A Birthday Letter to My Husband {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congratulations to the randomly chosen winners! Stacy and Bethany – an email has been sent your way.

Dear Husband,

This week you turn a year older. Lately I’ve noticed how good older looks on you. The gray in your beard makes you look distinguished, the crinkle around your eyes reminds me of all the laughter we’ve shared, usually at inappropriate times. No doubt about it, you are getting better with age. Forget going over the hill, you make it look sexy.

Yesterday you quietly turned off my alarm clock and did my morning routine, so my head cold and I could sleep longer. How did you know this one small act would make my heart smile and make me feel better? I’ve lost count of all the small acts of kindness over the years, but they do not go unnoticed.

I love the way you love me.

A young married mom from church sent me a thank you note recently. She wrote that she loved watching the way we love each other. She’s only been married a couple of years and wanted to let us know our marriage inspired her. She doesn’t know how easy it is to love you, how unselfish you are, how far we’ve come….

But I know. And when I read her words, my heart beat wildly because I remember the hard days when we tied a knot at the end of our marriage and clung for dear life. I remember wondering if we would make it another day, much less a year. I remember wondering if we’d ever feel the way we do about each other today. I am thankful for those hard days because they make the good ones better.

Today, I celebrate you.

Happy birthday, honey.

I’m wearing this super cute shirt to let the world know. (I’ve been stopped by two people already asking about it. I beamed telling them about you. I used to think love like this was gross…):

Your love covers me.


Your Wife

P.S. Here’s the back in case anyone wonders how I really feel.












In celebration of my hubby turning a year older (42!), Union28 is giving away two of their adorable new Umbrella Tees. They come in all sizes/styles. Winner’s choice.

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Leave a comment telling me how your spouse takes care of you as your entry!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 4

    Kelly C says

    My husband takes care of me in so many ways. I love that he is such a wonderful protector and provider for our family. <3

  2. 5

    Amber says

    I am not married but I would love to win the shirt for My sister. My sister has taken me and my family in since I have been divorced. They are a perfect example of how a marriage is supposed to me. I hope one day I can find someone like him. I love the shirts.

  3. 6

    Cheri says

    Sweet note to your hubby! My husband takes care of me by taking care of our nation – He serves God and the USA in the Air Force! I am so proud to be his wife!

  4. 9

    Courtney Conant says

    OHHHH I would love one of those shirts! My hubby is a strong provider- working tirelessly to provide a comfortable lifestyle so I can stay home with our babies, and on top of that he is constantly motivating me to be the woman God intended for me to be. I couldn’t ask for more.

  5. 11


    My husband takes care of me in 1,000 little ways every day. Where do I even start?? The most recent one was him getting up with the kids at 6:00a.m. on Saturday morning so I could sleep a little longer. Staying home with a sick toddler on Sunday so I could worship in church. Doing the grocery shopping!! The list goes on and on . . .

  6. 12

    Sandi says

    My husband takes care of me by cleaning up the mess after our children have thrown up. It’s no big deal to him, but for this Momma who can’t stomach it unless I absolutely HAVE to, it means the world to me. He is my hero!

  7. 13

    Victoria says

    My husband takes care of me by letting me sleep in on the weekends, by crawling back into bed and waking me up every morning (because he is way more pleasant than the alarm clock), he laughs at my jokes, he runs with me. He is such a wonderful person and I fall more and more in love with him every day. I posted on his facebook page a couple days ago that he showers me with love and you can imagine how excited I was to come across this shirt!!

  8. 14

    Danielle G. says

    My husband takes care of me in so many ways :) He will deny it, but he is a pretty great handy man. He’s wonderful about making sure my vehicle has had its routine maintenance, as well as oil changes and the like. He encourages me to be healthy with him, and not pushy about it. He handles the finances for us, and does a fabulous job of making sure we will retire with sufficient savings- even if it means we sacrifice now and don’t live a life of luxury. He lets me sleep on car trips while he drives :) He calls to make sure I made it to work, because sometimes traffic in our area can be horrendous. All of this, and he doesn’t ever seem to mind or complain. He’s so wonderful, and doesn’t expect anything in return for all the things he does. Obviously I could go on, but he’s pretty awesome :) I think that surprising him by wearing a shirt like this would be an excellent way to nonverbally express my appreciation.

  9. 15

    Gretchen says

    My husband takes care of me by loving me through mood swings, job loss, housing fail, parenting mistakes, etc. 15 years later he still grabs my chin, stares me in the eyes and says he loves me. Unconditional.

  10. 17

    Melissa says

    My husband takes care of me in so many great ways. He takes over the bedtime routine with the kids often when he knows I am tired, he lets me sleep in when he can, he helps me pick up the house, makes me an unexpected cup of coffee, helps me remember to laugh and enjoy family time…I could go on and on!

  11. 18

    Amy says

    My husband takes care of me and protects me in so many ways.. But the amazing way he does is that he moved us closer to my parents so that I could help care for my mom!

  12. 23

    torrey says

    My husband agreed to move out of our amazing downtown condo to buy a big house on land in the suburbs so we can move my Grandma into the basement and build a guest house for my parents to live in now that they’re retired. He always treats me with love and respect. He knows that I work as hard as he does at my “job” as a SAHM. He is so good about sharing the role of parenting. And he’s a great cook (how lucky am I?)! Just this weekend I returned from a trip with my girls to see him shoveling the last clumps of dirt onto the rhododendron he transplanted just for me, and he was sad we got home earlier than expected because he hadn’t had time to plant flowers where the bush used to be to surprise me. I just absolutely do no deserve such a fabulous man.

  13. 24

    Monique says

    My Hubby is so protective of me, he insists on things like him walking on the side of the pavement closer to the road so that if anything happens he takes the hit and now living in China where I am a foreigner, he is even more protective <3. He always holds my hand where ever we go:)
    Happy birthday to your hubby!!

  14. 25


    Happy b’day to your hubs!

    My hub and I haven’t been together as long as you guys but I’ve gotta say, he’s still pretty awesome! 😉 He takes care of me in many ways, but the best recent way is by working his behind off and picking up all possible overtime so that I could stop working a few weeks ago. I’m 7 months pregnant and I’ve been having preterm contractions plus I’ve always had a deep desire to homeschool so now I’m able to begin that process with our just turned 2 year Old!

  15. 26


    So cute!! My husband folds laundry for me every day because he knows that I hate doing that!! :) And he works so hard to take care of our family, is a wonderful dad….we are so blessed by him!

  16. 27

    Megan says

    My hiusband takes such good care of me, and our kids. He work hard, so I can stay home with them. He also is a better cook than I am and cooks as much as he can, but also puts up with my pedestrian cooking! He is the first one up in the morning and always has the coffee ready for this non-morning person! We have been married for almost 22 years and he is my best friend!
    Happy birthday to your husband and thanks for the great giveaway!

  17. 28

    Heather says

    My husband prays over me every morning. Through those sweet times of prayer I see just how much he really sees me and my needs. What a honor it is to have a husband who will approach the throne of God on my behalf!

  18. 29


    My hubby knows I struggle with lack of energy. Once or twice a week, he drops what he’s doing in the middle of the day and takes over kid duty so I can get a nap!

  19. 30


    My husband has more energy than me so he’ll keep working on projects and lets me take a rest. He’s also trying to get his body healthier so he can stick around for our old age.

  20. 31


    My husband is SO patient with me, despite my hot temper & sarcastic sense of humor (I at least defend it as humor..ugh!). I am so thankful that he matches me with a calm spirit — such a good example.

  21. 32

    Kristy K says

    My husband is doing mommy and daddy duty this weekend so I can attend the True Woman Conference. My spiritual growth is important to him, and that’s just one of the many ways he loves me well.

  22. 33

    tonya says

    happy birthday to your man!!! today is my birthday and our 14th anniversary is tomorrow! my man takes care of my in so many ways…he truly is my rock!

  23. 34

    Candace says

    Very recently our son was sick and I had been up all night with him. The next evening as soon as my husband got home he sent me to bed and took great care of our sick little man. It seemed like such a small gesture to him, but it really showed me how caring and protective he is to both of us. I am so thankful for everything that he does!

  24. 35


    My husband puts in long hours at work and on paperwork here at home, to provide for us. Thanks to him, I am able to stay home and homeschool our girls during these critical early years of their lives.

    I am thankful for his dedication to our family. Before we can to Christ, we struggled so much. I can now look at our lives before being born again and after and the difference is just remarkable.

  25. 36


    We’ve been married 10 years. And each year gets better! My husband drove carpool yesterday morning because I was sick with an ear ache, sore throat and major head congestion. That’s one way he takes care of me — but pitching in with real life.

  26. 37


    My husband is my greatest earthly blessing. He is in seminary right now, working one 32-hr/wk job and a 15/wk job as a youth minister. He works so hard in order for me to stay home with our almost-one-year-old. He is so sweet about asking how my heart is doing and how he can bless me each day. Some days I just can’t believe God has given him to me. :)

  27. 38

    Melissa says

    My husband takes care of me by working hard to do anything he can to help me out. He’s out of work right now but he helps me with dinner, laundry and last week he even dusted and vacuumed for me! :)

  28. 39


    I have a hard time even knowing where to start. My husband takes such good care of me. One example: we went camping this past weekend. The weather was a bit chilly. He got out of the tent and started the fire for me before I was even aware he was gone. I have often said he is my perfect complement. He stays calm when I get angry, he holds me when I need to cry. But the honest truth is that he is the man I prayed for when I was 16. God knew what He was doing when He introduced us. I love my husband so very much.

  29. 40

    Cindy R says

    We too have had ups and downs but have pulled through and have been together 23 years! :) My husband takes care of me best by loving me on my good and bad days and just sticking by my side through all of it!! :)

  30. 41

    Amantha says

    As a flight attendant, my husband is a single dad for a few days a week. When I get home, instead of wanting me to take over Mom duty right away, asks me if I need to rest. He also makes sure my car has enough gas to get me to work. I could go on!

  31. 42

    Sylvia says

    My hubby…I don’t know where to begin! He puts up with me for one! He is an amazing spiritual leader, loves me unconditionaly, great father, hot lover, spoils me rotten and looks incredible while doing it all! 😉 I am one blessed girl!

  32. 43

    celina boulanger says

    I so want one of these…I LOVE MY HUBBY sooooo much….

    i still feel like the lost 15 yr old girl some days, and he shelters me and protects me and is the best dad to our kids..but is the best man to ME….

  33. 44

    Olivia says

    Just yesterday, my husband took time off of work to go with me for a doctor’s appointment where I blood drawn (which I don’t handle well) … he always takes care of me, pampers me, and loves me.

  34. 45

    Rachel says

    Happy birthday to your awesome hubby! While I’ve only been married to mine for a year, I feel so blessed to have my wonderful man in my life. We’re expecting our first child around Valentine’s Day and as my stomach grows (along with a bit of insecurity with my expanding waistline), he’s always there with a reaffirming word of how beautiful I am. He even took me shopping this weekend for some of my first round of maternity clothes. How blessed am I to have a man who doesn’t balk at going from store to store but actually helps me in picking out items to try on AND offers to go to additional stores, never tiring out!! He’s been so wonderful through this new process and if he’s this helpful now, I can only imagine how much more he’ll be of help once out little one arrives. <3

  35. 46

    Jenn P. says

    My husband puts my needs ahead of his own. He loves me so unselfishly and unconditionally it makes me want to be the best wife I can for him!

  36. 48


    My husband takes care of me by letting me know, consistently, that he is commited to me, no matter what. Even in the middle of some of our biggest trials, when I am wondering how we are going to get through this, he just says that he is committed to us. He is also really good and washing the dishes when I amn really busy! :-) I would love to win this shirt so that I can wear it and show him how much he has grown in this marriage and that I think he is amazing!

  37. 50

    Kalyn says

    My husband is chronically ill, but even when he’s not feeling well, he’s always making sure that I’m not getting too tired or overworked.

  38. 51

    Melanie S. says

    I have been wanting that shirt! As for how my hubby takes care of me. To put it simply…he’s my support system. As a homeschooling mom to 5 children under 9 I need lots of encouragement and support. He gives me that. :-)

  39. 52

    Chelsea P. says

    My hubby takes care of me by working his butt of so I can stay home w/ my awesome kids! He is so sweet! Such a good man!

  40. 53


    Saturday night my husband and I went running together (my in-laws had the kids). Since having spinal fusion a few years ago my biggest fear is falling. Most of the run was really dark and I couldn’t see the sidewalk a head to avoid cracks and branches. My amazing husband ran a few feet in front of me and pointed to the different areas that I had to be aware of. I wanted to give up a few times and it would have been so much easier to let me than to spend the run pointing out every crack, rock, branch…we’ve been married for 12 years and everyday he finds a special, new way to show his love and caring. BTW: this shirt is so cute. (it would make my friends gag. I NEED IT!) lol

  41. 54

    Crystal says

    I’ve loved this umbrella tee since they first announced it last week! And it totally is true about my marriage. My husband is amazing!

  42. 55

    MaryAnn says

    Love the shirt! Happy birthday to your love and please enter me, so I can tell the world how awesome my own husband is!

  43. 56


    My husband takes care of my by working 60+ hours a week to ensure my children and I have all we need. He calls every day/night on his way home to see if I need him to stop anywhere, even if it’s just a Pepsi and candy bar. He knows when I’m at my breaking point and gives me the break I need. And he always makes me laugh, which is good for me in so many ways!

  44. 57


    The shirt is adorable, a great way to show your love towards your husband and what he does for your family. My hubby is the ultimate caregiver and provider. I’m grateful that he is a man of God and he listens to God. He is a great father to our three children and an above awesome husband to me. He provides, guides, and is the head of our family as God has called him to be. I’m blessed to have him in my life and I thank God for him daily.

  45. 58

    Sarah says

    What an awesome letter to your husband. My husband takes wonderful care of me and our two boys! He just finished school and is a youth pastor. He is very good about helping me cook dinner picking up around the house. He lets me sleep in a little bit longer than him on Sunday mornings while he gets the boys up and ready for church! He coaches our boys baseball teams, now that to me is wonderful to see him coaching a baseball team and reaching out to the other boys on the team who may not have a father figure or they may have NEVER even played baseball. Travis keeps a Christ Like attitude almost all the time!!! I am very thankful for the man God blessed me with!!

  46. 59

    Trista says

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! I love this shirt, its super cute. My sweet husband and I have been together since I was 17. We just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and he loves me in so many ways. I don’t deserve such a wonderful man, but he shows me love when he leaves me a cold diet dr pepper in the fridge. When I open the fridge door in the morning to start breakfast and I see it sitting there, I know that he thought of me. So sweet.

  47. 60

    Zenobia says

    That is a great shirt. Lately, the greatest way my husband cares for me is that he calls me on the hard things even when I don’t want to hear them.

  48. 62

    Erin says

    My husband irons my outfit for work, packs my lunch and makes me coffee every single weekday as I linger in the bathroom trying to decide how to fix my hair and what makeup I should wear for the day… love, love, love him!! :)

  49. 63

    cheryl says

    my husband takes care of me by listening to me. goodness gracious can I ever talk and vent and talk some more!!! He listens and loves me.

  50. 64


    I am a very lucky woman. I find it amazing that this post is here today after the conversations I’ve had with my hubby over the last few days. This weekend, I thanked my husband for taking such good care of me. Last night, I talked with my daughters about how special their daddy is, how lucky we all are to have such a great man in our lives, and about all the things they don’t know that he sacrafices to make sure we have a roof over our heads and food in our tummies. I want them to realize that sometime you have to wait until you’re 30 to find the man God intends for you, so don’t rush. It’s okay to be having baby number 6 at 38 years old, because when you’re with the right man, he takes care of you when that baby won’t let you eat or sleep or breathe. I admitted to my husband that when I was younger I was a bit of a feminist to the point that I didn’t think I’d ever need a man. But that by sharing my life with him, I have learned to understand what God means by a man being the head of the family. It’s not about power or control or “not needing” a man. It’s about understanding that by him being the head of the family, I don’t have all the stress of day to day planning and living solely on me. I have a partner, I have someone to turn to, I have someone to hand the reigns over to when I just can’t do it by myself. My hubby has given me more than the life I alway thought I wanted and I never doubt he loves me.

  51. 65

    Wendi says

    Love the shirt. And I am finally in a place in my life that I would feel honored to wear that message on my shirt and ready to stand up for it when people make their “smart” comments about it. For the last 13 years my wonderful husband has been working atleast 5 days a week so that he can provide for us while I stay home and take care of our family. So that now I can continue to stay home and teach our children. It hasn’t always been easy for him in this economy and especially when most people in his field have a college degree. Yesterday and today he is doing phone interviews on his lunch break for a job that would take him about 2 hours away for a better job that would make it easier to fund our savings and emergency fund, and to have a reserve so that he can start his own business in a year and a half. This would mean 5 nights away each week, but he goes forth in hopes to be able to provide better for his family. So proud of him!!!

  52. 66

    Meagan says

    My husband works very hard to ensure that I am able to stay home and raise our 4 small children. I am very grateful for that opportunity, and grateful that I can depend on him to support us no matter what!

  53. 67

    Monica Warren says

    My husband and I have been married almost 15 years. We, too have struggled through those very difficult days (years?) that leave you wondering if you can make it through. This week, my husband took on a second job to allow me to continue to stay home with our 3 amazing kids. I offered to return to work myself, but he is so committed to the health of our family that he is sacrificing for us. Talk about sexy! :)

  54. 68

    Linda Vandenberg says

    Wow today is my husbands birthday too! There is not enough room on the internet
    to tell what my husband does for me and my family. First he loves us unconditionally.
    He has been out of work since June and he had taken small odd jobs and labor intensive
    jobs to help support our family. He is an office guy so this is way out of his comfort zone.
    He just does what needs to be done and does not complain. He brings me breakfast in bed
    every morning since he has been out of work! He constantly waits on me at the end of the
    day because my 2 TKR (total knee replacement) have given up for the day. He does the
    laundry in the basement because my knees hate the stairs…yep he is awesome and the
    most loving and caring man I have ever known…Happy Birthday to my sweet man…I
    love you to the moon and back!

  55. 71

    Amber says

    I have a tendency to be high strung and stress over everything. My husband is the one person that can bring me back to reality and make me slow down. He reminds me that life will never be perfect and that our crazy family is just perfect!

  56. 73

    Lisa Kats says

    I love this shirt! My husband takes good care of me by working hard so that I have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom and take care of our children!

  57. 77

    Jill W. says

    My husband loves me like Christ loves the church. He is my never ending example of what love truly looks, feels, and behaves as.

  58. 78


    What a wonderful post!

    My husband know exactly when to just take my hands in his and tell me to just stop for a minute. When I’m stressed out and trying to do everything all at once and I just need to stop and breathe, he’s the one to gently remind me of that. :-)

  59. 79

    Shelley says

    My hubby takes care of me and our daughter every day! He works long hours so that I can stay home with our daughter and not miss a single milestone. When he comes home he runs me a bubble bath and spends the night time bonding with our daughter. I love him!

  60. 80

    Elizabeth P says

    Wow! My husband loves me no.matter.what! And that is big! He also does the laundry most weeks and gets on his hands and knees to scrub the hardwood floor in our house. That is love!

  61. 81

    Jenn M says

    Happy Birthday to your husband! I love Union 28 shirts and have the “My husband rocks” long sleeve. I’d love another shirt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. 82

    Mandy S says

    My husband came home last night and gave our son a bath. Nothing major, but after his full day of work as a diesel mechanic, I’m sure he was exhausted. But it was nice to know he recognized I had a full day of being a stay at home mom too and he reached out to help me without even being asked.

  63. 84

    Heather E. says

    My husband always leads me to the Lord when my life is overwhelming. He prays with me and helps me to think of the abundant blessings we have in our life. He certainly takes good care of me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. 85

    Shelly says

    My husband works hard to provide for our families needs as well as many of my wants. He loves me even when I am unloveable. He’s a great guy who would do anything I asked of him even if he didn’t want to.

  65. 86

    marky says

    I remember now that your husband and mine share a birthday!! My sweetie will be 42 on the 20th!! I have ordered shirts from that company before and this summer when my husband was in Togo on a missions trip someone sent me a few pictures and he had on his MWR shirt from years ago!! That made me smile!
    I would love the new umbrella T! so that I could wear one for him!
    Happy Birthday to your love!

  66. 88


    My husband takes amazing care of me. I usually don’t feel worthy of it. Today my cell phone got soaked and died. He took time out of his day to tell me where to find a used one we had and how to set it up so I could have a working phone. I think he’s pretty amazing :)

  67. 90


    My husband is incredible. One of the things that I will always be grateful for is how he gave up finishing college (a lifelong dream) so he could get a full-time job in order to sponsor my visa to the U.S. We’re moving to TX in a few weeks, and hopefully, he’ll be able to complete his degree within the next couple years.

  68. 92

    AmberK says

    Oh, Kristen…what a love letter that is!
    My husband and I have been through SO much together, too. We hit our ninth year together this year and I’m so grateful and feeling so blessed. We had a good heart to heart this weekend about some challenges we are facing and then we went on a date (we have three sons so this was a huge blessing)!! Guess what I came to work to find this morning: Flowers and an Angel that says “Joy in your heart”. Be still my heart.

    *And he’s an UH-mazing daddy. XOXO

    Love this shirt :)

  69. 93

    Jami says

    My hubby takes care of me in more ways then I could ever express… I am in awe of his love for me. I am a very lucky woman!

    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  70. 94

    Holly Bazan says

    Yesterday, Daniel showed his love by going on an early morning walk with me, chatting with me in the kitchen while I made breakfast, sending me a text around lunch telling me he was thinking about me, and calling my dad up just to say Hi (that last one really meant a lot!).

    Happy birthday to your husband!
    Peace, Holly

  71. 95


    What a great shirt! My husband takes care of me in a lot of ways…one of my favorites though is when he makes sure I’m completely covered up in bed before he leaves in the morning!

  72. 96


    He hides chocolate around the home to give to me when I need it most. He cleans toilets and sweeps floors just because he knows those are the two chores I hate most. He is my knight in his shining GMC picking me up mid marathon training run when I have heat stroke or nose bleed or migraine or rain is pouring down. He bought me a head lamp so I can read in bed early in the morning if I wish without waking him up. He makes me peanut butter toast even though peanut butter makes him gag. He waits up to 5 hours in a vehicle after begging for the day off to be my support team when I run marathons alone, and at the last one he meet me at mile 24 after my hip started hurting, and he walked by my side the whole last 2 miles shouting “you can do it babe” “your almost there”.

  73. 98

    Christina Burrell says

    My husband takes good care of me by listening, letting me cry and buying me cinnamon mentos n the yucky days :-). He is the kindest, most gentle man I know.

  74. 99


    My husband. is. AWESOME. I love him so much. We have only been married 4 years. God has brought us a long way in 4 years. He turned something bad into something beautiful as He has been known to do. My husband works 3 jobs so that I can stay home and homeschool our daughter. He isn’t selfish about it. It’s a sacrifice out of love. I thank God for him everyday! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  75. 100

    Tina M says

    My husband ROCKS! He is amazing. He takes care of me in more ways then I could begin to say. He works tirelessly for our family. He works the late shift and yet gets up early in the morning to put our children on the bus so that I can go to a job I love early in the morning. He shares the household duties. He loves me unconditionally everyday! God Bless

  76. 101


    Oh my goodness – I love that t-shirt! My husband does so many things to take care of me. I’m disabled, and I have to spend most of my day in bed. My husband takes care of the laundry, cooking, cleaning, shopping. He brings me food. He drives me places. He rearranges his schedule when I need extra help at home. He does SO MUCH to take care of me. I’d love to wear this t-shirt.

  77. 102


    First of all, I love the letter and want to steal it, but I won’t, maybe just the idea! I also love the shirt! So, my husband supports me by going to work each day so I can stay home and take care of our family. Thanks for another great opportunity!

  78. 103


    I have chronic migraines and my husband is always there to care for me. He takes care of our 1 year old so I can get some peace and quiet and never complains when I have to cancel plans because I don’t feel up to going. And most importantly he prays for me and my healing, continually. He’s an awesome man of God!

  79. 105

    Kathie says

    My husband is the amazing man for me! He takes care of me in so many ways from the big stuff like providing an income and emotional support, to the little things like making me my coffee in the morning as an “I love you”.

    Happy Birthday to your husband.

  80. 106


    Happy Birthday to your hubby. You are very blessed to have a hubby who loves you so much & is so thoughtful. You married well (as my 7yo daughter told me the other day about her daddy).

    As for your question:

    My hubby does so much to take care of me & our family. God has blessed him with the gift of cooking. This man can cook up anything. He is so thoughtful to me. This Halloween we celebrate 20yrs of marriage. He became a Christian in February of this year. So we are slowly working together to put God at the center of our home & our lives. Which he hasn’t always been. Our church is reading through the book of Proverbs this month. So this morning I woke up to find my husband posting Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good
    and receives favor from the Lord”.
    That totally brought joy into my heart this morning and a pep in my step:-)


  81. 108

    Katy says

    My husband takes care of me by encouraging my crazy whims and taking care of us financially while supporting my dreams. It’s a huge deal and there’s nothin like being encouraged to follow your dreams to feel loved.

  82. 109


    Tomorrow marks one year as a stay at home mom after working as a programmer for 7+ years. My husband encouraged and supported me during the transition more than I can ever thank him for. It was right for our family and especially for our now 3.5 year old.

    But its the little things I appreciate. Since he travels, he tries to make sure he gets special time with our son and I get some time to myself on weeks with lots of travel. Yesterday after supper he and my son headed out to the barn to work on a “project” so I could have a few moments to myself.

  83. 112

    Shanice says

    Happy Birthday to your husband! This letter made me smile :) You guys are such an inspiration! My husband and I got married this past summer and exactly one week after our wedding day, he had to leave for job training in TX. I was not able to go with him because he is required to live in a dorm, and his evenings and weekends are full of studying. Even though we are separated by the miles, my husband has found ways to take care of me. He has actively lived out his role as the spiritual leader of our family: Calling me every night and doing devotions with me,. praying over me and my day, and encouraging me to grow in the Lord so I can be the woman God created me to be. He’s held up his end of the “In sickness and in health ” deal: Sending me sweet cards when I don’t feel well and making sure that I get the care I need. I am so thankful for my hubby! He is a pillar of strength when I need someone to lean on, and he is a teddy bear when I need tenderness.

  84. 114

    Charity says

    My husband is a wonderful provider for our family. He loves me no matter what. He has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh even when I don’t want to.

  85. 116

    nanci rothacher says

    Married nearly 38 yrs.He loves me in the good times and the hard times.He irons and fills my gas tank regularly!

  86. 117

    Jaye says

    My husband is my rock, my everything. The ultimate compliment we’ve received is a card from our daughter nad son-in-law for our anniversary telling us thank you for being an amazing, Godly example of what a marriage is supposed to look like! Tears flowed. I can’t ask for more than that.
    Love the t-shirt!

  87. 118

    Shellebo29 says

    How does my hubby love me? So many little things. Coffee is my love language — he frequently makes an early Saturday morning run to pick up my favorite coffee and serves it and breakfast to me in bed. I heart him!!!!

  88. 120

    Katie G says

    My Hubby is truly an amazing man. He works very hard and provides for our family in so many ways, which allows me to stay at home and homeschool our children. We don’t live highly, but we have what we need. We have each other and that is really all we need. PS: Happy Birthday to your husband!!!!

  89. 122

    JennyJoT says

    My husband rocks too! We had almost 70 years of singleness between us when we married (almost 20 years ago) and I am still crazy about him. God bless.

  90. 123

    Niki Blake says

    My husband is a wonderful provider! I am SO grateful for the way he takes care of me and our boys……so blessed!

  91. 124

    Kathy A. says

    The very best way my hubby takes care of me is by striving to keep Christ at the center of everything he does. And he loves me unconditionally; he has eaten everything I’ve ever cooked without complaining – even though he does add lots of ketchup and/or hot sauce sometimes!; he took on the role of step-dad to my two boys when we got married, never having been married or having had children of his own up to that point; he works very hard providing for our family, allowing me to work from home part-time and spend more time with our son who has learning disabilities; etc., etc., etc. I am very blessed. ~~ Happy Birthday to your hubby! And thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  92. 126

    Elizabeth says

    My husband takes care of me by never complaining about the food I make for him knowing it’s my stress outlet during naptime. I love to try new recipes and he could easily tear me down by remarking negatively about my cooking. But instead, he always says thank you and adds pepper as needed :) Happy Birthday to your husband!

  93. 127

    Rikki says

    My husband rocks my world by texting throughout the day “I love you”s. He scratches my back even when he is tired and always tells me what a good wife and mother I am. Truth is, he makes life easier!

  94. 129


    There is so much my husband does to take care of me but a few of the unique ones are:
    Kills dog food eating racoons {or at least attempts to} Those things are mean lil boogers!
    Turns the light of every night bc I’m a chicken
    Does breakfast & bath/bed with the kids
    Edits my post so I’m not oober embraced bc I can’t speel

  95. 130


    I am so grateful that my husband pounds the pavement (so to speak) in real estate – working so hard to provide for us. No matter how tough work is, he comes home with a smile and makes it all seem easy! He is like Hercules with the kids – able to do any task. He watches the kids whenever I speak. He is an amazing provider and covering for me!

  96. 131


    I’m spoiled and I always say so! My husband goes and puts gas in my car for me. He’ll go to the store with me even when it takes forever because I’m looking for coupons. He helps my mom. He’s the best!

  97. 132

    Amanda says

    I love that out of the blue at random times I find sweet love notes written on a napkin or post it or the back of one of our daughters drawings. The unexpected kindnesses are the best! That and days in moody he brings me chocolate!!! What more could you ask for. Recently we went on Atkins diet and I was afraid he is so strict that he would look down on me. But boy was I wrong he is my own personal cheerleader always praising my success and encouraging me through failures and cheating with me when we really need it !!! Lol

  98. 133

    kelly says

    lovelovelove this t-shirt!! My husband does take good care of me. He is the one who helps me calm down when life is insanely busy. He also helps me in general, with the kids, with our home. For example, today, I was finishing up homeschool with the kids just around lunch time and he started to get the lunch ready and had already run a quick errand to the store for me as well. I just love him and am so thankful he is my guy. =0)

  99. 135


    My hubby has loved me through lots of health issues, surgeries, loss, infertility and now as an incredible father to our kids. He serves me through the big and small stuff. He’s the best!

  100. 136


    I am married to an awesome man, a genius, a great cook, a wonderful dad, a play mate, all rolled into one and then some. He helps out with the children, and now while I’m on a diet and cooking normal for my family and yet not being able to join them in eating, he takes pains to prepare something for me that ends up looking gourmet and delicious and yet is allowable for me to eat. He’s my number one fan and support group! Thanks for a chance to win this shirt. Love it!

  101. 137


    My hubby loves me by cooking dinner, bringing me Dark Chocolate Reeses cups, telling me I’m beautiful (when I know I’m not), reading the Bible to our family every night, praying for me over the phone when I’m having a bad day, mopping the floors, holding my hand… and a million other ways I could never name them all!

  102. 141


    Now that I am pregnant, my husband has definitely stepped up into the role of caretaker. He has helped around the kitchen more times in the past month than the previous 3 years of marriage. He has helped prep the baby’s room and has really made sure to make things easy for me.

  103. 142


    Thanks for sharing your story and for the opportunity to win (I was JUST eying the new umbrella shirts last week!) … my husband has always been my rock… he was nearly killed in a car wreck 2 years ago (you can read a bit about that here: http://www.thecolorfulones.com/2012/09/the-accident-part-1.html ) that ended his career and turned our lives upside down. Since then I have really had to grow beyond my own comfort zones and become the ‘strong one’, the rock for our family… it’s been an exhausting ride, and now he is finally on the mend and able to work again. It is such a blessing to be able to sink back into my happy place, where hubby is leading our family, being my strength and my cheerleader and my supporter… We will celebrate our 10 year wedding (12 years dating) anniversary next July with a vow renewal, and I am excited to see where God takes us over the next 10 years!!!

  104. 143

    Shannon P. says

    I’m so blessed to have my husband! He always know when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life & will look for little ways to ease the burden – like doing the dishes. I love him for that!

  105. 144

    Jessica Mahanay says

    Oh Lord where Do I begin with How my husband takes care of me!!!!
    IF I cook, (which I usually do) He tries to do the dishes, Now Im Currently Pregnant With our 3rd child (2nd pregnancy) Oddly I find it amazing hes good with our kids names he helped pick them out, all Biblical Gabriel, Ezekiel and soon to be Lil Daniel. Since Ive been pregnant other than just working……… he comes home we eat a lovely meal together then he takes our sons and bathes them……. then we have a routine of watching Veggie tales together and Putting them down for bed together too…….. MY MOST FAV part of the day! (hes gone 11 hrs a day* 6 a week) And………… The 30th of September……. Will be our 2 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!! We never do or get eachother anything cause the kids have always come first, But I would be feeling extra blessed if this was something I got to wear close to that time!!! =) THanks To a blog i did find out about union28………….. they have cute stuff!!!
    What a blessings Thanks so much!

  106. 145


    I saw the umbrella shirt and thought it was cute.
    My hubby takes care of me in so many ways. One that comes to mind is his full support of my being a stay at home Mom. I told him last night how thankful I felt after school that I got to be here to hear our boy’s stories about his day and see that excitement in his face as he told me while I sat with him as he did his homework. He said he thinks it is valuable that I am here. I am thankful my husband does what he does every day even though it may not always be an easy job to support our family.

    preciousmoments2004 at gmail dot com

  107. 146

    Sarah says

    After four years of trying, my husband of nine years and I are expecting our first child. We are over the moon excited! Since we found out we’re expecting, my husband is so protective over me and our child. He constantly is asking if there’s anything he can do for me. He writes me sweet notes and takes out the trash without me asking :) Most of all, though, its his sweet spirit and love of Jesus that lets me know he takes care of me. His encouragement and faith encourages me!

  108. 148


    My husband keeps me sane. :) Really, he recognizes when I need to step away from our child and have some quiet, and he makes sure I can get that. He also works really hard to make sure that our family bills are covered, and keeps us together. He is the leader of this family and I couldn’t be happier about it. :)

  109. 149

    Elizabeth Hall says

    My husband takes care of me by working hard and paying extra attention to my needs as well as helping me to be grounded in my thoughts.

  110. 150

    Dacia says

    My husband turns 43 this week – and not a day goes by that he doesn’t make it a point to hug and kiss me and tell me that he loves me – Even when I’m in a bad mood and try to shirk away. :( Me wearing this shirt would just make him smirk! :)

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