New Doors of Opportunity {Big Giveaway}

UPDATE:  The following comment numbers have randomly been selected as winners: 93, 119, 136, 147, 162, 167, 170, 174, 177 and 198.  Congratulations Caroline, Tamara, Cheryl, Lisa, Anita, Cari, Julie, Maria, Crystal and Becky – an email has been sent your way.

Whew. I don’t ever want to move again.

Can I be exhausted now?

I have 237 things to do, but I’ve been wanting to add this little beauty that Dayspring sent me to my new door for weeks now.

Moving and changing your life a little always opens new opportunities. I’m excited about some of the new doors opening in my life.

In celebration of my new door of opportunity (and yours), Dayspring is offering an exclusive sale on the Doorknocker for ONLY $5.99. Reg. price: $14.99. Great deal, huh? Use code: Welcome60

There is no limit on how many can be purchased and shipping charges do apply.

Plus, I’m giving TEN away today!

Just leave a comment and let me know what new doors you’re knocking on…


  1. 151

    d says

    Newest door is my son is starting kindergarten. He’s my third to send to school and it does not get any easier!!! My daughter is still as home and we will miss the boys together.

  2. 152

    Emmeline says

    Knocking on the door my baby girl reaching two (almost)… New opportunities for me to learn patience and fall on God’s provident grace and mercy!

  3. 153


    A new school year, kicked off with a trip to Maine first!!
    I love your new door!
    Hope you find some peace this week!

  4. 155

    Nancy says

    Funny you should post this today. We’re moving to a condo in about a week and a half and we went to take a look at it last night (only the 2nd time we’ve looked at it!) to make sure we knew what we were getting into. As we were walking out the door the realtor told us the owners wanted to take the door knocker, which was fine since it didn’t have our name on it. We’ll probably be doing a lot of knocking on my parents’ door as they’ll only be 5 doors away. New territory for sure!

  5. 156

    Rachel says

    My youngest is starting school. I’ll be home alone during the days and I’m terrified that I’ll fall into a routine of laziness. It’s easy for me to do that, even with kids at home. I have some great ideas for some things to do, but I’m always better at ideas than execution. I’ll have more freedom to do things to serve my family better, but that freedom scares me a little.

  6. 157

    jennifer says

    We have a new church. We are all learning, and our unity is astounding. Love love love those people! And in the middle our pastor and his wife are moving into a new house:)

  7. 158

    Anita says

    My husband is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and my three girls and I will be moving to be closer to family. Move #8 in 11 years of marriage! We have learned where ever we are is home. Feel your pain and know just how tired you are! Get some rest!

    • 158.1

      K Bryant says

      Thank you to your husband for serving our nation and thank you to you for supporting him! Prayers and blessings to you and your family!

  8. 161

    Wendi says

    We have started back to homeschooling this week, and we are getting ready to host a Teen Girl’s Bible Study at our home. So exciting!!! Can’t wait to see what other doors God is opening for us.

  9. 162


    My oldest is starting his senior year of high school — a major accomplishment for him (and for us as we being doing IEPs for last 15 years! {He just happens to have Down Syndrome.} My middle son is starting Junior High this year and my youngest will be entering 5th grade and for the first time venturing off to school without a big brother (he and the middle one are separated by 2 years, well 23 months).

  10. 164

    Jessica P. says

    My husband and I are expecting our very first child- a baby girl! We have been praying for her, and she will be such a gift from God!

  11. 165

    Julie says

    Knocking on my door are new orders with the Navy…back to a green side clinic with Navy medicine. And in a few months the birth of my next little one. So excited for them both and waiting on the opportunities the Lord will put before me. :o)

  12. 168

    Sharon O says

    Oh I am knocking on guest posting doors and taking a huge risk. What is behind the door when someone opens it up?
    A wonderful surprise.
    He IS my refuge… love it.

  13. 169

    Maria says

    Sending my oldest (and only girl) off to college next week all the way across the country. : ( We homeschool and this is a big adjustment for all of us.

  14. 170


    I’m knocking on the door of my hubby heading back to school (he’s a teacher) after a wonderful summer off. Hoping to find a good, new routine with my kids, including dabbling with homeschool a little with my 3 year old.

  15. 171

    Christine says

    Our newest door is getting my 18 year old son ready to go to Australia with YWAM for 5 months. Life keeps changing when you have older teens/young adults coming and going. My daughter was away for 5 months last year with YWAM. This start of empty nesting is a new experience for our entire family. So thankful to God for the awesome experiences .

  16. 174


    Oh new doors I’m knocking on…the oldest boy is 3rd year of college, second boy is in his senior year of high school and baby girl is starting 2nd grade.
    I will be taking on more of a home-schooling role for the second child this year. So it might be stressful…he’s gonna be kicking & screaming all the way to next May. PRAY for us!


  17. 175

    Brittany says

    I am going back to work as a 1st grade teacher after being a SAHM! Excited for the new school year!

    And YES, you can be exhausted and a nap or two should be in order! :)

  18. 177


    My family is knocking on the door of Church Planting! Woot Woot!
    We are currently sitting…waiting…to sell our house in our current town {any suggestions ;o) } so we can move to the new town where we plan to plant the church. We believe relationships is the key to meeting needs, which is what The Church is all about, right!?!

  19. 180

    Renata says

    I started a new job this year after 2 years of unemployment due to the recession! A knock on the door has opened for me for a new world and career full of possiblities!

  20. 182

    Caroline says

    My newest door is at work. We’re hiring, so I’m doing the interviews.

    I hope your move went well.

  21. 183


    That new door knocker is beautiful! A new book 31 Days to a Happy Husband. A new Bible school club at my kids public elementary school – brand new for this year – we are up to 70 kids!

  22. 185


    Praying for a quick finish to the 237 things on your list!! The doorknocker is lovely, by the way. I think I might have to share this one on FB.

  23. 186

    Sharon says

    A new door of opportunity for me right now is caring for my mentally disabled sister-in law. She is living with us and has decided she does not like me. Even though I go out of my way to show her kindness. It is so challenging, hurtful and hard not to resent her intrusive and insulting behavior. A new opportunity for me to rely totally on God, trusting Him to give me the strength and stamina to get through each day. Counting my blessings daily, grateful that God has placed me here….this time, this place. Asking God to do His work in me. To use me in this opportunity to show His grace…as He has shown me grace in my life…learning forgiveness as He has freely forgiven me.

  24. 189

    Angie McDaniel says

    I’m knocking on the door of a new, exciting school year at the high school I work at! It’ ll be challenging, but I know the Lord will give me everything that I need to do a good job!

  25. 190

    Jennifer Ott says

    Well…my hubby has a new job, is starting school, we are starting to homeschool 3 kiddos (while keeping the 4th out of trouble), going to a new church and leading a Bible study. That’s enough new for me!

  26. 191

    Kris says

    House remodel project, homeschooling three children, and slow but steady healing in our wounded marriage. Lots of doors with surprises behind them!

  27. 193


    This is just lovely! Our new door–a nine week old baby girl:) She is sweet and perfect and demanding as only a little girl can be:)

  28. 195

    Kyla says

    Knocking of the door of deepening my faith in His protection for my son – he just got his driver’s license ! I have to pray constantly and try to remember that he belongs to God anyway as he heads out that door into the world…

  29. 198

    Sasha Seward says

    The new door I am knocking on is being a mom to two boys with the arrival of my second son on November 2.

  30. 199

    Nicole Gaylord says

    I’m knocking on the door of my oldest starting middle school. Praying for him and all the life lessons that seem to come along with it. My third (of 4) startss 1st grade at a new school and is very anxious about it. He has a lot of anxiety in new situations so I’m praying for strength, courage and peace for him.

  31. 200

    Stacy says

    We are knocking on the door of a new home. Our offer was accepted and now we wait…we have been looking for 7 years!!!

  32. 201


    New school year of training future teachers, new school year for the kids, new blog…. and I pray a new year committed to exercise!

  33. 202


    new doors –
    1 -renting out our basement as a suite to a newlywed couple in ministry… so our back door is now their front door!
    2 – and moving to the next province to be with my hub where he works.

  34. 204

    Jen says

    We are working on getting back into a ministry we walked away from 10 years ago. We let ourselves be led away from it, and have been living for ourselves since then, but are now following GOD’S leading back!

  35. 205

    Beth Vogt says

    New door (s): my husband just became senior pastor at our church…..doors galore right there! my oldest daughter starting first grade, my youngest daughter starting kindergarten. Me, trying to not to second -guess myself, but to always and only TRUST GOD. (our VBS theme this summer)

  36. 207

    amanda says

    I’m knocking on the door of the house we bought that had to be gutted and praying one day we get to live in it!!!lol

  37. 209

    Jen L. says

    I would actually like to gift this to a friend if I won. She impresses me with her positive attitude and faith in God even though her family has been going through some really difficult financial troubles the past few years. She has three children, babysits another child full time and is a Thirty-One consultant. She is so bogged down somedays but the family has managed to keep their house. I can picture this on their front door perfectly.

  38. 210

    Kelly says

    how funny is the timing of your post…a possible job change after 13 years, my husband going back to school, wondering if my kids are in the right school and considering the possibility of changing….just asking God to show me what doors he wants me to go through.

  39. 211

    Jenny Ostell says

    We are knocking on the door of our new home! We moved in a couple of months ago and the house is still a total mess, but we managed to start our 1st grade and Kindergarten homeschool year this week. I’m still figuring out how to manage schooling with a new baby as well. Lots of new doors around here!! I would love to win that cute knocker!

  40. 215

    Julie says

    I’m knocking on the door to my oldest son starting 1st grade and I am so nervous because everyone has said it’s a whole different world from kindergarten for them!

  41. 216

    catherine s. says

    I am knocking on the door on whether to re-enter the work world (pt or ft) after working from home…my only DD is beginning full time school in the fall…and I’ve given the answer to many, many hours of prayer and opening my heart – and intent listening to what God has in His plan for me. I am ready for whatever door HE may open for me…who knows, work may not be in His plans the way I have defined it. Exciting!

    Thank you for the chance to win – love your blog!

    catherine s.

  42. 217

    Johanna says

    We just moved for the second time in 13 months. First from TX to DC, then from DC to FL. Big Moves. And we moved our oldest off to Honduras for a year.

    Lots of doors around here, yes ma’am, and at least *one* of them could use a new knocker! :)

  43. 220


    Hi Kristen,

    New doors in our life: working at bible camp so kids can learn about Jesus, renovating an old army base duplex into a farmhouse for our large family, homeschooling my ten and thirteen year old this coming year and considering inviting aging mother-in-law to move into our home. I’d love to hang one of those on my “new” front door.

    Thanks, Amy

  44. 221

    Rebecca says

    Gonna start our 13th year of homeschooling! It’s not exactly “new” but I just graduated my oldest and am now starting my littlest in Kindergarten so we are going at it all over again….I’m excited!

  45. 222


    Knocking on the door of opportunity for the youngest as we allow him to start sports….just how we’re going to get everyone to everything this fall + have family time is beyond my thought process at this point! Thanks for the giveaway, if it’s still going

  46. 223


    What a lovely door knocker!!

    My husband and I JUST moved from the U.S. to the country of Turkey. We will be teachers at an international school. The past two days have been filled with new opportunities to learn and adjust to our new home.

  47. 224

    Gloria says

    I am knocking on the door of a new home that we are starting in Taiwan for unwed pregnant moms!! And we are naming it The Refuge, so I am sooo pumped that I just stumbled across your blog and saw this door knocker!! Our name for our home also comes from Psalm 91! I hope this giveaway isn’t over yet?! Thank you! And also saw that your home is called Mercy House which is the name we are using from Hosea for the home for the babies!! Helloo, how cool and crazy! :)

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