WFMW: Our Favorite Summer Salad

Half my dishes are packed, we are living out of suitcases and my house is a wreck.

Ah, a hot summer with a bit of moving and missions work thrown in.

We have an easy, delicious fall-back meal that all five of us love.

Asian Chicken Summer Salad

1 large bag of cole slaw

1 bag of roasted almonds (salad topper)

1 bottle of Asian salad dressing (we use Ginger Sesame or whatever we can find)

1 bag of tortilla strips (optional, but yummy)

Chopped leftover grilled chicken or rotisserie chicken added.

Mix it all together, serve cold.

Last week, I doubled the recipe and it was plenty for 6-8 people.


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    Thank you for hosting! This week I have shared the following seasonal farm-to-table recipes that promote the benefits of good health through nutrition from eating fresh unprocessed seasonal produce:

    Fava Bean, Fennel and Pea Shoot Soup

    Grilled Asparagus Salad with Salsa Verde Vinaigrette

    Cucumber Herb Salsa Tacos

    Roasted Asparagus Leek Salsa Verde

    Happy cooking!
    The Intentional Minimalist

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