So, This is How My Week is Going

My son took batteries out of his little sister’s favorite toy for his dead Wii remote control.

And she lost it.

My 5 year old was so angry, she decided to tear him out of our family picture.

Oh yeah.

Beat that.

Just keepin’ it real. 


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    Wow…talk about making memories! :-) I’m not sure if this is worse, but my 2 year old thought it would be a good idea to tell a complete stranger how her Mommy and Daddy argued today & that Mommy got in trouble. I can only imagine what that woman was thinking. I tried to smile and play it off, but the woman had a worried look on her face. When I asked her why she said it, she told me, “I was playing a joke on you, Mommy”!! Sometimes I wish she didn’t talk so well. A blessing and a curse…….

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    Oh boy! My boys are always doing that to their little sister. She has never reacted by tearing them out of a family picture, instead she usually spews out unkind words while throwing objects. Not pretty! Hopefully you have a way of reprinting your family picture. I pray your week gets better.

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    Glad to hear other families have times like that too. Makes me feel a little bit better when things go wrong at my house and my kids won’t stop bickering. (Not that I am glad your son and daughter are fighting or the picture got torn.) It is just comforting to know that my kids aren’t the only ones who do things like that. Hope your week improves!

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    Laughing! My second daughter tore my first daughter out of a bunch of pictures once. Your daughter is helping to make memories for the Thanksgiving table in 30 years. (I hope she is home from Africa and you are still alive the! 😉 )

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    Sara k says

    You just made me laugh out loud! My grandma used to use black sharpie an color over the faces of people she didn’t like or who were no longer in our family. My middle son yesterday called my youngest son “stupid”, saw I was right there and changed his mind saying “I meant great.” gotta love kids!

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    Oh honey, I am right there with you. The sibling rivalry and fighting has reached an all time high at our home. I am at my wits end, and I told the kids that last night. I keep looking for the chapter in the bible on sibling rivalry, but can’t find it :). Fruit of the spirit, love, kindness, proverbs have all been tried with only minimal help. My husband and I didn’t have siblings close to our age, so we just don’t even know what is normal.
    Unkind words and actions are just out of control. If you can help me with anything that has worked for any of you, please share!

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    gina says

    i agree sibling rivalry always peaks at this time of the summer. Then you just added moving and new schools. All 3 of mine are starting a new school too, i think it is part fear and part summer exhaustion. i have been trying to distract when i see boiling points are reaching their limits. i also have been known to send them to separate rooms for an hour just for everyone to cool off. that actually helps, i think summer is hard to be around the same brother/ sister faces!

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    Kit says

    When my 4 year old is angry, she frequently tells us she wishes she could be adopted and live with someone else. I don’t know how she comes up with this stuff at her age! These are fiery little personalities, eh? :)

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    Thank you for that. Now I don’t feel quite so bad about my own crazy fighting kids. The other day they were arguing back and forth and I told them, ever so sweetly of course, to STOP fighting. But moooom, we aren’t fighting, we are having fun!

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    Oh my goodness…how funny!
    My (now 20 yr old) middle daughter confessed to me a few years ago that she was angry with me once and took my favorite picture of my 3 kids and tore it down the middle. She was so ashamed of herself, that she hid it and cried. She never wanted to hurt me like that.

    I love tender hearts. <3

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    Colleen B says

    Thanks for the chuckle. Sadly, my week can top yours, but yours is much more funny so I am still gonna say you win. However, relating to sibling rivalry (which I also do not really understand because my only sister is 15 years older than me and I worshiped the ground she walked on from birth until I got out on my own in the world!), we finally gave up and tried something new. We moved our 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son into one bedroom with bunk beds and took away everything that was either hers or his for a while and made it theirs. If they can’t share it, it goes away. They can’t come out in the morning until I hear sounds of kindness. And if the fighting becomes a problem during the day, they get sent to their room…together. For us, separating just wasn’t working, it was just getting them what they wanted…a toy or game or mommy or whatever all to themselves. Also, since my 3 yo son has started hitting and kicking (mostly to me when he is mad at me), I also warned him that if he did it to his sister I just might tell her she can do it back to him. I am not a fan of allowing it, but starting to wonder if getting a bit of his own medicine one time might squash the desire to continue. So far, I haven’t had to actually do that…perhaps the threat of getting hit or kicked is enough to make him think twice. The amazing thing to me, is that parents who have this going on…have more! Ha! There is a strange comfort in knowing it is going on in homes all across America, and that we still do manage to turn out a good number of decent, hard working citizens in this world. So, that is something to hold onto!

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    Leslee says

    When my son was about 10 and having testoterone surges thanks to purberty, he hauled off and punched his 6 year old sister in the stomach….That was a good day…LOL!!
    But he is at boot camp now and can barely hold it together when he goes to the church service on Sundays because it reminds him of his family. And he writes that what he misses most is spending time together as a family. So be encouraged that if you “train them in the way they should go…” it can turn out beautiful in the end! Praying for your patience and consistency today as a mom!

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    Thanks for keeping it real.

    Your story reminded me of one visit we had to my sister’s place. She has boys,–youngest one is two years older than my daughter. They chose to ignore her completely, playing a computer game together. She observed them for a while, and then quietly….turned off their computer!

    I couldn’t punish her–the boys had really been nasty, and I was laughing too hard.

    • 27.1

      Anna says

      Hahahahaha! That’s hilarious! I have four brothers, three older one younger so I can totally understand :) In all fairness, my older brothers and I used to ignore the younger. But he always got back at us, some way some how :) But my brothers are all really great.

  14. 32

    Julie R says

    When I was 7- or 8-years-old, my teenaged sister didn’t want to share her make-up with me (gasp!). So I “confiscated” one of her tubes of lipstick and wrote “I HATE YOU, SHARON” in big, red, lipstick letters across her vanity mirror. At least it wasn’t on the wall.

  15. 33


    Oh, dear. How DID you manage that situation?

    My husband’s grandmother, bless her soul, would cut people out of pictures, too. It’s not so funny when it’s an elderly woman and not a five-year-old!

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