On the Move

My calendar for the week:

P.S. “We love moving! Let’s do this every month!” –Said No One Ever.


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    This is a great idea! I always work better when I have things written out in front of me! This board is perfect! Did you make this??? I would love to copycat & have one of my own! Thanks for sharing this post! I really enjoy reading your blogs & posts. I came across your post b/c a facebook friend of mine was looking for blogs to read. Someone suggested you, b/c her husband either went to school with you or your husband….I can’t remember which one….but long story short, I have really enjoyed your posts. The biggest blessing you have been to me was when you posted the Union28 information. Do you know when you will be having another Union28 coupon? I really enjoy wearing the shirt I got from them. I get a lot of compliments on it & always share where I found it! I need to get a short sleeved one! That site really keeps me in check about keeping a Godly…fun marriage. Good luck with the move! I know those can be crazy!! God Bless!

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    haven’t moved manytimes in my life (and not at all in the last 15 years), andi t just wears me out to think of it. taking time to pray for you right now….

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    Jane says

    OK, Kristen…don’t know if I missed the post telling us where you are moving??? You are not leaving the sweet-tea-drinking state of Txas, are you???

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      kristen says

      Still in Texas :) Just a smaller town down the road….we wanted our kids to have a smaller school district among other things…

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    I feel your pain! We are in week three of unpacking!!! Of course, my children are all away for the summer and in college, so I don’t feel a real big need to unpack their stuff we moved with us!!! Someday!!!

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    Laughing, but not really. I was an MK growing up. We moved on average about every 2 1/2 years–sometimes more often than that.

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    Yeah, I’m a missionary now. We’ve moved 7 times in the last 5 years and probably will before the end of the year (renting in Peru is not as reliable as you might think). It’s not so bad. I actually like knowing that I get to reevaluate everything, set up and clean out. It’s a refreshing, rewarding process. But it is tiring; I’ll give you that! And frustrating when you need something specific and can’t for the life of you dig it out. : ) Good music helps!

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    We moved in January of this year after almost 10 years at our past home. We hired packers but had to unpack. Oh man…it took me so long on my own but thankfully I had friends who came over to help me unpack and organize. I’d STILL be unpacking without them. Praying for you guys :)

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    Teresa says

    Ha! One of our moves was just next door. Doesn’t matter. Same stuff needs to me packed and moved, and unpacked and set up. :)

    Saying prayers for you and your family for a smooth transition and strength to keep you moving!

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