New Doors of Opportunity {Big Giveaway}

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Whew. I don’t ever want to move again.

Can I be exhausted now?

I have 237 things to do, but I’ve been wanting to add this little beauty that Dayspring sent me to my new door for weeks now.

Moving and changing your life a little always opens new opportunities. I’m excited about some of the new doors opening in my life.

In celebration of my new door of opportunity (and yours), Dayspring is offering an exclusive sale on the Doorknocker for ONLY $5.99. Reg. price: $14.99. Great deal, huh? Use code: Welcome60

There is no limit on how many can be purchased and shipping charges do apply.

Plus, I’m giving TEN away today!

Just leave a comment and let me know what new doors you’re knocking on…


  1. 2


    Next week my daughter starts kindergarten and my son starts preschool! That means six hours a week when my kids aren’t with me … and I will be waking up regularly to an alarm clock for the first time in FIVE years. Talk about a new season! :)

  2. 3


    You have a way of stabbing at my heart. I ♥ door knockers and always give them away as wedding gifts but have never owned one myself. The door I seem to be knocking on lately is the door marked “God’s Will”. It has to do with some big trust issues. I’m a pastor’s wife…I’m human….I struggle. Nough said.

  3. 4


    So cute!!! We’ve moved many times…the last one 4 years ago wad an unwelcome doozy.
    Two terns settled and happy here…verylong process for oldestvoming from Pacific northwest to Midwest. Husband interviewing for job in another state. They are14 and 17 and would be crushed. Buyer are trusting God to show us the path.

  4. 5


    We are about to build outside a small town we don’t know much about. Where we currently live has a median income about twice where we are going, and we ain’t made it to median yet. I think the new opportunities to meet others that don’t cause my kids to covet (and myself) will be a welcome thing.

  5. 7


    Boy, God’s been blowing my doors out of the water!!
    My husband has started a new job, with a brand new position, with the company he works with. I don’t generally mind moving, and felt God’s prompting it all along, so being the obedient, supportive wife, didn’t hesitate on the outside, but on the inside I will miss our church, community, family here – the move will put us about 10 hours from the grandkids – but it’s an amazing career move for him – and the kids are all missional, so who KNOWS where they will end up!!
    I KNEW God had work for him, but didn’t know how He would use me, or IF HE would…maybe it was going to be a season of rest for me? I’ve been serving at church in charge of our Missionary Care ministry – and not many churches have anything like it (at all). My husband has already found a great church to attend, and they are very missional. If they don’t already have someone engaging their church body with loving their missionaries – well, then I’ll present it to them!
    We listed the house, and *poof* it’s sold. Not even a month listed! We won’t close till mid-Sept., so now we get to shop for where He wants us to go…
    Are you tired yet?? I can come up with a few more doors I’m knocking on!!! One of them with (in)courage too!
    I LOVE being used by God, and guess He’s not ready for me to retire! I’ll keep listening to Him knock, and open those doors!! :)

  6. 8

    Sandi says

    I have been knocking on the door of “having no control” after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It has not been easy, but God is doing a good work in my heart. :)

  7. 9


    We sold our home. Moved in with the in-laws with a 15 month old. 10 MONTHS later we’re moving into our new home in 3 weeks with our now-2 year old and 5 month old!!! Thankful to have had a place to go, and excited about the next chapter. Here’s to health, happiness, mercy and new doors!!

  8. 10

    lynn b says

    I’m knocking on the doors of our growing family…with our newest addition of baby#3! A little guy and a new room just added!

  9. 13

    Julie says

    Getting ready to start a new year of homeschool and adding a student. Baby coming in a few months. Lots of new things…..

  10. 14

    Cindy R says

    Well our oldest is going off to college this fall so I think that is definitely a “new door” he will be knocking on and also us sending him out into the big world!! :)

  11. 16

    Stacy Heffington says

    Knocking on the door of the new homeschool year. Yikes! I wonder every single year how I’ll do it all. Thank you God for patience, endurance and strength.

  12. 18

    Leanne says

    I’m knocking on the door of a brand new school year – one in which I begin homeschooling my kindergarten twins. New, exciting job opportunities for me as a freelance pianist. So much to look forward to. So much to be thankful for.

  13. 20


    What a great house-warming gift these would be! My oldest is entering her senior year of high school, so we are knocking on the door of potential colleges right now.

    Thanks for the give-away!

  14. 21

    MaryAnn says

    I’ve been knocking my head against the wall trying to do my will, but it is obvious that all I will get from this is a headache. Time to start doing HIS will. This knocker would be a great reminder, and make some great Christmas gifts, too.

  15. 24


    A new door…my new door has to do with allowing myself to fully trust Him even more. I have had 2 little boys born sleeping in the past year, and here I am 10 weeks along with yet another little one. It is so hard to not be scared, but I am finding out more and more each day that He really is my refuge from all the fear.

  16. 25

    AmyS says

    My husband and I have sold our house and are “waiting” for God’s direction. I feel like we are Abraham and Sarah, ready to go but don’t know where we are headed. God is teaching me to trust HIM and also to trust HIM to lead my husband.

  17. 27

    Diana says

    We have been trying to sell our home for 3.5 years. We’re finally “this close” to actually selling and moving closer to work/family/school. Knocking on heaven’s door with many prayers!

  18. 28

    Sylvia says

    My youngest starts school this month. I will be home alone. I’m praying about how to spend this time wisely and for His glory. What a door! :)

  19. 29

    Brittany N. says

    My new door is with my husband. Yesterday was our 1 year anniverary and this year was a difficult one, but one that we grew in together. He was laid off 17 days after we got married and then our only income was my little bit of money comign from my full time, but doesn’t pay well, job. Well last week marked his first week at a new company with a 70% increase in salery! :) Throughout last year we learned how to pray together more, go to church more, relie on eachother more, have fun by just playing with the dog, bbqing in the back yard, or having movie nights with $5.00 movie bin DVD’s. It was a hard year to get through, BUT we made it! I hope to not lose the simplisity in our relationship that we have had this year or the closeness we have brought eachother to with God, but instead safe money, go on a big trip, plan our goals for our marriage each year, and keep gorwing in God together! :) New doors open everywhere you are in life, you’ve just got to keep your mind opening with them :) God Bless! :)

  20. 30

    Jenni says

    My new door is a move back to my hometown and a search for a new job…..would love to win a new door knocker!

  21. 32


    LOVE that!!! We {my husband and myself} have been praying and seeking God on a job change for him for a couple of years now. The ‘new door’ seems to be closer than before! What a s-c-a-r-y possibility!! BUT we know God is in control :-)

  22. 33

    Laura K says

    I have my first job interview in 8 years, and struggling with the decision to put my youngest in daycare…we will see where God leads this! :)

  23. 34

    Ashley R says

    Wow! What a timely post! We are getting ready to step out on faith and move to a new church ministry! A new town, a new house, a new start! I love this door knocker, what a wonderful reminder to walk into each day!!

  24. 35

    Jen M. says

    Knocking on the door of a new school for my upcoming 3rd grader, changes to work hours and a potential ministry lead position this fall!

  25. 36

    Jamey Strand says

    It isn’t a scary decision, because we know that it’s the right decision for our family, but I will be leaving for bootcamp in a month and a half. plenty of opportunity knocking at our door. This door knocker is wonderful and would be a great new accessory to the new designed front door we are planning on doing..

  26. 37


    I have several. Sending my 4 yr old to preschool in 2 weeks, *sigh* , homeschooling my almost 2nd grader, and financial stability. Proving to my husband that I can and will work with him on our finances and we can have our lives in order and do God’s work.

  27. 38

    Amber Middleton says

    I’m knocking on several new doors! I am in the middle of my FIRST graduate course (after being out of school for years), and my husband and I are building a new house. Lots of excitement and work!

  28. 41


    We are adding another baby to our family (due on Christmas Day!), remodeling a bathroom, and starting a new school year.

    I love how you’ve handled you move. Your posts & tweets haven’t failed to make me smile yet!

  29. 43

    Betsy says

    I have a kindergartener (my oldest) that starts next week. I can’t believe he’s that old! I’m also expecting baby #4 in 9 very short weeks.

  30. 44

    Jenn says

    New doors?
    Different house, learning to budget (tightly) … new doors of learning…
    God taking us through doors we never thought we would have to go through…

  31. 45

    Brandi M says

    ADOPTION… we’re on the wait list for a new program serving a country that is only just beginning international adoption. Exciting but scary!! God is really using this wait time to convict me of some things and help mold me to be a mom of many.

  32. 46


    Mo oldest is starting kindergarten this fall! I am knocking on getting to know other people, and how to serve best at her school. What a cute door knocker!!

  33. 47

    Amanda says

    I’m right in the middle of knocking on the doors of raising kids! Some days are crazy and I want to pull my hair out and some days are bliss!

  34. 48

    Stacey Kimber says

    My new door is our precious little girl who is 2 weeks old today! This is our first child and I’m loving being a new mom.

  35. 49


    I’m new to your blog, and am loving it! As a young mom of three who’s battled three different types of cancer in the past 5 years, I’m knocking on the door of life without cancer and what our new normal looks like, especially as I send all three off to school this year full-time! Praise be to God!

  36. 50

    Chris C says

    My family is just now celebrating a full year in our new home. First time we’ve ever had a garage or central air (that second one is a big deal in Northwest Florida). Ephesians 2:20 is our verse, “We are his house…and the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself.” The first month in our neighborhood, I spent Saturday mornings baking lemon poppy seed “friendship” bread and the afternoons knocking on doors in our neighborhood. I discovered that many of the neighbors hadn’t really met one another. Last fall five unchurched families down our street brought their children to the fall festival at our church. God will open doors but we must be willing to knock.

  37. 51


    I am knocking on the door of starting a new adventure for a ‘career’. I resigned from home daycare and have begun to step out on faith and start up a small business. I really want a small business but I’m nervous where the extra time will come from-as well as the financial risk of starting. But I know God’s leading me, He can help with anything!

  38. 52


    Oh, so many new doors in my life. We just moved 10 hours from our old home. My husband is starting a new ministry in a new church. His job comes pretty well laid out for him, but I get to find a new ministry in our new setting. Also our youngest son just graduated in May…in two weeks we drive him to his new school in Texas (24 hours away from me!). So another new door of opportunity is the empty nest. I have homeschooled for over 15 years, now I am in a new state, with an empty nest and an abundance of ideas of what God wants of me in my new stage of life.

  39. 53

    Shauna Burton says

    My family and I are knocking on the door of a private adoption. The baby is due in January and we should find out tomorrow if its a boy or girl. Leaning on Him the whole way.

  40. 55


    I LOVE this! We just moved…would love to add one to our new door! :)
    This last year has been so hard for our family. An ectopic pregnancy, health issues with my dad, a breast cancer diagnosis for my mom, a failed adoption, and my mother-in-law passed away (whoo!). We know that the Lord is still GOOD and always will be and we’re confident that He has something awesome in store…soon! We’re willing and ready to walk through some great big doors!! :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. 57


    Oh it’s so beautiful!

    My new knocking–

    Starts tomorrow. My youngest enters her senior year at HS and will finish by Christmas. Her siblings are both in college so that means my nest…..will be empty in just a few months.
    I keep reminding myself–this is what I’ve been training for (them & myself)!

  42. 58

    Diana Jennings says

    I’m knocking on a new door in my life! We have been blessed with our 1st granchild. I didn’t believe I could love another child as much as I love my 2 sons. When our grandaughter was born I was in awe of God’s amazing masterpiece that He had brought into our lives. What JOY!

  43. 59

    Tracey H. says

    So glad that y’all are settled and I’m sure you are exhausted!! I can’t imagine packing up my house, whew!!! I LOVE this Doorknocker and the new doors opening in my life are my husband has a new role in his job, my oldest starts High School in a few days and I am mulling over a couple of ways to volunteer my time and talents!! Thanks for the chance, would love to see this knocker on my front door:0)

  44. 61

    brenan seals says

    our most recent “doors” are becoming debt free and attending college for the first time.. God is good!!

  45. 63


    We’re knocking on a literal new door, having moved three months ago, as well as the door of having three children, having adopted for the first time (we brought Zoe home from Taiwan a month ago), and starting homeschooling (not our original plan, but the other options for K for our oldest aren’t ones that are right for her because most schools were full for K for the fall when we moved). Lots of new doors around here! :)

  46. 64

    Jessica LaLonde says

    I am going to be a group leader for our MOPS group this year. Opening this new door is a big step out of my comfort zone, but I am willing to listen to that knock that I keep hearing. What a beautiful giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  47. 69


    We are knocking on the doors of the military. Our son has just enlisted in the Army and will leave for basic training on Sept 24. Realizing your life as a mother is changing in such a dramatic way is so confusing. Trying to instill the choices he has day to day now is such a monumental task with only 7 weeks left. Big new doors for him to open.

    Judy :)

  48. 70

    Meagan says

    Monday I will be knocking on the door of homeschooling for the first time with my kindgartener and 4 year old preschooler. With a Dennis-the-Menace type 2 year old and a nursing baby in the mix it’s sure to be a challenge, but I feel He’s called me to it, so I’m just hanging on for the ride! :)

  49. 71

    Erin W. says

    We are knocking on the door of homeschooling for the very first time. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time. I’ve been getting lots of raised eyebrows when people ask about school and I give them the answer, but it’s something that my husband and I have prayed a lot about.

  50. 72

    Emily says

    I don’t even have an answer yet! My husband is graduating with his Phd and just got a new job. What our future holds, we don’t know! 3 days until big decisions need to be made and I am trusting God to the end! I just received psalm 91 a few days ago! He is my strength and my fortress, my rock in whom I trust!
    Believing that God’s words are true and that He can do immeasurably more than we can imagine!

  51. 73

    Andrea L. says

    I will be going back to work in less than a month after being off on mat. leave for the past 14 months. Scared but know God will give me strength to keep walking.

  52. 74

    Katie says

    After a year in the desert where we were purified in the fire, we are back in the oasis. We’re ready now to say, “Yes” to what God was asking us before. I am about to step back into women’s ministry as a small group leader and am praying for God’s leading about going back to school for ministry. I want to open the door when I hear the Lord knock, not just stand there and wonder if I should let Him in.

  53. 75

    Rebecca says

    Hi! I am currently knocking on the door of my first one starting kindergarten, my 3 year old starting preschool and trying to juggle a 5 month old. The downside is trying to decide and work out if I need to return to my job for financial reasons. So many ‘doors’ to consider right now. Hoping we open the right one!!!

  54. 76

    Nicole B says

    How beautiful!! This is a must have – thanks for the code!

    I am recently married and we both are having a difficult time with our careers and the saying on this is perfect for our home!

  55. 77

    Kimberly says

    Knocking on the door of a new homeschooling year and also knocking on the door of adoption. child #7, with special needs ,although we’ve been through this door before, everytime it opens my heart always does a little anxiety dance. Can I do it, why is the timing off, and this time it’s opening the door of fundraising. YIKES! Even if I don’t get the knocker, thank you for sharing Psalm 91 with me today. He knows exactly what i need, and when I need it!! He IS my refuge AND my strength!!

  56. 78

    Patricia Varga says

    Great Stories! I have been a missionary for twenty years in Budapest and all over Hungary. I married a Hungarian national fourteen years ago when we were both forty years old. A match we both knew was from the Lord himself. For the last ten years, we have fostered children from the orphanage system here, the first baby becoming our son. We realized as we struggled to find friendship in our marriage, that we had neglected our marriage for the service God had given us to do. I started banging on the door of Heaven wanting to see changes in my marriage. God in His infinite mercy sovereignly recently began to move first in my heart and then very sweetly in his. We are both delighting in our renewed friendship and marriage! Now when we knock on each other’s door, it is ever so much more gently so as to take time to understand each other more and care for each other more. This year, after homeschooling my little boy now ten, solely in Hungarian, I will take on English two so that our homeschooling program for him will be in both languages, the Hungarian part will involve some skyping while the English part will be paces and other instruction with just life lessons from me. Great challenge but we know it is the will of the Lord and so I trust Him to supply every need according to His riches in Glory!! Jehovah Gireh, my provider!!

  57. 79

    Stacy says

    We are starting our second year of homeschooling, the door of new opportuinites in that area is knocking hard!
    That door knocker is beautiful!

  58. 80

    Melissa E. says

    My seven year old is starting second grade, plus my four and three month old and I are gearng up for days without her! Sad, but exciting, too. I’ll miss her!!

  59. 83


    I am knocking on many new doors! We bought a house and had our first baby within one month! Motherhood is new and wonderful and challenging for sure!

  60. 84


    Knocking on the door of nursing school. I am finishing pre-requisite 3 tomorrow night and only have pre-requ 4 to do in the Fall then it’s on to nursing school. I eventually will be a Nurse Practitioner who can do oversees medical ministry, but that is several doors away. I am trying to take the doors one at a time. I am looking forward to walking through this upcoming door to actual nursing school after 18 months or prerequisite work.

  61. 85

    Erin says

    Preparing for baby #2 and trying to find childcare for my 2 year old son… a whole new and stressful door to go through! :)

  62. 87


    we have been praying for that new door for quite some time. we know that our family is supposed to take a “next step”, and have been waiting for over two years for God to reveal what that step is. we are still praying in anticipation!

  63. 91


    I took a leap of faith to attend a conference and open new doors to a ministry/business opportunity! I’m glad I did and God has blessed me with new friendships and contacts to “open” new doors for this new path that I’m taking! Amen!

  64. 93

    Chrissy Davis says

    My husband and I have applied for conscienciois objection with the Air Force. We put in the application in April, and after much investigation, we are currently awaiting the Base Commander’s approval or denial. If it’s approved, we will be without a secure job, house or any type of support. If it’s denied, we wil continue fighting as far as we need to up the chain of command (all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary). Right now, we are in limbo…

  65. 94


    Opening up myself for continued transformation. Funny how God is showing up in my life so much these days since I’ve actually opened my eyes – funny how that works, no?

  66. 96

    Kate says

    My husband & I bought a ‘new’ house last year before our first child was born. We had no idea we would still be remodeling as we approach his first birthday. So, we are in the process of raising our little guy away from family, fixing up 2 houses, moving & getting new jobs. WHEW! We are ready to be settled & enjoy our little family. But we still have so much to do.

  67. 97

    Jodi says

    My oldest will be starting all day Kindergarten next week. I’ve been a SAHM since she was born, so it will be quite a change to have her at school during the days.

  68. 98


    New doors?? I feel like we’re on the verge of a huge God change. It’s up to me as to whether or not I am willing to step out of the boat. God is rocking my little boat with some pretty big waves. It’s exhilarating and scary and I am so thankful. I do love the knocker. Good stuff!!

  69. 99

    Angela Hunt says

    I’m starting a new job and we are hoping to meet our 2nd daughter by means of adoption sometime during this school year!!

  70. 101


    Knocking on the door of a healthy life. Been knocking on this door for months, but started an actual weight-loss/healthy living plan last week—my first “diet” in my 46 years. I’ve always been overweight. I’m knocking on the door of a healthy weight. Still have 90+ pounds to go, but Jesus is my Refuge and my Strength, a very present Help in trouble. I love this Dayspring door knocker! Thanks for the discount code.

  71. 102

    Jessie says

    I’m knocking on the door of ‘spiritual leader for my family’… I have not accepted this role until now. I grew up in the church and my husband did not. Needless to say, I was not fully informed about what “unequally yoked” actually meant, nor was I prepared for its challenges. I am doing my best to be a child of God, a wife and a mother of two beautiful boys, but now the door I’m walking through is one of change, uncertainty and hope as I become the spiritual leader for my household. I pray God will continue to open these doors for me and my family (my husband especially) as we embark on this new journey.

  72. 103

    Karina Allen says

    I am in LOVE with that door knocker!!!!!!!

    I just recently moved to a new apt. Hoping to be there until I get married! Ha!!

    I am knocking on the doors of school & a new job. I teach preschool but I want to do Christian counseling with J High & HS girls.

  73. 104

    Sarah Wilson says

    The new door i’m knocking on is that of our first year of homeschooling! I LOVE yhis door knocker!

  74. 107

    Tish G says

    Knocking on the dorr of “God’s love and acceptance” instead of caring about what other’s think of me. It’s so hard and a daily struggle, but I’ll get there. LOVE your website and thank you for always thinking of the readers.

  75. 108


    I love this! We are knocking on the door of becoming foster parents! Our approval came about a month ago and we are anxiously awaiting our first placement. And we are about to put in an offer on a house so we have enough bedrooms to take in more foster children. This would look awesome on our new home full of new kiddos 😉

  76. 109

    Gabrielle says

    I’m knocking at the door of clutter-free/organization. This doorknocker would be a great invitation to come in and see my progress!

  77. 111

    Deanna says

    Love this! Knocking at the door of grace and my husband is knocking on the door or relaunching his home business.

  78. 113


    We just moved into our new home end of May. We are knocking the door of homesteading. As a homeschooling mom, we are also knocking on the door of Charlotte Mason education.

    I want you to know Mercy House is in our prayers and we think of the work you all do.

  79. 114


    I am knocking on the doors of others to share my faith and the ministry of pursuing the heart of God by offering the inspirational products and the opportunity to combine your work with your faith through this amazing company. I invite everyone to join my team and help spread the Word of God.

  80. 115

    tamara says

    We are knocking at Dave Ramsey’s door…..just starting out and can’t wait to see where it leads us.

  81. 117


    My husband recently started his own business…after both of us losing our jobs this past winter it has been a rough time…but God HAS been faithful!! Today he has his first seminar and we are praying that it goes well and this will open more doors for his business and our family!!

  82. 118


    My husband has just applied and interviewed for a job in Texas! We are eagerly awaiting for the news … ! :~) Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I get one!

  83. 119

    Shellyh says

    After learning this morning that one of our employees of five years has left us to work for a former friend/now competitor in business, our opportunity knocking is to fight the desire to be bitter and resentful but to take this as an opportunity to step up our own business and let our light shine as followers of Christ.

  84. 120

    Kim Phillips says

    “He Is My Refuge”. What a great reminder. And for this doorknocker to be a reminder to me everyday that He is my refuge is exactly what I need right now. The door that I’ve been reluctant to knock on is the door that will lead me into God’s safe, loving arms so that He can fight my giants in life. I’m battling with the trust that I need to let go and let God. But I’m getting there.

  85. 121


    Recently I went through a miscarriage. God is really helping me grow closer to him through this loss. I don’t know if that would be considered a new door, but I sure like where it is going…well minus the loss of the baby. But God knew what he was doing and I am trusting in that.

  86. 123

    Sara says

    I have stepped totally out of my comfort zone and volunteered to help start up the Music Boosters program at my son’s new high school.

  87. 124


    Just moved to a new state this summer, my husband is beginning a new graduate school program next month, and we’re expecting our first child in December! Knocking on lots of new doors and excited about opening all of them! :)

  88. 125

    Heather E. says

    My new door is the door of homeschooling. I’ve dreamed of this day from the time I was studying education in college. I am excited and nervous to begin this homeschooling journey. We are also painting our home that has been white since it was built. This door knocker would go great with the cedar/brown color I have picked out! Thanks you so much!

  89. 126


    My youngest starts kindergarten (sniff) and I have started as Rep with Wildtree (love love their products). Hubby and I are trying to focus our family back towards God in every situation and not let the craziness of life get in the way. It definitely feels like new doors and opportunity await us. This would be a beautiful reminder.

  90. 127


    Gearing up for a new year of homeschooling…..and our annual craft/gift show in my parents barn this November. LOTS to keep this momma busy, but still enjoying the summer we have left! LOTS to do on our bucket list too!

  91. 129

    Melissa says

    such a great piece! the new door for our family is 1 child in preschool and 1 in daycare- they have never been apart! im so excited that my daughter gets to go to an amazing Christian school for full-day preschool but a little nervous to see how i will juggle my work schedule (since working is a MUST for me right now :( ) with preschool drop off and pick up!

  92. 130


    We are knocking on the door of our very first year of 2yr old preschool. Not sure whether to be super excited or a little sad… feeling a little of both!

  93. 131

    Mary Sangster says

    What a lovely knocker! My new door to knock on is starting a home sewing business. It’s been in my head for a while, and now it’s time to open that door!!

  94. 132

    Cheryl says

    We start a new homeschooling year in a few weeks with my son starting 2nd grade, my daughter starting K and my youngest Pre-K. We also just started sponsoring a new child in Uganda and are looking into becoming new foster parents!

  95. 133

    Emily says

    New doors–we are starting an adoption! Our little girls are 3 and 6months, and now is our time to get a brother (or two!); we are jumping in and are very excited to hurry up and wait!

  96. 134

    Georgiana says

    I began my first year of official retirement and now I’m knocking on doors of volunteering in my church community and neighborhood activities!

  97. 135


    We just moved to a new city two months ago. New doors to knock on seem like
    They are everywhere. Neighbors, churches, opportunities to serve.
    Trying to pick one takes some prayer!

  98. 137


    My hubby just switched jobs. We took a pay cut, but now he will get nights and weekends and Holidays off! That opens up TONS of opportunity for this family with 3 under 3! Yay!

  99. 138

    Tanya says

    I thought moving my college aged son was a big job, can’t imagine a full house. Looking forward to seeing what doors open for him this spring upon his college graduation & moving on into the workforce.

  100. 139


    we brought home two children from ethiopia in march (added to our 2 bio kids). wow. what an adjustment. lots of work to keep doing…….

  101. 141

    tonya says

    i’m knocking on the door of my daughter starting jr high…scary!!! I’m also knocking on the door of my last year of physical therapy school!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

  102. 143

    Lisa Blakesley says

    I am knocking on the door of refuge. I have struggled with my multiple health problems for over 30 years and I recently had a bad accident and broke my leg and my arm and have to be on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks or more. I feel alone and fear my once amazingly strong faith is slipping. I’m so tired of being strong.

  103. 144

    Krista D says

    Love it! We just moved last fall and still feel like we are figuring stuff out in our new community.

    My little boy is starting preschool this fall!

  104. 147

    AR says

    We are looking at new adventues with 3 boys all growing up – lots of hormones and new things to learn : )
    Im just glad my girls are still little.

  105. 148


    This may sound odd — but we’re knocking on the door of health for our marriage. Kristen, our stories are similar, though mine was finding out my husband has been having an online affair since April. Found out last Monday. God has already shown himself to be faithful. So very faithful as we start the long journey of healing. Healing some things that have remained hidden for the last 9 years and needing to be healed. A new lease on our marriage. I re-read your post about finding out about your husband’s addiction to porn and resonate with so many things you said. And feel HOPE. The hurt still remains, but forgiveness has been given and healing has begun. So I know firmly that we are knocking on the door of an amazing marriage that is a wonderful testimony to God’s grace and mercy in our lives.

  106. 149


    We are knocking on God’s door to provide financially for an adoption and to bring the perfect child (for us) to our family. We have a sweet little girl, almost 3 who was born 3 months prematurely and only weighted 1lb. 15 ounces. Last year we lost our son due to complications from my c-section with our daughter at 20 weeks. We have been been through so much heartache in the last few years, but God has faithfully shown Himself to us and has upheld and comforted us, to His glory. We are praying that He will bless our adoption abundantly. We are having a fundraiser next week:

  107. 150

    Shawna Price says

    I just finished college (at the age of 31) and am knocking on the door of a new career path. Our family is also knocking on the door of adoption. Excited to see what God has planned. May He be glorified in all we do! :o)

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