope your travels and work in Africa is going well.

  6. 9


    I was so glad you shared this when you did, I needed to read it and needed this reminder.

    God bless you!

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    I cried when I read this. This goes hand in hand with the study I am doing in Proverbs 31. Our husbands NEED our encouragement and support. So many times we get caught up in everything we are doing that we forget what our husbands have to deal with on a daily basis. My husband does so much for our family, rain or shine, sick or healthy. Thank you so much for this post!

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