Last Day of Summer: Go Out With a Bang!

Supplies Needed:

2 Liter of Diet Soda (regular soda is sticky)

A package of Mentos Candy

A Geyser Tube (to control spray and for safety)

An adult (this is a fun experiment, but please supervise)

And then we celebrated our last day of summer by taking turns doing tricks on the trampoline. My hubby went for the kill.

My trick was jumping without peeing.

Y’all have a happy weekend!



  1. 1


    Your trick is also mine. Ever since giving birth 10 months ago, I can’t even jog around the block without thinking about the bladder factor. I sure hope I’ll remember to do Kegels soon if I ever hope to jog again.

  2. 3

    Jane says

    So glad I am not the othe one with this problem! My girls always want me to jump with them, and I always say, “I can’t jump without peeing my pants!” They think its pretty funny. Not!

  3. 4

    Karen says

    We LOVED mentos and diet coke….have you seen these youtube videos? There are more, but here is one of them….

  4. 5

    Karen says

    And …I had a tansvaginal taping for my bladder about 7 years ago! BEST decision I made and VERY easy recovery!

  5. 6

    Liz Rondeau says

    That mentos trick is a favorite of my kids too…have you ever heard of slo mo guys on YouTube…they do the mentos thing and then show it in super slow motion…it’s pretty cool to see.

  6. 8


    My kids made up something called “Prank All Night” to celebrate the end of summer. They had a sleepover — all 4 of the siblings — in the boys’ room. They each planned pranks to do in the night. They had to be safe and not things that would hurt someone’s feelings. About 11pm – they were getting too sleepy to prank, so I opened the bedroom door and dumped tons of confetti on top of them and their sleeping bags. Moments later, one of the children, quietly walked out a dumped the recycled confetti on me. I quickly made a sign that said, “Wink if I’m sexy,” and stuck it on my husband’s back. Kids thought it was hysterical. I put about 100 marbles under my 12 year old’s fitted sheet and when he tried to get back in bed everyone had a big laugh. There was about an hour of total chaos at our house – with both kids and parents involved. My favorite part was when my eight year old made a sign and stuck it on her dad’s back. It said, “Kick my butt ox.”

  7. 13


    Oh- that would be my trick too!
    We’re celebrating the end of summer with a trip to a local drive-in with the best homemade root beer around. Then the night before we start school we have a back-to-school dinner where we try to eat the alphabet- meaning we try to put something with every letter- like ABC is Amazing BBQ Chicken, I is ice cubes, F is fork, N is Napkin, Z is zucchini…. you get the drift. The kids look forward to this every year and so do we!

  8. 16


    Oh gosh! So much fun! I had to stop the trampoline thing a bit ago….I blamed it on birthing 3 — 10lb babies! That’ll change some things!! 😉

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