Be a Part of Something Beautiful {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Liz (comment 18) & Kirsten (comment 32) have been randomly selected as the winners of this giveaway.

I don’t believe every Christian in the world is supposed to adopt.

But I believe we are all called to do something to care for the poor and defend orphans.

One amazing way to do that is by giving financially or shopping a worthy cause.

The Adopt Shoppe has been a long-time advertiser on my blog, with the purpose of the shop to help bring one little baby boy home.

I’m happy to announce that is happening very soon! The Adopt Shoppe will be closing soon, so here’s your last chance to help support a great cause.

From The Adopt Shoppe FB page: With our impending travel to Taiwan to pick up Maddox, I’ve decided to shut down my shop for an indefinite period of time on Saturday, August 25, 2012. WeΒ are still $2,000 short and I will still be taking orders in my shop through next Friday. They will be shipped out within 14 days of placing your order.

In celebration of one more orphan finding his forever home, today I’m giving away two $25 gift certificates to The Adopt Shoppe.

Beautiful freshwater pearl and hemp bracelets:

I love this inspirational print in the Shoppe:

Step into someone’s story and make a difference today. Welcome Max home in the comments and that will be your entry!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 159

    Sara Ozbun says

    Welcome home Baby Max! I have followed the Adopt Shoppe for some time and am so excited for the blessing God has for this family…welcome home baby boy! I don’t even know your family, but I know you are LOVED!

  2. 162

    Hannah says

    Welcome home! I am so happy for you guys! One day when i’m older and want children this will be part of my inspiration to adopt from the same place i was adopted from. :)

  3. 165

    Kaysey says

    I have purchased two necklaces in the shape of Guatemala from the adopt shoppe! I love them both and was so sad to hear that she will be closing down. I’m VERY excited that the family will be bringing home their newest member!

  4. 166

    Vanessa Gooch says

    What a beautiful story! Welcome home sweet little Maddox! It is clear that God has great plans for you!

  5. 167

    Jenny McDonald says

    Welcome to your new family, baby Maddox! Also, safe travels to you and your new family. What a blessing life is!

  6. 169

    Kristy Lynn says

    Welcome home beautiful baby Max! Praying for your family’s safe travels as they bring you home and for God to provide for every need for your family! May the Lord pour out abundant blessings over you Max and your family!! May your life be filled with lots of love!!!

  7. 173

    Pamela says

    Welcome Home Sweet Maddox! You are going to be blessed with the best Mommy and Daddy ever! I can’t wait to see
    your smiling face! Have a safe trip home<3

  8. 174

    Casey says

    Welcome home, Max! I’m so excited for you to be with your forever family. I used to work for an adoption agency so hearing about families uniting is very special to my heart. :)

    I love everything in the shop!

  9. 181

    Roberta Fanelli says

    Oh.So.Excited for you and your family Kate!!! My heart is full as the time has come for you to GO GET MAX and bring him home to love on him FOREVER!!! I will miss your shop as I have done MUCH shopping and LOVE every piece I have purchased….LOVE that all of our purchases meant more than just shopping!! Praying you are holding Max soon…welcome home sweet Max YOU ARE LOVED!! :)
    Roberta :)

  10. 185

    Sasha says

    I am adopted too & it feels so good to know that you are chosen to be loved just as God chooses to love us! Welcome home Maddox!

  11. 186


    Welcome home sweet, Max! I have been inspired by your beautiful designs with such an incredible purpose behind each piece. We are in the process of adopting a child internationally, in the waiting stages after the referral right now, and look forward to the moment when we meet our little in a few more months. Blessings to your family as this exciting new chapter opens up in your lives.

  12. 188

    Michelle says

    Welcome home Max! A place where you will grow into the Godly man He created you to be with your specially chosen family!

  13. 189

    Shannon says

    What a blessing your story has been to me. As I read your final good bye’s from facebook my heart is filled with so much joy for you and your family. Cherish each and every moment and know that God is watching over you and your new baby boy. Welcome home baby Maddox.

  14. 190

    Emily Murphy says

    I am SOOO excited for your family. Welcome home Max!!! You are a inspiration to me with all that you do to spread God’s love. You are an amazing mom and I know that Max will be loved beyond words!!

  15. 197

    Pamela Singer says

    We serve a great and awesome God. That He would make a precious baby on the other side of the world and then provide a way for Maddox to find his forever home right here in Missouri. Wow! Praises to God! And God’s blessing to your family.

  16. 201

    Kylie says

    Welcome Max! So glad you get to experience grace in this way, may your life with your family be forever blessed!

  17. 202

    Donna Lee says

    “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me; When as yet there was not one of them.” Ps. 139: 16
    Welcome, Maddox, to the family God ordained for you before He ever created you!

  18. 203

    Rachel says

    What a great story! I know that Max will enjoy getting to hear about his arrival and all the people who welcomed him! Welcome Max! I know that you are so special to your parents and others that have hear about you but most of all you are special to God!

  19. 206

    Jennfer Yzbick says

    Welcome home Maddox! You are such a precious boy!

    What a blessing, what a joy and miracle to consider that God created you in part, to raise this precious young boy. I pray for wisdom, unity and strength for you and your husband. I pray for blessings over your household and joy in the lives of all your children. I pray that your adoption would demonstrate the love God has for us and show others how WE have been adopted into Christ’s family.

    Blessings to you and your family.
    Know that you are an encouragement to many.

  20. 208

    Elise says

    Welcome home baby Max!

    I’m a new follower of your blog and so I hadn’t heard of the Adopt Shoppe before. It’s beautiful stuff.

  21. 210

    Kiki B says

    Before your parents chose you, God chose them for this special task of loving you forever – and most important, he chose YOU to be His for always. Blessings and peace and love little one. You are precious in His sight.

  22. 211

    marky says

    What a beautiful and exciting time ! Praying for safe travels for all and for God to bless this family that he put together! Also fo all the funds to be met!

  23. 212

    Kandi says

    JUST found your shop a couple of weeks ago… can’t believe you will be closing but tottally understand! You do BEAUTIFUL work! Have a great time with Max and group this next year or so will come and go before you know it.

  24. 217

    Sarah McD says

    So happy for Max to have his family!!! Adoption is such a wonderful thing – the impact of adoption on my life has been absolutely priceless, and so excited to see families continuing to love children into their families!!

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