And Then We Served

This is my third year in a row to come to Kenya.

And while I know I will see poverty at every turn, it’s the suffering I’ll never get used to. Our girls at Mercy House have been rescued and redeemed, but we don’t ever want them to grow so comfortable with life, they forget the smell of the city and the pain of humanity outside our walls.

If you ever travel here, you will see suffering at every turn.

We traveled across the city to a home for disabled children to serve our community. These children are the castaways of society. Maureen admonished us to love these children well, not to let our fear of the unknown or fact that they are different stop us from serving.

But God sees them.

I’m not going to lie: it was hard. My eyes burned, my senses overwhelmed, my throat closed. I pushed away my fear and tried to be the hands of Jesus. I was so proud of my American and Kenyan family. They didn’t flinch when the air was filled with loud screams or a child drooled. They accepted without questions, they hugged and served and taught me so much.

My oldest pulled out her flute and held a mini-concert. The children rocked, the staff clapped. It was a first for many.

We praised the hard working staff. They do things to serve these children than I cannot even begin to describe. They received our feeble words of encouragement and soaked in our visit, begging us to come again.

We brought a van full of food and supplies. Your faithful support of Mercy House made this Community Service possible. Thank you for giving.


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    Jane says

    Kristen, thank you for taking the time to post. Every morning I look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing how God has used you each day. And your precious daughter playing her flute for the children – oh what a blessing she was the them! I am so thankful that when God asked, you said YES! I am so glad to know you (through your blog)!

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    You have had me in tears for weeks. I love this post. I love all the posts. I want to go with you to Africa next year…..and I am not kidding. I love that your daughter held a concert for all of them.
    I am so honored to know you and your family. You are all such an amazing example and Jesus definitely shines through all of you. I hope that you guys have a safe travel home.

  3. 3


    I’ve followed your story for a while and only commented maybe once or twice, but today I have to tell you that this is Beauty.

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    Carol Darden says

    This had me in tears in this morning. There is nothing more pure than the rescued reaching out to others. It is truly amazing.
    While I’ve loved seeing ALL the pictures of this trip, the ones of your children really touch me. The selflessness of a tween, the purity of the little one volunteering and the shaping of a son in ways the world doesn’t understand. Yes, the Mercy House has and is transforming eight girls lives in Kenya, but oh my, I see a family here that will forever be changed for the better.

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    Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing days of your trip. Every time I read you update from Kenya I think there are so many things you are doing right, with God’s grace and help. Praying for continued blessing on Mercy house; that the girls there may be blessed to be a blessing, just like you were on this day. Praying for your safe return as well. : )

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    I once visited a similar home in Guatemala for kids who had some type of disability and most of whom were orphans or abandoned by their families due to the disability. It was amazing to see the staff work with these kids, and so fulfilling to spend time with them. One of their smiles meant so much. Little things delighted the daylights outta them. It was spectacular and really made me examine my perspective on life.

  7. 10


    I’m crying right now as I read this. You are doing so much to make the world better and, best of all, you are teaching your children to give with hearts wide open.

    We applaud you from over here in Arizona.

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    Teresa says

    As a mom of a child with special needs in North America I am so grateful you and your family went full circle to support this program in Kenya. Your presence was an encouragement to the caregivers and clients.

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