Don’t Be Afraid of the Light

When I was a teenager, my parents took a stained glass class. It was random and sort of embarrassing as a kid, but they became experts on fitting broken pieces together to create a new beautiful picture. Then it was cool.

They would come home from their time together with bandaids on their fingers and art in their heart. One-by-once pieces of their work begin to show up in our house. A stained glass rose hung in the kitchen window, glistening glass angels on the Christmas tree.

All these years later, I love seeing these pieces of art still hanging in my parents home. I didn’t know then I would see myself in the broken pieces, I didn’t know God would use the shattered remnants of my life to create a brand new picture. I didn’t know he would use my brokenness to let his light shine thru and reflect Him.

I think that might be one reason I love Matthew West’s new album so much. God used the broken stories of people to change Matthew’s life and his music reflects this so well.

The story behind my favorite song on his new album Into the Light is “Forgiveness.” Get ready, it will move you. I promise.

Did you cry?? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Matthew West’s new album Into the Light. Available today.

What story is God writing with the broken pieces of your life?

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    karen says

    I listened to this story on KSBJ (yesterday?)!! It’s amazing and definitely made me stop and think…if this mom can do what she did, what can *I* do?

    Bawling yesterday and bawling today :-)

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    Love this–probably because it hits quite close to home for my family. Here is the story God has written with our broken pieces.
    My grandma was murdered in a grocery store parking lot in 2005. Our family forgave the two young ladies who were responsible for her death and then, through God’s grace and redeeming nature my mom and I began Margaret’s Hope Chest–a non profit quilting organization that has given over 1400 quilts to people in many different situations. Our favorite and most active program gives quilts to children who have at least one parent in prison. We also go into prisons and share our story of forgiveness–this is one of my greatest joys in life. Through tragedy God made our lives more full and beautiful–all because we chose to forgive.

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    jodee says

    I am truly blessed that the Lord gave me the strength to forgive the man who hit and killed my mom. It was the days after the accident and the Detective allowed me to talk with him. He was so distraught that he could not even talk when I told him that I forgave him he could not understand why. I do not know why i did it, but i am glad that I did. It has been a long and hard road and I could not imagine surviving it with a heart filled with anger and resentment. This song helps. Looking back I just hope that the Lord reached that man like he reached me. Thank you Matthew West for summing it up. Forgiveness. Such a powerful thing both with the giving and the receiving.

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    Jennifer says

    LOVE this song. My kids love it too. When it comes on the radio, my 8 year old turns it up and sings along. Matthew West has truly been inspired to share this story and message with us. Thanks for sharing the video- I cried too. :0)

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    No, Kristen, you are not alone! I am WEEPING over here! I believe the story is so powerful because aren’t we all that man? Aren’t we all deserving of a prison sentence? But instead? Forgiven fully by the lavish grace of a loving God. It’s absolutely incredible and mysterious and undeserved and beautiful, all wrapped up together. So glad you shared the video.
    – L @mercyINK

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    Jenny says

    Thanks for sharing! I live in Tampa so I had the pleasure of listening to the story unfold through The JOY-FM. This song and it’s message are so powerful I felt I had to share. While teaching at our homeschool co-op I shared the story of Renee with 3rd-5th graders and then shared the song. They were speechless. So many couldn’t imagine this kind of forgivenss. They find it hard to forgive a sibling who hit them, or a friend who ignored them. It was a great afternoon and was a perfect way to explain how no matter what we do our loving Heavenly Father will always forgives us.

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    Monica says

    Wow … God’s timing this week – in my life – has been SPOT ON. After a particularly tough morning, I sit and read your blog first thing and come across this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

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