WFMW: Cupcake 101

[This post required a fair amount of um, research. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it.]

I used to get frustrated with eating cupcakes because I like to eat icing with every bite of cake. This always proved to be difficult because I always had cake leftover. I want to share THE PERFECT way to eat a cupcake and get icing with every bite: I give you a cupcake sandwich.

This might just change your cupcake-eating life:

Step 1: Make/Buy a cupcake.

Step 2: Remove cupcake wrapper.

Step 3: Carefully break off bottom half of cake. Seriously.

Step 4: Press broken half of cake ON TOP of icing, where icing is in the middle of two cake halves

photo source

Step 5: Eat.

Step 6: Repeat often.

Cupcake sandwiches work for me!

edited repost


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