For the Dad Who Rocks {Giveaway}

UPDATE:  Lisa, comment #21, and Emily, comment #28, you are the giveaway winners.

I remember being enormously pregnant and overdue with my first baby. I was worried about everything an almost first time momma obsesses about. Or was that just me?  I fretted and doubted and would have Googled “how to keep baby alive” if the Internet had been around. (Yes, I’m that old).

But I never once worried if my husband would be a good father.

He is. And he was created to do this.

Even when his idea of putting this kids to bed involves A LOT OF NOISE.


I’m surrounded by good men.

My dad. My husband. My father-in-law. And a slew of others.

Father’s Day holds a lot of good memories for me and I can’t wait to celebrate the men in my life.

I think a really fun (and unique) way of honoring dads is by wearing a shirt that declares it to the world. My kids love their “Our Dad Rocks” shirts and I can always tell when my kids want something (they wear their shirt). Just kidding, I don’t want to give them any ideas.

Union28–MY FAVORITE T-SHIRT SHOP- has brand new children’s shirts!

Aren’t they adorable?? Kids not included.

Today, Union28 is giving away 2 of the new kids’ tees!

Leave a comment with a fatherly characteristic you appreciate in your husband or father as your entry. Leave it on Union28 ‘s Facebook page for an extra entry!

Please note: size small are sold out and if you don’t have kids or prefer a different choice, winner can instead choose a $25 gift certificate).


  1. 1


    I sure appreciate my husbands gentleness with our sons. He is someone I want my sons to model their relationships after because he is so gentle and genuine with people!

  2. 2


    I really appreciate my husband’s sense of adventure and fun. I’m so uptight, but he is the fun parent- always digging igloos in Winter for them or taking us to the lake to go swimming. I am so blessed.

  3. 3

    Jennyroo says

    My husband is the very definition of hardworking. He is always tackling (and finishing!) a new project in the house or yard.

  4. 4

    lynn b says

    He is always there for the girls whether it be for a game of hide n see seek, a tickle fest, reading, or to just cuddle.

  5. 6

    A.Smith says

    I loved how elaborate my father made our breakfasts – it was never just a bowl of cereal, lol

  6. 8


    My husband has the amazing ability to balance fun and serious. He’s way more willing to be silly nd spontaneous and crazy with the kids than I am, and yet he can get right down to the heart of the matter.

  7. 9

    Julie says

    My hubby provides a sense of adventure and fun for our boys. He is an excellent Godly role model.

  8. 10


    I love that my husband always makes kisses the kids goodnight, even if he has to work late. He will sneak in there room to tell them goodnight.

  9. 12

    Brenda Smith says

    My daddy and my husband rock. They are both Godly men, making sure their families is right under God in the lives.

  10. 13

    Melissa says

    My husband rocks because he always makes the girls laugh and cooperate when I would be getting frustrated and inpatient with them in the same situation. My kids daddy definitely rocks!!

  11. 15

    Mandy S says

    My husband is a great father because he plays with our kids on their level and also because he disciplines them in love to help them learn and be better people.

  12. 17

    Carol Smith says

    My husband is always willing to do anything our kids need—from being silly when they want to be silly to helping them with their homework to going to events that he would rather skip! He’s the best!

  13. 18

    Kelli says

    My husband is so FUN! He looks for the fun in anything we do. He is also kind, gentle, protective, hardworking, loving, thoughtful. What a wonderful man!

  14. 19


    My husband has many amazing qualities as a father {and husband}. I especially love and appreciate that he seeks our Heavenly Father for his ultimate example. Currently, he’s reading the Resolution for Men.

  15. 20


    My husband also was created to be a father. Our two kids adore him, and so do many of our friends’ kids. He’s fun and loving. And, best of all, he’s incredibly present with our family.

  16. 21

    Lisa says

    My husband is so patient! He let’s the kids help him with jobs and never loses his patience! He is also very hardworking!

  17. 22


    I was thinking about this in the car this morning, how those of us who have great men in our lives (fathers, husbands, mentors, pastors, in-laws) should really celebrate them. I feel like men are taking a beating lately and some if it is deserved. But there are great, strong, wonderful men out there who need to be celebrated and lifted high!

  18. 23

    Ashley says

    My husband is such a calm presence when I am going nuts. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this crazy parenting thing!

  19. 24

    carrie says

    i appreciated his excitement to do specific fun things with the kids. with our daughter it might be father/daughter girl scout camping each fall. with our son it might be a special father/son fishing trip. they all look so forward to their “own” time with their dad. (and as a bonus…i get to have special one-on-one time with the one that’s not on the “dad trip”!)

  20. 26

    Jenn says

    My husband is consistent with the raising of our children, and I really appreciate that. The kids know that the rules or expectations have not changed and know what to expect…something that I did not grow up with.

  21. 27

    Crystal says

    My husband is a great rough-and-tumble wrestler with our 2 boys. It’s definitely more than I could do in that arena!

  22. 28

    Emily says

    I admire and appreciate my husband’s integrity. He is a faithful husband, father, and son who serves the Lord in church ministry but always puts his family first. I know our son will grow up watching his Dad live out Godly integrity.

  23. 29

    Carrie Hollon says

    We have two daughters, and my husband shows INFINITE patience and love to them. He was made to be a daddy to daughters :)

  24. 31

    Britt says

    I love how my husband can rough house and wrestle with our girls and then snuggle them up with love! He is great!!!

  25. 34


    I love that my husband pours the love of Christ onto our little girl. From the first day we brought her home, he’s spoken the word to her. He is an awesome Daddy! :)

  26. 37

    Jessie Howard says

    My husband puts our two kids to bed each night and reads to them. I am thankful he has the patience to do this each night because by the end of the day, I DO NOT! :)

  27. 38


    I love that my husband is so patient and kind to our kids. He saves me when I am out of those character traits at the end of the day. :)

  28. 40

    Michelle B says

    My husband’s love for the Lord and his attitude of love for others has become evident in our children. I love him for many reasons but am most thankful for that.

  29. 41

    Elizabeth says

    There is so much about my husband that we (myself and our four children) are thankful for. One of the things that really stands out about him is what a beautiful balance of strength and sensitivity he is in everything he does. He is a wonderful father and husband! We are very blessed!

  30. 42

    Amy says

    My husband is such an excellent father! He is a godly example and always spends time playing with our son, no matter how tired he is at the end of the day. He includes our son in everything, and he is definitely a daddy’s boy, even at the age of 15 months!

  31. 43

    kelly says

    lovelovelove those t-shirts! My husband rocks as Dad by taking the time to listen and spend time with each of our kids. He is a man of God who loves the Lord and he shares that with his children in the little ways and the big ways too.

  32. 44

    Wendi says

    For twenty years of marriage I have prayed and desired for my husband to have a personal desire for church and a relationship with the Lord. In the last 5 months we (our children and myself) are seeing that happening!!! What a absolutely beautiful answer to prayer. He is enjoying the fellowship of other Christian men as they spend time together and ride dirt bikes. At his prompting he requested that we join a second small group at our church and they have become an amazing second family to us and we do life together all the time and my husband is loving it. He is coming to church every week, on his own, with out the kids or I asking. And this Sunday evening we heard him pray for the first time for one of our friends during a group prayer where we laid hands on our friend and asked for a complete physical healing. What a wonderful change we are seeing in my husband, and their Daddy ~ He Rocks!!!!

  33. 45


    I love that my husband can be silly and have fun with the kids. He never takes anything too seriously and I love that about him.

  34. 46


    My husband knows how to talk to my 5 year old son without exasperating him, me, I’m still learning from my hubby. I’m the no explanations kinda mom and my son needs explanations. My hubby is teaching me how to mold my little man into a man after God’s own heart!

  35. 47

    tina goins says

    I appreciate his patience and laid by style with our daughter. I’m more high strung and he helps balance things out.

  36. 48

    Tish Bontrager says

    My husband is the best husband ever! He is so fun and makes our life an adventure! When I think about what a great Dad he is, it makes me love him all the more! We are are blessed! Allen, we love YOU!

  37. 49

    tina goins says

    I love that my husband is patient and laid back with out daughter. I’m a little high strung and he helps balance that out.

  38. 50

    Amber says

    My husband is incredibly patient with our children. He always carves out time special time for them and they have no doubts they are loved.

  39. 51


    My husband is a man of integrity. I’m so thankful that my son and future children have such an amazing Daddy that they can look up to!!

  40. 54

    Heidi says

    My husband works a crazy schedule…often 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week, but he is never too tired to wrestle with our kiddos (he is especially good at putting them to bed LOUDLY! Lol) or to fold laundry or load the dishwasher. I call him my hero, ’cause he is. :-)

  41. 55

    Kristin says

    My ex-husband and I are divorced, but I do have a boyfriend and we plan to marry, Lord willing. He has taken to my children beautifully and treats them as if they were his own since my ex-husband is completely out of the picture.

  42. 58


    I sometimes complain to my husband about his bedtime tactics too. (Oops!) Nevertheless, he’s a very warm-hearted daddy and I love that he takes our baby with him wherever he may be going when he knows I need a little break. Baby loves it, he loves to show her off, and I like some “me” time every now and again. Thanks for this giveaway. I have the “My Husband Rocks” tee and would love our baby to complete the ensemble.

  43. 59


    My husband takes the kids on Daddy Days a couple times a year. These are different from any other time spent with them. On those days, the answer is always yes. Whatever they want to do, he does. Rock climbing? Yes. Paint pottery? Yes. Monkey Joe’s? Of course. I love that he spends one on one time with them a lot, but these days are especially special.

  44. 60


    My husband fills my gas tank almost every time it is needed. He knows I hate doing it, especially in winter, and tries to do it for me.

    My dad has come and spent a week with me every time I have had a baby. He makes me lunch, he plays with the baby or bigger kids, and generally lets me be a kid too. I’m so blessed.

  45. 61

    Marlo S. says

    My husband is a tireless provider. He goes above and beyond to be sure my son has everything he needs, and many things he wants, and to make sure I am able to remain at home as a wife and mother. He works the nightshift, but never hesitates to greet a rowdy, just woke up, plenty of energy boy at the door with the promise of some Lego building, nature walks, or rough housing. I know all he wants to do is go to sleep, but his son always comes first! :-)

  46. 67


    I’m not married, but I admire my brother in law for setting an example of patriotism for his children. He is currently serving in Afghanistan. I’d love to get these tees for my niece and nephew.

  47. 68

    Sandi says

    My husband has a strong work ethic. He always gives 110% to make sure our family is taken care of. I love him!

  48. 70


    Jason’s ability to connect with the boys after a long time apart makes my heart swell. After a year deployment with only a 2 week vacation in the middle makes relationships tough….but he has this way with the boys that they picked up right where they left off without missing a step. He has come and gone since with training and school, and each time he returns after a few days it is like he was never gone. The military life has been tough for us, but Jason is the best father I know….he’s incredible.

  49. 71

    Mary Johnson says

    My husband is so loving to our girls, and he gets up for night time nightmares!
    He also changed and is changing lots of diapers!!!

  50. 73

    Nancy says

    My husband is my perfect balance: when I’m upset or worried or yes, “freaking out” about something, he is calm and rational, my rock. And I love that he calls me from work just to say, “Hi, I’m thinking about you!” He is amazing!

  51. 74

    Erin says

    It melts my heart to hear my husband saying good night prayers with our two year old son… it is our nightly ritual and he always leads. My son buries his head into my husband’s shoulder and at the end gives him a kiss on the cheek and says “Amen! Night night Daddy!” Precious.

  52. 75


    My husband is a provider. That does not mean he makes a lot of money (he doesn’t) nor does it mean he’s a work-a-holic (he’s not). It means he takes his role as a provider for his family seriously. When he lost his job due to lay offs a few years ago, it literally made him sick to think that he wasn’t providing for his family. He does not want anyone else to carry this responsibilty for his family and works to provide for us, so that I can be a SAHM.

  53. 76

    juliea says

    My husband is awesome. He provides the perfect amount of love, patience, faith role model, and discipline that our kids need. I love him so much.

  54. 78

    Tracey says

    The quality I love most about my husband is the calm he brings to all of us!! If I’m upset or one of our kids is upset, he doesn’t react in haste, but looks at calmly and gives the best advice:0) He rocks for sure!!!

  55. 79

    Jodi Brown says

    I love that my husband is the spiritual leader in our household making sure we always pray before meals and bedtime. My son also sees his father doing his quiet time which shows him that reading your Bible is an important daily event.

  56. 82


    I appreciate how much my hubby has changed for the better and is growing more towards God and my son is seeing this! He is such a hard worker and I can see it in his lessons in his mens group and his job. I am blessed to have him as a hubby and a father to my son!

  57. 83


    My husband rubbed my feet all the time during my first pregnancy — not during my second or third, but for those all he had to do to keep me happy was take care of the kids at night (which he did).

  58. 85


    My husband, Jeff, is a fantastic cook! Plus he sets a great example for the kids by never complaining about what is or what is not for dinner. Easy to please and content with the simple things in life.

  59. 86

    Rebecca says

    He points the kids to Christ always. And he never leaves the house without kissing us all….even when we are still sleeping.

  60. 87

    Jamie G. says

    My husband is a great daddy because he is committed to teaching our son how to treat others. He teaches him how to respect me and I know that my son will take the lessons he is learning and become a great husband/father himself one day!

  61. 88


    I love that husband works so hard to get our family ahead, that he allows me to stay home with our children and that he takes time to take us to church , attends sports and other activities with the kids.

  62. 90

    Niki Blake says

    I noticed a few women said this but my husband is an amazing provider. As a girl who had no father around, my husband makes me feel loved, secure and protected. I love that and I know God knew I needed a man like that b/c I did not have a father like that. :)

  63. 92

    Christie says

    I’m due with our first–a girl–tomorrow! What I love about my hubby is how hard he’s worked to get our home ready for her. She will be the first baby he’s ever held, so I’m excited to see how he interacts with our daughter.

  64. 94

    Beth says

    I appreciate how hard my husband works to provide for our family. His job is extremely strenuous on his mind & body, yet he comes home from work & gives our children the attention they love from him. He’s just awesome!

  65. 95

    Christine Wadleigh says

    I love how my husband so effortlessly combines strong leadership, discipline and loving kindness all in one. He rocks!

  66. 96

    AMY MILLER says

    I love that my husband knows how to make anything fun and my kids totally fall for it. He can get them wanting to pick up the dog poop, rake the leaves, take baths early, and eat asparagus all because he makes it look fun!

  67. 97


    My husband truly serves his family! He is always working and doing something around the house. Sometimes it seems like he does even more than I do!

  68. 98

    KW says

    My husband (and his young daughter) married me (and my two young kids) three years ago. He has stepped into his role as stepdad so seamlessly that it seems as if we have been a family from the get go. He does all the things a dad is supposed to do and even thing he didn’t realize came with the territory. When we welcomed our son into the family our little circle was complete. He is respectful of my children’s real dad and is always encouraging them to maintain a good relationship with them. He truly is a man that I hope OUR sons can aspire to be and I hope that OUR daughters look for a man like him when they are old enough. He is a man who leads his family the way he should according to Christ (he even prayed over dinner on our first date). He is exactly the man that God meant for me and my children (all four of them) to love as a father.

  69. 99


    I appreciate that in parenting, he has my back (and I try to have his). Recently our 10 year old REFUSED to get up and go to school. I had to go to work. When I got there I called my husband (already at work) to inform him. Without me asking him to, my husband took an early lunch left work and took our son to school. I was VERY proud of him for taking care of that.

  70. 100

    Melissa says

    Seeing my husband bring out the love and life in his kids through FUN is fantastic! As adults, he and I are so serious and I think many times that rubs off on them. But his child-like spirit embraces and not-so-secretly enjoys cartoons, puzzles, coloring, bubbles, water guns and, YES, even Barbies. *GASP* It is beyond refreshing for our whole family.
    I will note that my husband’s kids are not biologically mine, their birth mother is a previous marriage of his. Watching him love them and love me as I embrace them into my world has multiplied our love for each other! Happy Fathers Day to all Dads who Rock!

  71. 101

    Stephanie S says

    I love that my husband plays with my daughters who are 3 and 8 months. It seems that a lot of fathers have forgotten how important that is, especially when they are so young.

  72. 103


    Just 1??? My husband prays with our children. Often.
    He is home for all 3 meals with our family 95% of the time.
    He’s such a loving Christ-like daddy!
    He reall Does ROCK!

  73. 108


    My husband is bold enough and strong enough to call out the kids on their “stuff”…but tender enough and caring enough to help them through it. He is patient, much more so than I, and is an optimist and a cheerleader. I love him deeply. He Rocks.

  74. 110


    My husband talks to our kids, especially our sons, about their feelings — so they are growing up knowing how to do that (and be great husbands someday). He also makes a big deal about Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, etc. so that our sons will be that kind of husband, and our daughter will know how she deserves to be treated!

  75. 111

    suzi failing says

    I love that he will take over when I get overwelmed and tired…….
    suzi f

  76. 112


    My husband took care of our children (then 3 and 5) when he was laid off for almost a year. I love the bond they developed with one another while I worked. So now, when my daughter is asked why she is so cute, she’ll answer, “because I look like my dad!”

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