Kenya, Here We Come

16 miracles waiting for us….

In the words of my five year old, our fearless leader:

{We covet your prayers for our family as we get on an airplane tomorrow and travel for around 24 hours. Please pray our time at Mercy House is productive and for safety. I will kiss babies for you!}

I will be updating as Internet allows.

Thank you, Vintage Pearl for my Texas necklace, I added it to my Africa one. Together.


  1. 2


    Praying!! Our church group (Crossroads, Newburgh, IN) is leaving for Narok today too! Wonder if you’ll fly together? They will be blessing Africa Hope there…
    Grace & peace to you all!!

  2. 4

    Debra Shepard Stanley says

    OH HOW EXCITED!!! Oh please please kiss one of those babies for me!!! Prayers to you and your family as you travel! I think I’ve said it before but I LOVE THE AFRICAN PEOPLE!!! They stole my heart!

  3. 5

    Tara says

    You guys are wonderful! Praying for your family as you travel and the family you are going to see :) May God bless you greatly for the sacrifices you have made and the love you have shown. I am inspired!!

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