Get Your Groove On {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Racquel, Kristene and Tess have been randomly selected as the winners of Toby Mac’s new CD. And comment 10, Amy, is the winner of the brick of Toby Mac CD’s. Congratulaitons!

I was going to post a video of me dancing to Toby Mac’s new album.

But I didn’t want to give y’all The Motion Sickness.

Or make you jealous.

Instead, you’ll have to listen and imagine me all gangster rap in my Ann Taylor Capri’s. Yo. (I’ve learned that by randomly throwing Yo out in a sentence, my kids turn beet red. I have no idea why).


Today, I’m super excited to give away some Toby Mac loot!

He just happens to be on tour in my town and we are hoping to go to his concert! Today, one lucky winner will get a brick of Toby Mac’s CD’s (which includes all 8 of his albums, plus a signed single of Me Without You). Plus, three winners will receive his new CD Eye On It.

Listen here.

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite TobyMac song it as your entry.

This giveaway ends Tuesday.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by EMI Music. They don’t tell me what to say. Yo.


  1. 151

    Barb says

    We love Toby Mac! One of the first songs I thought of was ‘Hold On.’
    Oh, how the Father does adore you
    His love will never change

  2. 157


    We LOVE Toby Mac and we like to get FuNkY while we jam with him! My favorite on this album is a toss up between Forgiveness and Speak Life, so please don’t make me pick one:). Thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous weekend!

  3. 158

    chelsey says

    my husband and i have grown up with tobymac and have been having a blast introducing him to our little ones (4&2). our family’s current favorite song is ‘hype man’. my little guy LOVES singing, ‘i’m gonna pop a wheelie’. :)

  4. 165

    Vanessa Gooch says

    I love Toby Mac! I don’t know if I can pick one favourite song as I love them all. He is such an incredibly diverse, Christ-centered musician! ‘Lose Your Soul’ has some sentimental value, as it is my three year old’s favourite song and she belts it out everywhere. So cool hearing your 3 year old belting out ‘I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul’ in the supermarket! :o)

  5. 167

    Julia Reffner says

    My favorite song is “Lose Your Soul.” It has a special meaning to me as God used this song to speak to me about what’s truly important in life as I served on the jury of a murder one trial. Powerful!

  6. 170

    Teresa says

    Toby Mac is reletively new to me (I know, I know, Where have I been?) my 13 yr. old introduced me to him on Air 1 and his ipod. I would be super excited to share ALL his music with him!

  7. 176

    Katie G says

    Well that was very difficult to just choose one! My children and I were dancing around, and then they would get so sad when the song would end =( .

    I believe our favorite is, “Me Without You”. Just because it is frequently played on the radio and we all know the words to it.

  8. 177

    Marc Daniel says

    It is difficult to choose. But definitely I’ll go with ”Me Without You”.. Please let me win.. God is super willing. Amen

  9. 185

    Jen A. says

    Since you didn’t specify that the song had to be from his newest album, can I pick one of his old-school DC Talk songs? I love anything Toby puts out, but have to say that I love “In the Light”. My kids love the songs that his song does, and I would be hard pressed to name very many other artists that we like more than him. : )

  10. 187

    Jeanine says

    I really like City on Our Knees. Lots of great memories through a major tough time in our lives. I liked to crank it and forget my troubles. I’m sure that people wondered about the older lady listening to Toby Mac with her stereo cranked, but I just didn’t care. :)

  11. 199


    I think EVERYone in our family loves Toby Mac! My personal favorite is I’m for You from Portable Sounds. Would love to win this! Thanks!

  12. 201

    Tess says

    City on our Knees is my favorite. I am praying so much to win Toby Mac’s Discography.. please, I would love to win :)
    God bless

  13. 204

    Staci says

    My favorite thing is listening to my 7 year old sing Me with out you. I need to get the CD so I can learn the song and sing along!

  14. 211


    Loved him in DC Talk, and now my 5-year-old, 10-year-old and 12-year-old love “Me Without You.” It will forever remind me of the summer of 2012!

  15. 214

    Heather Smith says

    I love all his stuff but my current favorite is “Me Without You” Can’t help but dance when you hear that!

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