A Birthday Letter to My Husband {Giveaway}

UPDATE: Congratulations to the randomly chosen winners! Stacy and Bethany – an email has been sent your way.

Dear Husband,

This week you turn a year older. Lately I’ve noticed how good older looks on you. The gray in your beard makes you look distinguished, the crinkle around your eyes reminds me of all the laughter we’ve shared, usually at inappropriate times. No doubt about it, you are getting better with age. Forget going over the hill, you make it look sexy.

Yesterday you quietly turned off my alarm clock and did my morning routine, so my head cold and I could sleep longer. How did you know this one small act would make my heart smile and make me feel better? I’ve lost count of all the small acts of kindness over the years, but they do not go unnoticed.

I love the way you love me.

A young married mom from church sent me a thank you note recently. She wrote that she loved watching the way we love each other. She’s only been married a couple of years and wanted to let us know our marriage inspired her. She doesn’t know how easy it is to love you, how unselfish you are, how far we’ve come….

But I know. And when I read her words, my heart beat wildly because I remember the hard days when we tied a knot at the end of our marriage and clung for dear life. I remember wondering if we would make it another day, much less a year. I remember wondering if we’d ever feel the way we do about each other today. I am thankful for those hard days because they make the good ones better.

Today, I celebrate you.

Happy birthday, honey.

I’m wearing this super cute shirt to let the world know. (I’ve been stopped by two people already asking about it. I beamed telling them about you. I used to think love like this was gross…):

Your love covers me.


Your Wife

P.S. Here’s the back in case anyone wonders how I really feel.












In celebration of my hubby turning a year older (42!), Union28 is giving away two of their adorable new Umbrella Tees. They come in all sizes/styles. Winner’s choice.

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Leave a comment telling me how your spouse takes care of you as your entry!

This giveaway ends on Thursday.


  1. 153

    Stacy says

    Wow. To say that my husband takes good care of me is such an understatement. He takes the BEST care of me…literally. He is my best friend, husband and principle caregiver. I became seriously ill two and a half years ago and in one week’s time he became the sole bread winner, housekeeper, errand-runner…the list goes on and on… everything is on his broad shoulders until I am healed. Just last week, before an appointment with a doctor that could give us a life-changing report, he gave me a card. It read simply, “I will love you always. I will love you in any condition and under any circumstance.” Wow. How did I become so blessed? He is my husband, my hero. My husband rocks! <3

  2. 155

    Annette says

    Well, to pick just one thing is hard. My husband showed his ultimate love during my extremely difficult pregnancy’s and would literally hold my head up, because i was to weak, so i could throw up. I know it’s gross but he was there for me! he would work from home and sit by the bed just to be near me.

  3. 157


    Doug cleans my car, tops the fluids, washes, vacuums, dusts it all out – polishes the leather and vinyl. Cleans up the kitchen in the a.m. when we have been too tired to do it the night before. Makes time to be with our grown sons on long bike rides down steep hills. Encourages me to be present for my elderly parents whenever they need me and more. Phones from his far away job every night, and immediately if I text a ‘rush’ request to him. Keeps hanging on with me, waiting for the next reviving wind of the Spirit of God.

  4. 158

    Jill says

    My hubby works so hard for me and our kiddos. He loves on and plays with our kiddos, cooks for us on the weekends, does what I ask of him(most of the time), helps me realize when I’ve put too high of expectations on myself and gives me freedom to be me.

  5. 159

    Andrea says

    He is always willing to do whatever he can to make my load lighter! He has the BEST personality and is able to stay calm in all situations! He is a true blessing and I love him so much!!

  6. 163


    He takes care of me by going to work every day. Not only does he meet our needs with the finances but by going to work each day, it allows me to stay at home with our children – meeting a need deep within me to train up our children.

  7. 164

    cheryl says

    My husband helps me in ways that would be odd to most people. Because of my physical limitations, he often is hooking my bra for me ( not unhooking) ;), changes the sheets on our bed, carries heavy thi
    ngs (like anything over 10 lbs)…that’s just the physical things!

  8. 165


    My HHBL (that would be hunka, hunka burnin’ love in our house) is such a strong, supportive man. He starts supper when he gets home (he gets home about 3 hours before more) and has the kids finished with their homework before I get home. He gives the GREATEST hugs, and for no reason at all flowers, and sweet texts, and funny faces when I’m having an annoying conversation with someone. He is truly my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without him!

  9. 166


    Oh Kristen, I LOVE Union 28 tees and have a ton of them! The day this shirt was released, I immediately bought it! People always ask me about it and say how much they love it. The very first time I wore it, I hadn’t told my hubby I bought it because I wanted to surprise him, he was so happy and loved it so much! :)

  10. 168

    Misty says

    My husband is amazing! He encouraged me to go back to school 10 years after we graduated from college because he saw that while he loved his job as a youth pastor, I didn’t enjoy the various part time jobs that I have worked over the years to supplement our income. He stepped away from his career and full time ministry (temporarily) to work a job that he hates (but provides very well for us) so that I can go to school full time and be home with our children during the day. On his days off, he takes care of our 2 year old son so I can work on homework, study and do my research. He is so, so good to me!

  11. 170

    Kim says

    My husband has been so incredibly supportive of me throughout our nearly 7 years of marriage (this feb!), but none more so than in the past 18 months as we have dreamed of staring to grow our family. He has loved me, hugged me, encouraged me, supported me & prayed with me through the trial of losing three babies to miscarriage. He has been my rock when I have been falling apart and I know that when our dreams of having a baby are fulfilled that he will continue to love and support me and will be an exceptional father!

    Thank You God for a man like my husband!

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