So, This Happened Over the Weekend

Our house sold in 10 days. Um, that was unplanned.

We’re scrambling to find a house before we leave for Kenya in 11 days.

We close two weeks after we get home.


The crazy just went up about 14 notches.


  1. 6

    cheryl says

    God has a plan. Just grab some sweet tea and go with it.

    btw, received my Mercy House tee shirt…..can’t wait to wear it!!!!

  2. 7


    Crazy, you bet. God is up to something, girl. Or is it….He’s up to something more! Hang on tight!

    Our house has been on the market for two months. Will try hard not to be jealous!

  3. 9


    We had our house on the market for ages and nothing happened – we obviously weren’t meant to relocate!!! But a close friend said to me: Enjoy the moment of idleness, because when God wants you to do something you won’t be able put your feet on the ground for dashing around… It’s all part of his plan!!! So good to have you visiting Africa again – love it!!!

  4. 10


    I have been lurking on your blog for several months and just wanted to let you know that your heart for Africa has led us to sponsor four (probably soon to be five) kiddos. Each of my daughters picked a same aged girl from Africa and then I was glancing through the kids that had been on the list for a long time and my heart broke for a little boy in India. We snatched him up too. My husband now tells me that he needs to pick a child…

    My heart is moved. Thank you!

  5. 12

    Shannon says

    Congratulations! Are there any temporary arrangements you can make so you don’t have to rush to find a house?

  6. 14

    Tara says

    Yet just more proof of the faith you have! You know He will take care of you and that everything will work out okay…it always does. Your decisions are guided by your desire to make a better life for your family and be a better servant to God and I would only think that great things are up ahead for you and your family. I admire your courage, faith and relentless energy to press forward and do such wonderful things. You inspire me! Prayers and best wishes to you on your upcoming trip and big move!


  7. 16

    Megan G. says

    So exciting! We’re in the midst of crazy with you – moving in 2 weeks. And our house was never on the market at all this time! Praying for God to show you the perfect new house!

  8. 17

    Jenn says

    Yeah, know how that feels. Our house sold in less than a week, but we didn’t set the closing date for a couple months after that. God has a plan, you’ll be just fine.

  9. 18


    Oh, my goodness! I feel like we are living parallel lives! Our house just sold in under a month, we have no idea where we are headed, & my husband is leaving for Haiti in 2 weeks! Nothing like a little craziness to keep the summer busy!

  10. 20


    Praying for you all, that God would continue to lead and guide you in the process. Obviously He has great plans going on here!!!!
    Continuing prayer for your Kenya trip also.
    God is Good.

  11. 21

    Nancy says

    That’s exciting. Crazy, but exciting! (Would expect no less from THAT family) We got a phone call last week from someone who is interested in buying our house…and we didn’t even have it up for sale! She took a tour, came back to measure for a pool and is bringing her hubby to see it this week. No idea where we’ll be going if they decide to buy it! But we’ve been talking about moving to a condo for about 8 years now. Maybe God got tired of all the talk and no action. Trusting one step at a time… Maybe you’re supposed to be moving to Kenya.

  12. 24

    Leslee says

    I will definitely be praying for you. We have some craziness at my house too with high school graduation, vacations, son leaving for the Marines, etc… My head is going to explode with it all. So…I can’t imagine all you are going through with your house sold, Kenya coming up, etc… I will diligently keep you in my prayers and be expectant in the answers God is going to provide. He has blessed you so much and is not gonna stop now. Deep breath and praise the One who holds you in His hands.

  13. 25

    Jack Foley says

    Congrats on a quick sale! What a blessing compared to it dragging out for months.

    My wife and I had a similar experience about eight years ago, except we mentioned the desire to sell to a friend who introduced us to a friend and we had it sold in a week – before we even listed the property.

    The subsequent panic to find a new place was insane. We were bent on getting into the next place.

    Problem is, in that rush, we ended up buying something that worked but really didn’t fit us well. We ended up selling it two years and two months later when we found what we actually wanted.

    I wish we had humbled ourselves and got into an apartment for several months and found a better solution in the first place. It would have saved thousands in transaction costs.

    Anyhow, my 2 cents from my suddenly sold home experience. Grace & Peace – Jack.

  14. 26

    Wendi says

    AWESOME!!!! God can move very quickly. :) Can’t wait to see where His next home is for you and your family. CrAzY can be a good thing. We will be praying for these next months and all it holds.

  15. 31

    Melissa says

    Wow. I just love it when God is so totally obvious about being in control. SO GOOD!!!

    Come to Dallas; I’ll start looking for a house in my neighborhood for you 😉

    Walk in peace with your eyes on Him. *He totally knows what He’s doing. He is not waiting for your input or your vote, just your obedience.*

    I. Can’t. Wait. To. See. What’s. Next.

    xoxo and PRAYERS!!!

  16. 32

    Caitlin says

    Grace and peace to you!!! God is good and he continually uses you to inspire me. Bring on the sweet tea :)

  17. 34

    Mary Jepperson says

    Only God…only God…oh the plans He has for you and yours, Kristen! The Holy Spirit continues to work out God’s plan in and thru y’all. It is a joy to watch and a blessing to participate in prayer support. Keep it coming girl! :-)

  18. 35


    Congrats on selling your house! I can totally relate! Our house sold after being on the market about a month…much faster than we expected. They made their offer the day my husband left for Honduras for a week! When my husband returned, we had less than a month to move out! It was crazy times, but so worth it! If I can handle it, I know you can! :) Hoping you and your family have a wonderful trip to Kenya, and that your move goes smoothly!

  19. 36


    Oh, and we found out we were expecting the day before we closed on the house and two days before we moved! 😀 So many unexpected surprises/blessings!

  20. 37


    How exciting!!! We have had our house on the market for 30 days and are praying for a buyer soon!! If not looks like we will be owning two houses at the same time!! I will be praying for you as you prepare for a trip and a move!!

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