Mercy Shop Grand Re-Opening Sale {Giveaway}

UPDATE: The following comments have been randomly selected as winners of this giveaway: 30, 57, 78, 89, and 95. Congratulations Lisa, Melody, Deb, Andrea P. and Hannah – an email has been sent your way.

16 miracles.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the heavy responsibility of helping to provide for these beautiful young moms of Mercy House. It’s an honor. It’s also scary. When I was in Kenya this summer, the girls came to me, one-by-one, asking, “When I leave here, how will I provide for my baby?” I didn’t have all the answers, but I promised we would do everything we could to help.

While Maureen and I work diligently on a tailored long-term plan for each of our girls, they work hard on their studies, take care of their babies, and learn skills. Each girl can cook, clean, sew, make jewelry and a host of other items. They will soon be  choosing either a higher education academic or vocational tract to help them develop interests and talents.

Our girls spend a couple of hours a day making beautiful items we export to America and sell at The Mercy Shop.

Today we are celebrating reopening our Shop by introducing new items! We are having a big sale and putting some of last year’s items on clearance. This is a tangible way to bring a bit of Africa to your home and life and also help provide for our young families. It’s a great because when you purchase an item to give or keep, you bless twice.

Check out some of our new items:

Beautiful bangle bracelets made from recycled magazines and wood. $12 each:

Beautiful and unique Love Mercy Sari Bags (in partnership with Freeset): $22 each (4 designs)

Our super cool Heart& Wings new women’s fit, v-neck comfy tee, $20:

Mercy Made This Happen” Unisex shirt (made by Freeset): $20

Handcrafted Greeting Cards (sets of 3) $10:

Plus, many more items on sale and clearance!

100% of the proceeds from the Mercy Shop are returned to Kenya. We put the money towards paying the (high) monthly rent on our property and house, as well as set aside a portion of every sale in an account for each of our girl’s future.

Today, FIVE lucky readers will win their choice of t-shirt and Sari bag.

To be entered, please share this post on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, Pin or email it to a friend. We are trying to get the word out about Mercy Shop reopening! Leave a comment with how you shared it to be entered.

Plus, for a short period, use this code: REGRAND to get 20% off your order!

This giveaway ends on Friday.

photos by my friend of Suzanne Box Photography


  1. 8

    Shiloh Fairbanks says

    I gladly shared on Facebook! These ladies are so talented! They remind me of my old nursing girlfriends from Kenya. They made great artifacts, too! I still have a beaded bracelet. What a fabulous cause! Best wishes to all these beautiful miracles in Kenya!

  2. 11

    yolande says

    I shared on facebook– oh my goodness– what beautiful bags and winged heart t-shirts! Praying for you all and thankful for what God is doing– nothing is impossible for Him; how great is His love for these lovely young women and their precious children. One day we will all see things as God sees them. What a glorious day that will be.

  3. 22

    kate nowak says

    Hi Kristen!

    I love the new items!!!

    I shared this on FB and re-tweeted it (@katydid99)

    Have a great day!

    Kate N.

  4. 39


    I shared on FB and tweeted! Prayerfully I can get a blog post up this week (in between the new Jen Hatmaker study and a giveaway!) on the Grand Re-opening! Thanks for ANOTHER giveaway….you’re too “giving”!

  5. 42

    Sarah Noll says

    Good Morning! This is such amazing work you are doing! The world is a better place because of you. I shared this with friends on facebook. I love the tshirt.

  6. 45

    Ashley Parker says

    I shared on facebook! I already placed an order for early Christmas gifts too- excited the shop is open again!

  7. 48

    Hannah says

    So thankful for the work that you all are doing ! It is very touching and inspiring! Shared this with my friends on facebook!

  8. 50

    Aileen says

    Tweeted! Already ordered the Sari bag, but would love one for my daughter. Have the original women’s t shirt and people ask where I got it. Praying they follow up, pray, and support!

  9. 54

    Tiffany C says

    Shared on facebook and pinned to pintrest! Now to get on and go shopping! What a fun way to support such a beautiful ministry!

  10. 70

    Johanna says

    I pinned you on a couple of my Pinterest boards (I don’t twitter or do Facebook). Excited to see the shop re-opened.

  11. 85


    I shared on Facebook and tweeted before I even knew about the giveaway. I HATE that I didn’t get the shirt last year so I bought a bag this year as soon as I saw it.

    Prayers for you, Kristen, and the sweet girls in Kenya.

  12. 91

    Rachael says

    I just tweeted a link to this post! And going to go share on fb right now :) I think I’ll buy a shirt, too!!

  13. 96


    I facebooked about the re-grand opening of Mercy Shop! I love your new items. I even shared with them with someone I didn’t know well today! Hoping you continue to do such inspiring and grace-filled ministry! Blessings to you.

  14. 98

    Vicki says

    I FB the re-opening and also made a pin for all my friends to see!
    Praying the re-opening goes well and Mercy House is blessed beyond. :)

  15. 110


    I tweeted and shared to Facebook and Google Plus (though I know that wasn’t one of the recommended methods).

    I LOVE the Mercy House and I love the new items! Praying for the girls, and that all things will work out for them as they each prepared to leave in time.

  16. 114

    Pamela says

    I sent an email to a pen-pal. I really love the Sari Bag with the dark red trim that has the large flowers on it. They are all so pretty! Thank you for the nice giveaway and Congrats on the Re-Opening!

  17. 123


    I FB, Tweeted, G+, and pinned!! I hope it generates a lot of new interest for you and the group…what a GREAT ministry you have there, and may God continue to bless it!! <3

  18. 129


    I am a little archaic…no FB…no Tweet…but I did email this to a couple of friends…as an extended family they buy nieces and nephews gifts that give back…i thought they might like to do some early christmas shopping…love what God has done here…and how someone just willing to open their heart to Him…to others can make a big difference. blessings as you continue to follow His heart.

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