The Power of Forgiveness

I shared with you her beautiful story.

I’ve seen the transformation with my own eyes.

It’s breathtaking.

But hearing it in her own words, seeing her chubby son, thrive, it leaves me speechless.

And it reminds me what I need to hear the most today: He is good and this is His.


If you’re holding onto unforgiveness today, let it go.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” -Lewis Smedes



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    Mary Jepperson says

    “There’s a bit of Charity in all of us”. Mercy House…where lives are transformed. Thank You, Father!

  2. 7


    Wonderful…just wonderful! I loved watching the video. Seeing women like this helps to put my life into perspective. Forgiveness is SUCH a hard thing to do, but who are we to withold it when we’ve been forgiven so much? Praise the Lord for His neverending mercies and forgiveness in our lives. Thanks for posting this!

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