Pictures of the Day: Kenya 2012

After a very smooth (but extremely long 24 hours), we arrived in Kenya to a beautiful reunion between Maureen and our family. We hit the ground running and started early today at church watching ALL eight of our beautiful girls get baptized in water! Stunning.

I wouldn’t have missed this for all the jet lag in the world.

And then we did a ton of this:

with eight of these:

We shared delicious meals together and the girls opened up their gifts for themselves and their babies from you!

It was pretty much a perfect first day on the other side of the globe.



  1. 2

    Karen says

    THANKS for taking the time to share. God has placed you and your family on my heart several times over the past few days!

    Ps 16:8

  2. 3

    cheryl says

    love that last picture of the mom and her baby. what love in her eyes and what joy. thanks for sharing

  3. 4

    Tara says

    God is so good! So glad to hear you made it safely and are already doing such wonderful things for the Lord! Can’t wait to hear about the many wonderful moments I know you will have this week.

  4. 5


    Sniff, sniff. Call me a cry baby if you will, but I had tears just looking at those photos. What sweetness God can create out of the most unlikely of circumstances.

  5. 6


    So beautiful! I hope the whole trip is just as blessed.
    Do you or Maureen or any of the girls know of a Kenyan singer named Kambua? We worked together at a camp in North Carolina in 2004, and now she’s apparently a big star in her home country! I’ve been wondering if it would be a valuable introduction, if there’s anything she could do to help raise money or awareness for Mercy House…

  6. 8

    Pamela says

    I am in awe! What a Blessing to those in Kenya as well as those of us who get to witness what God has called you to do!
    Thank you for taking time to share with us. How wonderful 8 girls baptized! God is good! Bless you my friend!

  7. 9


    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful pictures! I love them all and keep coming back to see more! I want to do that trip with you guys one day. :) Hope you are all having a blast, and just feeling God’s love all around all of you!!!!!

  8. 10


    Tears in my eyes this morning. LOVE that you got to be witness to these ladies baptisms! Praying for your family and Mercy House, especially while you’re all together. May you be a blessing to each other.

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