Move Along, Thieves

I spent this week (the last week before the last week of summer) hanging out with my kids and rolling my eyes at the to do list that continues to grow.

We swam and made this fun treat (great arm workout) and painted pottery, among other things.

And then my kids showed me how easy it is for a burglar to get into our new front door.


So, um, we need to fix that this weekend.

Not that I’m worried (attention all robbers who might read mom blogs), clearly we have killer canine protection.

Y’all have a happy weekend!


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    karen says

    Kristen, not sure what your plan to “fix” that issue is, but you could go as simple as those little sensors that you place on the door jam that set off a crazy siren when the door is opened. They are like $7 at Home Depot or Lowes (just search for “door alarm” on their site).

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    Eek! That door is perfect for what my husband calls “category 1″ robbers who just happen to take up clear and obvious opportunities. Hope you get that fixed soon!

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    I feel your pain. When we were moving into our house one of our friends demonstrated how easy it was to open the window beside the door, push in the screen and walk right through. It took us a little longer to get there then the guys with the other truck. One of our friends decided to see if he could get in and start unloading. It was so much fun to drive up to our new house and see our friends already in it without the key :) We quickly learned that we need to lock our window or thieves can just stroll right in.
    In addition to a door alarm I would suggest a lock of some sort. We got some sliding locks at the hardware store that work well on windows.

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